Having been in or around the sport of bodybuilding for over 35 years has taught me many valuable life lessons. Without bodybuilding, I don’t believe I would be the man I am today.

Though I have long ago put up my posing trunks as a competitive bodybuilder I still continue to learn from the sport. Try these 10-bodybuilding hack that can guarantee you affiliate marketing success.

10 Bodybuilding Hacks That Can Guarantee You Affiliate Marketing Success

The 10 Bodybuilding Hacks

1) No Pain No Gain – As a bodybuilding you understand early on that in order to build muscle you have to go through some pain. In life, it will be no different. Life will not be all sweet and rosy.

You will go through tough times. But when you are going through that tough time that is when you learn. You learn from the pain of it and it helps you too get further in life.

No Pain No Gain

2) Just One More Rep – As a bodybuilder when training you try to get one more rep than in your last workout. It is in the trying of getting that one more rep where you improve in your endeavor of being a bodybuilder.

So, if you fail at something you don’t quit you give it another shot. Or you do one more thing. You try one more new technique. You keep trying one more thing and success will come. One idea can change your life.

I remember competing in a body contest where I got 2nd place. Anybody that is an athlete will tell you that 2nd place is a hard pill to sallow.

Because I knew in my heart of hearts, I could win this show. Winning that show was the only thing I could think about.

Thus, I trained like a mad man for the whole year. The following year I entered that show and won the whole thing. It pays to give things another shot.

Beat the Weight Don’t Let it Beat You

3) Beat the Weight Don’t Let it Beat You – As a bodybuilder when you put weight on the bar you have a set amount of reps you desire to accomplish. When you get under the bar or pick up the weight it is to get it done failure is not what we’re looking for.

You have to approach your goal with a winner’s mind-set. And it will take work to become your best self. Believe that you can accomplish the goals you set your mind to.

4) When You Are Inside the Gym it is Time to Go to War – As a bodybuilder you view your workouts as war. The weights are your enemy and you’re there to win the war at all costs.

That is the way you must approach any endeavor with the mind-set no matter what setbacks may come in the end I will be victorious. You let no obstacle stand in your way because with determination it can be overcome.

Have a Game Plan for Your Workout

5) Have a Game Plan for Your Workout – As a bodybuilder you go to the gym with a game plan. You know which body part or parts you are going to train down to the number of sets and reps.

In life, you also must have a game plan. You can’t walk through life haphazardly. You must have goals and do what it takes to accomplish those goals.

The thoughts and goals you have can change the flow of your life.

6) Gains Happen Outside the Gym – As a bodybuilder you know that the training inside the gym is just the catalyst for growth that happens outside the gym. The right diet and resting makes the gains possible.

It is the learning process outside of what you are trying to accomplish that will be the catalyst to propel you forward. Whether it’s reading books, seminars, or webinars, etc.

There must be consistent and a lifelong pursuit of learning. The more you learn the more you earn.

Stay Hungry

7) Stay Hungry – As a bodybuilder you are never satisfied with what you have accomplished. You want more size, shape, or better definition. You are always trying to improve.

That is how you should be in your life. You must never settle or become complacent always strive to be better ever improving and developing. Never stand still always be moving forward.

8) Get Better at Your Craft
– As a bodybuilder you are forever experimenting. Whether it is a new exercise technique or trying a new supplement or working on a new posing routine. You are always trying to improve to get to that top spot and stay there.

You should always be trying to improve at affiliate marketing. Whether it’s SEO, PPC, writing content, building a website, etc. Nobody is perfect there is always room for improvement. With continual improvement comes success and more success.

Forgo Pleasure for Success

9) Forgo Pleasure for Success
– As a bodybuilder you know you can’t hang out at clubs drinking alcohol and staying up late every night if you want to be standing on the winner’s dais. You stay regimented it will be time for that when you hang up your trunks.

You have to sacrifice to get where you want to go. While others are hanging out partying or whatever distraction they have found for themselves you must be working on your craft. The person who cannot forgo pleasure now to have victory later will never win.

10) It’s a Lifestyle – As a bodybuilder you know that to be great it must become a lifestyle. It is not a hobby or some game you are playing. You eat, sleep, and drink bodybuilding.

Make affiliate marketing a lifestyle. Just about everything you do must be centered around it. It is only when you turn your affiliate marketing passion into a lifestyle will you be great at it.

In summing up there you have it. I truly believe that these 10 bodybuilding hacks if incorporated into your affiliate marketing will guarantee you affiliate marketing success.

But don’t expect it to be easy. When you knock on the door of opportunity it’s hard work that answers. But through hard work you can live a life that you never even imagined.

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26 Replies to “10 Bodybuilding Hacks That Can Guarantee You Affiliate Marketing Success”

  1. Thanks for this great post on bodybuilding, when I was  a kid I used to go to the gym and just come back without me able to achieve my goals, all those times I can’t lift my weight yet I kept on trying every day but to no avail, not until I saw a post just this and I determined to beat the weight, then I did it, if someone can follow those tips you listed then you are up for it thanks.

  2. Thanks for this. Post on the tips to follow when you want to build body, I really like this post because it’s very enlightening to be able to have a good builder body you have to eat less, work out hard and have aims, which are very important things to know and follow id you wanna be a body builder ,thanks for those tips you listed 

  3. Hey thank you so much for the awesome post!  I really enjoyed this post because it puts affiliate marketing tricks in a way I can relate to, and that is bodybuilding.  Relating this to my website is going to be very helpful, especially the whole foregoing pleasure for success.  That is a tough thing to do for any person, let a lone those who have online businesses! 

    1. Hi Jessie

      You’re welcome. Yes forgoing pleasure for success is hard, but if you want something bad enough you’ll do it. I appreciate your comment. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  4. My brother loves body building but he says that it can be somewhat frustrating for him and so this post is a very useful one for him right now because it will help him understand how it works. I will make sure that I share this post with him because it will help him get the best of body building. I never thought that you could have some knowledge on this. That’s fabulous.

    1. Hi Henderson

      I’m glad you believe that my post can help your brother. Yes I have a little knowledge on the subject. Tell your brother to checkout my site Iron Beast Mag as well. As a bobybuilder he will find it helpful. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  5. I love anything that has o do with bodybuilding and because I had once forgone it because a person who doesn’t have passion for bodybuilding will definitely not do it right. This is very good. Nice job. It is a very nice thing that you can give this very nice insight into what bodybuilding is and how to deal with the issue. I

  6. This is Avery enlightening article. These tips would guarantee success on a very high level if taken seriously. Affiliate marketing is very tactical and so you need to be careful with every move made of the chessboard. I like the aspect of the affiliate to stay hungry. That alone would be a driving force for you to always want to bet more and not stay here you are. Hard work pays, and in affiliate marketing, hard work stands tall. Best regards.

  7. There is always success to attain from affiliate marketing but that is only achieved by those who give their all to it, and just like the gym where you have some rules to follow to get the desired result from gyming, there are things to do to attain success from affilate marketing and forgoing all play and focus of work, making it a lifestyle are just what we need most with the right mindset to match .

  8. These are the real life hacks that can change the whole perception of how the world sees challenges and all that can help us in the path of becoming better at our craft and all. This is really interesting to see here and can prove to make the difference over time in every endeavours. Thank you for sharing these here and I will try to incorporate them into my life

  9. Thanks for this very nice and informative post on bodybuilding, when I was still young I used to go to the gym.for a very long time came back home with any difference that is for a very long time I wasn’t able to achieve my goals.i kept on trying but to no avail I could get any good results,not until I saw a post just like this and after reading it I was fired up to beat the weight,and because of that knowledge I was able to achieve my body goals, if anyone can follow those tips you listed then are going to make it.

  10. Hi Eric, it is an amazing thing to see you relate the lessons you learnt in body building to the lessons that can be learnt in Affiliate Marketing. I love the manner at which you related everything. I think all of these hacks can help anyone succeed in all facets of life, any business and any field.

    To achieve success in life and business (Affiliate Marketing specifically), one needs to be ready for pain before gain (learning before earning)… As a matter of fact you said it all. Consistency is the key, keep learning, keep trying stuffs and keep improving on stuffs without giving up as a result of previous failures.

    Thanks and congratulations for Winning that competition you mentioned in this post; First looks good on you 🏆

  11. Thanks a lot for sharing this article about 10 bodybuilding hack that can guarantee you Affiliate marketing success, its very useful and I’ve learned a lot from it. No pain no gain is my best, it’s very true that without work, there is no success, so you have to put your all, endure that pain in order to gain access, in Affiliate marketing, you need to dedicate your time and strength. Its good to read this

    1. Hi KingAndrea

      I appreciate your comment. Yes most people don’t realize that usually when you go to another level it’s usually after something painful has happened in your life. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  12. Its very thoughtful of you to post this educative piece, I believe anyone who can succeed in sport activities like bodybuilding can as well make great waves in business like affiliate marketing. The 10 hacks will be a good guide through the process. If they are applied appropriately, it’ll help create endurance, patience and even consistency.

  13. I have been so much blessed by your work of intelligence in this article, I like the idea of relating bodybuilding to normal life endeavors like business, body building in itself is a whole deal that does not have a shortcut, this applies to Affiliate marketing, it’s either you dispense the necessary energy needed into it or you don’t make anything good from it. These 7 hacks are greatly appreciated, they’ve been of help ro me personally, I’ll use their lessons to improve my business.

    1. Hi Roslinecar

      I appreciate your comment. But don’t forget about the other 3 hahaha. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


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