Anyone who has ever built an affiliate website wants traffic. And unless your website is found by the top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo I doubt if you will get any visitors.

Due to the complex search engine algorithms which determines how they list their results on any given search term or phrase are not fully known. The exact algorithms of the major search engines are very well guarded.

Affiliate Marketing And SEO Tips

Although this may be true many of the aspects and components of these search engine algorithms are known and this is what SEO focuses on. Due to the endless websites and content in the online space, SEO is a long-term effort.

Of course, this is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. Your website has to be SEO optimized for the search engines to find you. So, I’ve decided to give you a few of my affiliate marketing and SEO tips in this review.

My review today will be on SEOPressor Connect, a premium WordPress plugin.

What is SEOPressor Connect?


What is SEOPressor Connect?

SEOPressor Connect is a plugin for WordPress that helps you take control of your search engine results ranking. As an affiliate marketer you know that you must always be creating relevant content for your site.

Again, that is not enough your website must be optimized for the search engines to get traffic and traffic is money.

Furthermore, there are millions of websites in the online space and what are you doing to make sure your website stand out.

In fact, this is where this trusted premium WordPress plugin SEOPressor Connect comes into play.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here are the 5 core pillars:

1. On-Page Analysis – This displays real-time score of your On-Page Optimization and can help you understand your progress, even if you are a complete beginner. It gives you instant feedback and optimization suggestions to improve your On-Page SEO signals and will help you prevent over optimization.

2. SEO Intelligence – It gathers your website’s most essential SEO insights and displays them in one place, saving you time and effort to browse through different analytics just to see what is wrong. This feature alerts you if there is something wrong with your website.

3. Semantic Builder – Lets you organize the most important markup standards and can improve the search relevancy easily.

4. Crawler Control – This will help you decide how search engines can crawl and navigate your website, gaining complete control.

5. Link Management – Monitors your optimum link profile to provide your users a delightful browsing experience.

SEOPressor Connect How To Use It

Now you can concentrate on creating engaging relevant content while SEOPressor Connect handles all the optimization of your website to boost your rankings.

Once installed, SEOPressor Connect creates its own menu in the WordPress Dashboard. You will have eight relevant options in your menu:

  • Site Audit
  • Sitewide SEO
  • Homepage Settings
  • Link Manager
  • Score Manager
  • Role Settings
  • Plugin Settings
  • Support

All of these options are helpful, one displays the general state of your website and can analyze and update your SEO results at any time. The important thing is you don’t need to worry about optimization of your content anymore.

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • It has the most complete toolkit for on-page SEO!
  • It is like having an SEO consultant as your assistant, directly notifying you of the best optimization opportunities.
  • Know your site’s SEO condition at a glance.
  • It supports multiple domains with just one license.
  • SEOPressor Connect subscribers receive FREE lifetime full updates, including all features in the future.

SEOPressor Connect How To Use It

SEOPressor Connect + Jaazy The One Two SEO Knockout Punch

Any affiliate marketer worth their salt should know about Jaaxy and should be using Jaaxy. Reason being Jaaxy was created by affiliate marketers FOR
affiliate marketers enough said.

The affiliate marketer that uses Jaaxy soon comes to find out that keyword and competition research has now become a breeze. When you need to dig deep Jaaxy is your power tool.

Jaaxy keyword search tool only deals with the Top Dogs of search engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo. You will be in the know and privy to their search engine data.

Plug in your Jaaxy keywords into SEOPressor Connect and prepare for a SEO knockout.

Not to mention if you’ve never tried Jaaxy before try it now FREE. And to learn more about Jaaxy check out my post, How To Get My Blog Noticed By Using The Right Keywords.

In summing up, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be an ongoing process for the life of your website. There is no getting around this if you’re trying to get visitors to your website and trying to make money.

SEO can be a tedious job if done without help. Knowing that optimizing your website and content will be ongoing why not take advantage of SEOPressor Connect & Jaaxy today.

My Recommendation:

SEOPressor Connect makes you feel like a total expert in properly optimizing your site even if you are a complete newbie. It has lots of powerful features that will greatly help you achieve better traffic and higher rankings.

This revolutionizes SEO and can accelerate your money-making opportunities. With this plugin you can concentrate on creating great contents that your visitors can engage to. Plus, it comes with a lifetime of FREE updates since SEO factors are constantly changing.

To avoid the grueling task of keeping track of everything in your page, have this plugin, because this is exactly what you need. It is easy, complete and shows real results.

So what are you waiting for I give SEOPressor Connect a rating of 8.8 out of 10. Get SEOPressor Connect today!

Affiliate Marketing And SEO Tips


28 Replies to “Affiliate Marketing And SEO Tips – SEOPressor Connect Review”

  1. SEO is such an essential part of affiliate marketing. I currently use Jaaxy and absolutely love it. It is nice to see that you agree. I have never tried SEOPressor Connect but it seems like it would provide you with good information. Have you ever tried Yoast the SEO plugin? 

    1. Hi Desiray

      Yes indeed SEO is a very important part of affiliate marketing success. And Jaaxy search tool is definately a tool that should be in every affiliate marketers tool box.

      Desiray I have used Yoast SEO plugin in the past, but when it comes to time and getting on with business use All-In-One SEO. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  2. You recommend SEOPressor Connect + Jaaxy as a one two punch. I am using Jaaxy for keyword research and all-in-one SEO plug-in. Is SEOPressor a replacement for All-in-one? Meaning choose one plug-in or they can co-exist, meaning run both at the same time? I was told for SEO plug-in, you should only run one on your WordPress site. Appreciate if you can share your experience on that.

    1. Hi Stanley

      No SEOpressor Connect will compliment the all-in-one plugin. I’m glad to hear you are using the Jaaxy keyword research tool it will help you in getting the relevant keywords that your target audience is searching for. 

      As long as a plugin is compatible with one another it shouldn’t be a problem, but you also have to make sure that before you download a plugin it is compatible with your website theme.

      All the best


  3. Oh. This is pretty much important yo me right now because i have been thinking of getting a good SEO tool for my website. Like you have mentioned here, it is very important that one gets a good SEO tool so people who are searching for info related to what i have written on the internet can find me. Thank you for sharing this here. I will try out seopressor. 

    1. Hi Henderson

      SEO is definately important to the affiliate marketer. Without good SEO practices you’re just wasting your time. The search engines will not be able to find you and being found by the search engines is what affiliate marketers want.

      Make sure the plugin is compatible to your website theme. 

      All the best


  4. SEOpressor seems like a very legitimate plugin that would help bolster my chances of getting a better SEO ranking and optimization which is totally cool by me. I’m a newbie in the industry and I would really make use of any help provided at all to me. This is great to know of and the features it boasts of are immense. Thank you for sharing all these with me and I will surely make the best use of this. Getting proper SEO optimization is the goal and seeing that this offers it is great news to me. Thanks

    1. Hi Rodarrick

      The affiliate marketer should always be looking for ways to improve their SEO. There is nothing wrong with being a newbie in the industry we were all newbies once.

      As long as you are continuing to seek out training and put it into practice it’ll go a long way in you reaching affiliate success

      All the best


  5. Very interesting to know of about this seopressor and the advantages it offers to affiliate marketers to get a head start when it comes to optimization. I like the fact that this blends perfectly well with jaxxy and seeing that you rate it so high, I feel this would be just perfect for me to get too. Though it may not ve totally beginner friendly but at least I would get better at using it as time goes on.

    1. Hi Shelley

      As affiliate marketers in the online space where things are always changing I feel we must use credible tools that can helps us stay in the game and win. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  6. Nice one you put together here. I currently make use of jaxxy tool for my website and it has really been working really well for me. Ranking is very important and jaxxy has helped me with that. I have not tried seopressor before but i wouldn’t mind giving it a go. Thanks for a detailed review here.

    1. Hi John

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear that you are using the Jaaxy keyword research tool, because it will definately help in your website content rankings. 

      SEOPressor Connect has been around for awhile now. Wanted to review this product to let affiliate marketers know that this tool could be useful to them in their affiliate marketing endeavors.

      Much Success


  7. This is perfect and I’m really going to try it out. How much does this SEO plug in costhe anyways. I’m currently working on a new website and the one I have right now doesn’t really need it but this new one really does need it because I have a lot of competitors now and this might just do.  Hopefully this tool aint too expensive I’m very willing to get it and also really limited financially and how do I pay for it in per month or its lifetime subscription. Thanks this was really one plug in I had no idea existed. 

    1. Hi Donny

      You’re welcome. It is a monthy subscription because it is a premium plugin, but inexpensive.  Just make sure it is compatible with your website theme. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  8. Thanks for this article, I’ve been looking to boost the traffic to my site and this is the first time I’ve heard of SEOPressor. This sounds like an awesome plugin and that it can really help to drive some traffic. I’ve been using Jaaxy for keyword research for quite awhile and it really helps. I’m going to follow your tips here and see if I’m able to take things to the next level. Thanks again, really appreciate the research and great insights here!

    1. Hi Judy

      You’re welcome. The affiliate marketer should always be looking for ways to make their website and content more visible. Jaaxy is a great tool for getting relevant keywords your target audience if searching for. 

      Glad you liked the review just make sure the plugin is compatible with your website theme.

      Much Success


  9. Actually it is interesting to learn more about SEO optimization. I have never heard of the SEO Pressor. Currently, I use the “all-in-One-SEO” plugin. 
    Shall I switch to the SEOPressor… I am not sure 🙂  (just a rhetorical question)

    But one tool I do use is the Jaaxy 🙂  I am glad you like it as well. It is a very useful tool. I can’t imagine creating an article without Jaaxy these days. 
    I know there are more Keyword Research tools out there, but Jaaxy works best for me. 

    1. Hi Michal

      No you don’t have to switch the plugins should be compatible. Jaaxy is a great tool keep using it. Wouldn’t do keyword research without it myself.

      If you do happen to try SEOPressor Connect make sure it is compatible with your website theme.

      All the best


  10. Hi Eric

    Interesting article, I’d never heard of SEOPressor Connect, it looks like a great plugin. As you say SEO is key to any successful website else it will be lost. It’s also difficult to keep track, what was once a keyword rich page may not be 6 months later.

    Jaaxy is a very powerful tool too, I highly recommend it too.


  11. How much is the monthly cost for SEOpressor now? I was a user of this awesome tool before. I only canceled for the reason that my host, Wealthy Affiliate, is too strict when it comes to sharing connections (ongoing connection) with any third party tools providers. I once able to make the Site Support team open WA’s port of exchange of data between WA’s server and SEOpressor server, but it was successful only once because the ports got closed after a few minutes. Since I have to contact the Site Support personnel again, I decided to discontinue the use of the plugin. Reading your post, since you’re using Jaaxy so I assume you’re also hosted in WA, I’d like to know how did you manage to make the plugin work?

    1. Hi Gomer

      SEOPressor Connect doesn’t work with free websites from that is why you were having so much trouble with it. And I have other websites that are not with WA. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  12. SEO does play an important role for our websites and it’s indeed a long term work that needs lots of effort. It’s my first time to know SEOpressor Connect in wordpress, and I have to say it reduces so much for us to do the works since we only have 24 hours a day. If a tool could help us to save more time for a more important SEO job for our website, I would say this is a good investment. Thank you for this post, it did save me tons of time. 🙂

    1. Hi Matt

      You’re welcome. Make sure the plugin is compatible with your website theme. Thanks for commenting.

      All the best


  13. In the online world, the competition is great and if you don’t have the right program in place you can go unnoticed by the major search engines. This is the first time that I have head about SEOPressor but it seems to be a great tool that can get the job done.

    1. Hi Norman

      Yes SEO is something you have to stay abreast on because the search engines are always changing things.
      SEOPressor Connect has been around awhile most just haven’t heard of it.
      Thanks for commenting.

      All the best


  14. Having and using the SEO tools like SEO Pressor Connect is absolutely great tool to get higher ranked and get noticed by people. Honestly I didn’t know about this fantastic tool and I thought that Yoast SEO plugin would be enough and working best for my getting higher ranks. Glad to know that we can use them together at the same time .However,like you have highly emphasised to guys here,I need to look up for it’s compatibility first assuring there won’t be any conflict and any negative lmpact on my SEO efforts in the long run. I would definitely give it a try to see the outcome. As for Jaaxy keyword research tool,I would say that is a must have program for any marketers .I am personally using it for a few years now. It’s just ruly excellent tool and it seems that both beginners and seasoned marketers use it and happy about its functionality and its features as well. Glad to see that you cited it out here on your great review post. Thanks

    1. Hi Shiran

      You’re welcome. You know I’ve use Yoast SEO on my other sites and since being at Wealthy Affiliate I actually prefer All-In-One SEO and I’ll eventually change it on my other sites. For me personally Yoast is just to time consuming. 

      Now Jaaxy keyword search tool is definately a must have for every affiliate marketer. You cannot go wrong using Jaaxy. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


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