Everywhere you turn today, someone is promoting a business. They make all kinds of promises and assertions that sound too good to be true; promising riches in just one week or less by way of their system which they assert has proven time-tested results found nowhere else but here!

The sad truth is most people never even get close to being millionaires from such programs because these systems are like the proverbial “chocolate teapot”–only theory without evidence.

Don’t let the hype fool you – there are ways to know if a business is real or not. Here’s how!


An Honest Look at the Twelve Best Practices for Determining Whether an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity is Legitimate.

1. They tell you the truth about what it takes to run a profitable business: A real business won’t just feed you hype. They will tell you what it really takes to run a business that is making money.

You will learn the kind of mindset you need to have. What kind of strategies you need to implement to be successful. What tools you need and how to scale your business to keep it growing.

2. They offer ongoing free training:
A real business will offer ongoing free training not just from the owner but from others you have become successful in their company.

A real business understands that they don’t have the monopoly on what it means to run a successful business so they allow others to train those coming in other methods they used to succeed.

3. They have coaches to help train you every step of the way: A real business will have coaches that will help you build your business every step of the way.

While your building your business if you get stuck in an area you have a coach who you can reach out to that will help you overcome the obstacle in your way.

4. They offer free training workshops all over the world: A real business will offer free workshops on how to run a legitimate business. The training will be real not just some teaser to get you in the door.

Whether you go with them or not what you learn will be invaluable to you if plan to start a business or are already in business.

5. They have real people in call centers that will call your customers and sell them high-end products so you make more money: A real company will continue to help you grow your income once you partner with them.

An Honest Look at the Twelve Best Practices for Determining Whether or not an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity is Legitimate.

They will have people working around the clock to make sure that you understand that they are not your average business they want you to make money they are not there just to take your money.

6. They will teach you what it takes to drive traffic to your business: A real business will teach you how to get customers to your business and buy but also how to keep them buying.

Traffic is the life blood of any business and a real business will teach you proven methods not theory.

7. They will teach you how to market your business: A real business will teach you how and where to market your business. Pick the right niche. The world is not your oyster as others would have you believe.

They will teach you real world marketing methods that make money. They will teach you the same marketing methods they use to be successful.

8. They will have events in exotic resorts all over the world: A real business can afford to hold events in exotic places not just in some cheap hotel. They will have millionaire trainers at their events.

A real business will show you that the good life is real and can be had by you. You should be able to rub shoulders with people who are making real money.

9. They should offer prizes and rewards for your hard work: A real business will reward those who are building a successful business. The rewards will be things of value not cheap incentives.

A real business will offer rewards that will help you keep money in your pocket like cars and exotic vacations. They are never one sided there is always something for you as well a win/win.

10. They will help you sell your products and services: A real business will not just want you to sell their products and services but will encourage you to come up with your own.

12 Ways How To Check If A Business is Legit

They will help you not only bring your ideas to life but help you market and sell them as well.

11. They will prove to you that money is being made: A real business will be able to show you the people who are using their methods and making money. They should be able to show you people making real money not just a few people making a couple thousand dollars.

They should have people who are making millions yearly and those making hundreds of thousands. You should be able to contact them and talk to them personally.

12. They will put their reputation on the line: A real business will put their money where their mouth is. They are not about hype they’re about truth.

They know that what they’re doing is real and will put themselves out there. You won’t be able to disprove what their saying because what their saying is true.

It is a great time to be an entrepreneur with so many opportunities out there. The key thing you need to remember though, like anything else in life, not all businesses are created equal and some may have hidden agendas that could cost investors dearly without proper due diligence.

However, if your business meets at least 10 of these criteria then it’s probably worth going for it! A real company will never just take your money and run- they want their customers happy because this affects the reputation established by years of hard work as well as future investments from other people looking at their success story.

There are so many people out there who want to teach you how to succeed. The ones worth your time will give more than they take, and not the other way around. But beware of fake gurus!

We’ll help you build your business.

We know that building a successful company is hard, sometimes impossible without the right guidance and support. Let us be there for you so that together we can create something amazing!

May you be blessed with a long, happy successful journey through life.


20 Replies to “12 Ways How To Check If A Business is Legit”

  1. An extensive list you have provided. I am not sure how much expense you would have to outlay to take advantage of all of this if you found such a company that provided it all. 

    However many affiliate sites offer the product link and little else, in my experience. From there it is up to you to promote that product the best way you know how. 

    True some offer training but most times it seems so generic. Probably the best affiliate company I can think of is Clickbank. It offers most of what you list. 

  2. Wow, thanks for talking about this!  No one ever talks about this!  There are a lot of reviews of if an opportunity is a scam or not but thank you so much for providing info so that we can try to figure it out for ourselves.  Yeah, I’ve noticed that programs that have trainers/coaches and also those that tell you straight up that it will be work are the most straightforward and legitimate options.  

  3. I have checked the twelve ways you listed and discussed to know if my business is legit. 

    I am inside Wealthy Affiliate and so far the 12 items are checked and I would say that my online business is legit. 

    I definitely agree that your checkIist is true and very much applicable to affiliate marketers. I am truly seeing the twelve- the way my business was introduced to me is so honest and truthful, there are vast training and I haven’t gone through them all, new training are coming. Support, care and mentoring is 24/7 available. Motivation is unending even at the peak of your success. What else could be look for and where else would we search for?

  4. It seems that training is an important part that enablea us to verifyif a business is legit or not. Thank you for giving us this insight into how these business that are legit regularly operate. We have so many resources and courses online, so I do not doubt that Consolidated businesses have their own training..

  5. This is literally what I have been needing for the longest time! I cannot emphasize enough how much I’ve been looking for simple ways to find out if a business or website is legitimate or not. You have provided so much valuable information in this article and I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for this information because I have had it with being scammed and this will definitely help stop that

    1. Hi Misael H I’m glad my post was of help to you. You’re right it’s no fun being scammed. Much Success!

  6. Hi Eric. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely useful. I couldn’t agree more that it is not easy to choose proper platform/site for business site. There are literally hundreds of different platforms and sometimes its not easy to recognize scum. Thank you for your great recommendations and advices, definitely it will help to find decent, legit site.

  7. What a great post to all new to the online business world.

    There are some great key points. The first being critical., they will tell you the truth and not lies simply to get you to purchase the products they wish you to buy.

    Training and ongoing training with proven methods are vital.

    Having the coaches putting their reputation on the line is important. and being there when called upon is certainly of value.

    Great information put forward succinctly and with thought.

  8. Thanks for a very detailed and useful blog. I agree that there are countless platforms and courses that teach you how to make money online. Great 12 tips on how to check if something is a scam or not. I think they will be very useful, especially for those who are absolute beginners.

  9. Hi Eric & ntmu. I have been looking and reading through your article “12 ways to check if a business is legit!”. I found it interested because I always look for this kind of topics when I’m researching online for any kind of passive income. as all of us. You are perfectly right when you explained the 12 ways and why you consider affiliate marketing it is legit. or not.

    To be honest, I do not have much experience with this topic as my website are not in this niche (maybe I should do one, but is really hard to maintain 2 websites and to do another one h,mmm).

    Overall my honest opinion regarding this article is pretty good descriptive and informative, and I’m thanking you for this.

    Many blessings to you&family; and, keep going. we will succeed.

  10. Thank you for posting this great information.  As you say, it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur with so many opportunities out there but with every opportunity, the shysters come out in full force.  All of these 12 points are good ones but I’d like to add 2 more:  Any legitimate opportunity will not promise overnight success and they won’t be afraid to let you take a peek at their “goods” for free!

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