As a hungry affiliate marketer, you have to know that you must have a good affiliate marketing website design. Without a good website design, you’re just wasting your time.

You’re probably asking yourself these questions: what makes up a good website design, what’s a good website design service, what website theme should I use, once my website is built how do I rank it or what niche should I choose?

Assuming that you are new to affiliate marketing these questions can be overwhelming or even frightening. So where do you turn for help? Right here at Super Zaddy Affiliate where else! Sit back, strap in and let’s take a ride.

The first thing you’re are probably going to want to look for is, affordable website design services. Now there are a lot of them out there and you’re probably wondering which on is the best for,


Affiliate Marketing Website Design

Building your first affiliate marketing will be a struggle for most, but it doesn’t have to be. You’re probably wondering is it going to cost you a lot of money. No, not unless you’re listening to some slick hustler, because you can get a website for free.

Now you’re going to have to spend a little money on a domain name and website hosting. There is no need to be alarmed both of these are fairly cheap and I know of a place where you can get free hosting. I’ll tell you little bit about that later.

There was a question that I saw and the person asked that I hope will help you here. They asked, “Can I use WordPress for affiliate marketing?” Absolutely, I love WordPress that is all I use. Plus, they offer free websites and I think their website building platform is easier to use.

Incidentally before you start building your affiliate marketing website you need to know what it’s going to be about. What kind of content are you going to put on your website? What services will you sell or promote?

These are things you need to know before you tackle this Beast. Ha ha just kidding it’s more like a little kitty. No need to be scared.

There is training available to help you grow a successful affiliate marketing business.

Build My Affiliate Website

What is a niche? Well the best definition I’ve heard is, a group of people looking for something. Simple right? Let me see if I can break it down.

The Health & Fitness Industry is humongous. So instead of trying to build a website around the whole Health & Fitness Industry let’s break her down into little bite size chunks.

You could build your affiliate marketing website around any one of these niches:

  • protein powder
  • protein bars
  • diet(s)
  • books
  • running
  • weight lifting
  • calisthenics
  • equipment
  • clothing
  • gyms

I hope you get my point and even some of those can be broken down further to create more niches. It’s all about what specific group of people are you trying to target.

Don’t get caught up in what I hear a lot of newbie affiliate marketers say when you ask them, “who are you selling to”, and they come back with, “the whole world.” AHHH NO! The world is not your oyster and your affiliate marketing website probably will not do very well.

Let’s look at what your site will consist of:

  • website title
  • website theme
  • content
  • domain name
  • hosting
  • products
  • services
  • plugins
  • blog
  • pages

Being new to affiliate marketing and looking at all the things you must do just starting out can be a little daunting, even if you have a few years under you belt most find that consistently adding content to their site can be a problem. But don’t fret there’s always a solution to every problem. You will find good writers who will write content for your site for a small fee at iWriter.

You may also be wondering, what kind of website is best for affiliate marketing? To tell you the truth I don’t know if there is a best website for affiliate marketing because there so many themes to choose from.

I would say it just comes down to what you like and your creativity. Starting out you may think you have no creativity so what do I do now? Join Wealthy Affiliate community and you can have one built for you.


Let’s look at something else you will need to know how to use to have a successful affiliate marketing website.

SEO Keyword Search Tool

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Keywords are what the search engines like Google use to rank your relevant site, pages and posts on their platform.

In other words, keywords = traffic to your affiliate marketing website and traffic = opportunity to sell your services and products. So, you want to create quality content so search engines like Google can find you.

You will find the most relevant keywords by using a keyword search tool. And the best keyword search tool is… Depends on who you ask.

The one I can tell you that I use the most, more than anything else is Jaaxy.

What I like about Jaaxy keyword search tool is that you can save your keyword searches. Why is that important? It will save you tons of time when create a new page/post because you will already have plenty of relevant keywords right at finger tips.

You must be very clear on this one point, keywords are the starting point of all your rankings and traffic. This is not something you leave to chance.

Therefore, having a keyword search tool when you create content is a must.

Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing Website Design

Understand that as affiliate marketer this is just the starting point. There is so much to learn, and the online space is changing constantly. Likewise, you have to continually be educating yourself.

Affiliate marketing is challenging, but it can also be very rewarding if you stick with it. There are going to be times when you will want to give up, because you feel like things are not happening fast enough. I know I’ve been there, but I’m so glad I never gave up.

In fact, if you are serious about building an online business there is no better place than to do it here at Wealthy Affiliate. Read my post: The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Review Is In.

Helping hungry affiliate is what I do. Pay it forward and it will come back to you.





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  1. Thanks for writing this article, It will surely help newbies in the online market on how to start their own website,niche and blogs. It’s helpful for everyone who’s starting or who wants to start their online business. 

    I totally agree with wealthy affiliate. I have been a member for quite some time and never had any regrets at all. It is where I started learning about affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi Gillian that’s great you started out right. That’s why I want to help newbies or those who might not be having any success find the WA platform because they’s a wealth of knowledge here. Thanks  

    2. Very great!!!
      Wealthy affiliate is truely a great program for anyone such as myself that did not know anything at all about online marketing… This is so needed and having more sites promoting it and helping other people.
      Well done, i know this will help alot of people to reach their goals and give them the ability to be in control of their own marketing.

      1. Thanks Wealthy Affilate is definately a great place to be. If you’re thinking of starting an online business, curious about affilate marketing, wanting to make money with affilaite marketing or just wondering what all the buzz is about concerning Wealthy Affiliate check it out here:

  2. Hello Eric, this article really helped me to learn something new. Website design is very important today as people see it first when land on site. Instead of expensive themes, I like to use free and simple themes because often times they are clean and easy to navigate. When it comes to affiliate marketing do you use a free theme or would you recommend some more expensive professional theme?

    1. Hi Daniel I’m glad was of some help to you. I would recommend that you use a free theme to start but as your site grows and starts getting a lots of traction I’d switch to a paid theme. 

  3. What a wonderful and reassuring article for those folks thinking about creating an affiliate marketing website. I remember when I first started out, I thought I was tackling a ‘beast’! You’re right, it’s more like a kitten but a kitten that needs lots of attention.  Thank you Eric, for creating your super zaddy affiliate website. You can bet I’ll be bookmarking it and checking in regularly! 


    1. Hi Sue thanks for commenting. That’s how I felt at the beginning too and it definately needs a lot of attention. I’m so happy you found the post reassuring that’s what I was going for and that there was help if they wanted it. Thanks for the bookmark as well. Much success.

  4. Excellent suggestions on how a complete newbie can go about designing a website.  It definitely can be overwhelming for someone who’s never built a website to do it so it’s nice you offer them a place it can be done for them easily.  WordPress has always been my preferred platform for websites, too.  They’re fairly easy to learn, thankfully.  Thanks again!

    1. Hi Selenity your right I remember the first time I tried to create a website it was quite nerve-wracking. That’s why WordPress is still my choice for websites. Thanks

  5. For me, finding and implementing relevant keywords was tough because at one time, I thought by just writing articles I’d get traffic. After seeing my numbers for my blog after discovering how to best utilize keywords, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Keyword research should be a high priority at any given article because when utilized effectively, your site will get ranked much faster than it would by blindly posting content. 

    1. Thanks for your comment Todd and at one time I did the same thing. That is why continuing to educate yourself in this online space is so important. 

  6. Hello Eric,

    I like your post, it is very nicely written and gives a lot of information about affiliate marketing. I am new at it so any information I can get is very valuable. I have to admit in the beginning there were not big investments at all – domain and hosting, it was surprisingly cheap. So I believe the starting costs are not so bad. What I think is more crucial is the Niche to be found – something to have passion for (otherwise is hard to keep hard working if you don’t like what you do). So if you have your Niche, there is only sky as a limit. And there is a lot of good websites about marketing, organic traffic etc. So just keep going, keep educated and have passion for it and the success will come.

    All the best and thank you for your great post! 

    Bye Renata

    1. Thank you for your comment and you’re right if you’re not happy with your niche you won’t do much with it. 

  7. Hi Eric,

    This a good insight in to how to start an affiliate marketing website. I noticed that your website is simple with a clean look. Some websites I have seen have lots of adverts and pictures. Is there a a recommended way to make your affiliate website look, for a better user experience?

    1. Hi Tom

      Thank you so much for your comment. 

      As for your question: It’s funny you should ask that question, because over the years I have googled and looked at the top sites and I don’t like most of them. They seem overly cluttered to me yet they are doing very well. The only conculsion I’ve come up with it’s about the amount of traffic they are getting and their content looks can’t be it. 

      That is a question you should throw to the WA community. I would like to hear the answers to that myself.

      All the best.   

  8. Hi Eric, this is a very instructive article. 

    I’m new to the affiliate marketing industry and I like how clear you explained about it especially when it comes to choosing our niche. 

    I think that the niche is the most important part of building the whole website since if we’re not interested in the niche we’re talking about, we can never persist in keep posting informative content. 

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Thanks Jonath yeah your niche is important and if you’re not excited about it I don’t think you’ll do much with it. 

  9. Hello Eric:)

    This is an amazing self help for beginners in the affiliate marketing industries and i wish i had read something this detailed with enough resource when i was just starting out. 

    Most Especially in the aspect of website design and making my website SEO ready and how to get keywords that would help me get my foot in the door. Awesome Post

    1. Thank you that’s what I was aiming for helping the affiliate starting out who may not have a clue what to do.

  10. I’ve started my website and always looking for the perfect design for my site. When people visit a site, it should look professional in a way. 

    I still need some skill as to how to move things around, such as the menus and so forth.

    But this really helped me understand website design better. It’s very important. Thank you.


    1. Thank you Aabidah but know that you’re a part of WA you can get help with your website design. I wish I would have been a part of WA when I first started. All the best.

  11. It also depends on how you are going to get your audience. By blogging, or through other means? If it’s through blogging
    you’ll definitely want to have a theme which is not too extravagant. Oftentimes I feel like people make this way more complicated than it has to be. You don’t need to be no webdesigner. People didn’t come to your site to look at a piece of art. Just pick a simple and minimalistic, clean,  wordpress-theme which highlights and puts the focus on the text of your article (just look up free blogging themes on reddit). Less is so much more.

  12. I agree with you that understanding the point from where affiliate marketing comes from is one of the key way to start affiliate marketing.

    However, there are many components that we have to pay attention to .  Some of them are your niche target group and the way you conduct your keyword research.

    Looking forward to your next article on affiliate marketing.

  13. Actually Eric, the best thing I ever did was joining Wealthy Affiliate, when I first started out on my affiliate marketing journey I was trying really hard to get help and information so I could move forward, but I was getting nowhere, there are too many “get-rich-quick” merchants and scammers out there, leading people up blind alleys, then one day I stumbled across a post which had a link to Wealthy Affiliate, just like this one, I clicked on it and initially joined as a free member but soon upgraded to premium because it is just so good, I haven’t looked back since and I have no regrets that’s for sure, I hope people click on your link and join Wealthy Affiliate, because I just know they won’t regret it.



    1. Thank you Russ I know what you mean. I wish I had started out with Wealthy Affiliate I would have saved myself a lot of money. I believe you can’t go wrong being a part  of Wealthy Affiliate. Much success to you Russ! 

  14. Hello, what is the nice post for newbies! Also, you remind me of the classes and courses I need to go over again. I’m not really like to use the Jaaxie but I have to do. You explained in an easier way and in detail so I will go over my website and will fix the problems I have. Also,  your post inspired me to work harder on my site and move forward. Thanks again for the nice post!

  15. This is so clearly set out and illustrated that the steps to set up an affiliate marketing website should not be difficult. I am always concerned, though, with how much attention would I need to give my site on a daily basis. What are the regular things I have to do and what are the once a month,say ? I am thinking about my maintenance duties

    1. Hi JJ

      I can tell you from experience starting out your new website treat it like a new born baby it’s going to need a lot of attention. And if your going along with the training in Wealthy Affiliate platform you’ll notice that your continually adding content. 

      Most of the time WordPress will update your website for you, but things like plugins you have to make sure they stay up to date, check emails, comments, what have you. 

      If your website is new I’d be on there everyday if not every other day doing something if you’re trying to turn it into a scaleable business. You will only get out of it what you put in. Hope that helps. All the best.


  16. Hi Eric -Great website for anyone considering affiliate marketing.  I am a newbie myself with WA and even though I’m familiar with all that was mentioned, I’m still wondering if I’m using the right theme.  When I went prime and converted my free website, WA choose the theme for me.  It seems to be working for now, but after learning that there are so many choices, I can only wonder if there’s a better one for me.  Is it possible to chose a theme according to your niche?

    1. Hi Nathaniel

      Glad you’re with us. Yes you can always change your theme and you can find a website theme for your niche in WordPress they have so many themes; magazine, news, health, church, blog, business and non-profit just to name a few your choice is pretty much endless.

      Go into the back office of your website. Go to appearance and click on themes.  It will show you which theme is active and some others, and there is a search bar where you can look for themes. If you hoover over a theme you will see a place where it it says live preview. This is where you can click on it and see how the website would look. If you like it then click activate if not keep on searching till you find one that you do. Hope that helps and welcome to the Wealthy Affilate community. All the best.


  17. You have certainly done your homework where affiliate marketing websites are concerned. I would certainly recommend this as a go-to site for the information anybody thinking of being an affiliate would need.

    You have indicated the way niches can be broken down and also what the requirements are to begin to build a website.


    1. Hi Derek 

      How it going? Great to see you here! I appreciate your comment, because I know you’ve been in this biz for quite some time. I definately wrote it with the affiliate newbie in mind, because I know how nerve wracking it can be starting out. Hope you’re having a great day Derek all the best.


  18. Thanks for a great post here on such a good topic. Affiliate marketing is getting bigger and better all the time and you’ve really laid out the steps of what it takes and what’s needed to be successful.

    Such a smart idea to check out things at iWriter for those times when you’re stuck… it’s a lot to do and can be quite a bit of work but it’s so worth it. Appreciate your tips here!

    1. Hi Judy

      I glad you found my post helpful. Yes iWriter can come in handy if you go through a spell where you don’t have the time to write. Thanks for the comment.

      Much Success


  19. It always been a dream of mine to quit my regular 9 to 5 job that I have now and become a full-time internet marketer. But like with anything worth having, that is easier said than done. My only problem is that I don’t know the first thing about starting a business online and especially with creating a website. I guess that is a very big problem lol. But your article inspired me to actually give it a try. Do you have any recommendations on a program where I can learn the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing? Great article, very helpful. Definitely sharing this on my Facebook so others can benefit as well.

    1. Hi Garrett

      Your dream can become reality if you want it bad enough. Just put in the time and it will happen. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. I glad to hear that my article was helpful to you and thank you for sharing it on your Facebook page. Thanks

      Much Success



  20. Dear Eric,

    When I started my blogging career, I didn’t focus much on my website design, and I thought content is the main thing I need to focus on. When I read one quote, Everything is designed a few things are designed well it made me think more on the subject. One of my mentors advised me to change my website theme.

    I changed my theme, did some changes, and focused on making my site user-friendly. To be honest, I have seen an increase in the time people stay on my site and also an increase in traffic. You have provided great value in your post. Website is very important in making money online and for the Website, good design is important to excel. 

    People ignore design that ignores people!


    1. Hi Paul

      Your right because the websites that are designed well you stay on them a lot longer. Thanks for commenting.

      All the best


  21. Website design is a key element for building an effective affiliate marketing business I think. There are some people that will say these days you can build a business using the social platforms alone, but I am not an advocate of that line of thought. Rather building your own space and property makes more sense in the long run.

    You lay all this down in a clear and concise manner and the points that you have covered all will help the new to the business entrepreneur get a solid start with their website. The WordPress solution is one that most marketers use these days.

    Using that framework, you have access to many thousands of options for the design and the themes that are available for free will suffice to start out with. You can quickly edit the theme you like to make it fit whatever your niche is and be off and running.

    You are right that this is just the beginning, but it does allow you to put your personal stake in the ground towards having an online presence that you own. The website and data can be saved and installed on any host in any location, so you essentially own that data. Thanks for this great guide!

  22. This is very informative content, especially for somebody who is starting out with affiliate marketing and wants to know how to go about starting a website. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate too, and I agree that they just make the whole process of building out a website a lot easier.

    You are right when you say that we shouldn’t aim to market to the whole world. You need to do keyword research and aim to attract a specific type of person to our website, who would show interest in what you have to offer.

  23. Hi Eric, If I were not already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I would certainly have clicked onto your site and joined.

    You have a very engaging way of putting things. All very easy to understand and not at all threatening.

    So many people are put off by the fear of signing away their lives as there are so many scammers online and I know a few of my friends have been caught by some of them.

    As a relatively new online user, I was terrified of being caught by a scammer and not being able to get out of some deal or other. That is why I enjoy seeing the upfront way you have written about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. 

    Well done, and thank you.



    1. HI Jill

      Thank you for the comment and the compliment. That is one the things I want to make sure that I don’t come off sounding like a scammer. So thank you for that. WA is the best no need to scam. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  24. The design of a website has a lot to do with the readers first impression so you are so right that it has to be thought about and used in a way that will encourage the reader to carry on browsing the site. This is so important for the beginner at affiliate marketing to get good analytics showing their site is getting traffic and  thats down to website design. Being able to navigate around the site is also an important factor. The free themes are great at the outset, so not having to outlay much money in the beginning makes it more doable for the starter. I use a paid theme now which is the professional version of the free lite one I started with, so the learning curve wasnt so great. Great straightforward article. THANKYOU

  25. Oh My God, I am so excited. I found this site. I have done a little bit of research into becoming an affiliate marketer. I found a platform I was going to join, and it was just short of a $1,000 to join and learn about affiliate marketing. Now you have just given me a free option by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Garry

      Wow! I’m glad you found Wealthy Affiliateinstead you would have wasted $1000! What you have in WA as a free option is great, but what you get for going premium for $49 a month is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  26. Excellent article this is and I’m sure it would help a ton of people especially the newbies who wants to get their sites registered and hosted. Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business and if the basics are well put into place, then the process would be much simpler. I like your take on breaking the niche down into simple achievable micro niche to which one can focus all the energy on. I really fancy this post a lot. Cheers

  27. Hi Eric! Thank you for this article on website design. WA platform offers a lot through WordPress, which is a fantastic tool for people who are not IT savvy, but who are wannabe geeks like me and are passionate about website design.

    There are so many trainings at WA that allow you to have a professional website design. It is fantastic! Take care. Purdey

  28. Affiliate marketing involves a huge learning curve for those of us starting out, but it’s so rewarding when you can see your progress as you have listed the things that need to get completed and learnt as one progresses and implements and goes through the process. You’ve narrowed down the health and fitness niche really well I think here. Even though there’s heaps to learn it also takes a while for a site to build and progress. As long as one is persistent and doesn’t give up or get bored of it, then blogging could become a legitimate side or main income. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hi Eric, your review about affiliate marketing website design is educating for a beginner in affiliate business, thank you for the information by sharing how to get a good content for my post at iwriter.

    I am always confused on how to have a niche but the way you analyze it using the health Niche as an example with what i have seen you are a good mentor.

    1. Hi AmDetermined

      I’m glad my article was helpful to you. And thanks for the commenting and the compliment.

      All the best


  30. Hi Eric!
    First of all I totally agree with you that Without a good website design, it is just wasting of time. A good designed website is truly so needed for marketing in an affiliate work. So first of all a web site is very necessary. But yes, you have told so important thing that we the beginners use to run to and for a website and got frustrated about the cost. So thank you show the right and easy path for us. So happy to know that it is totally free. And also glad to hear about your Jaxxy.

    1. Hi Snigdha

      Yes a good website design is a must. You want the user to be able to have a good experience when they visit your site. Thanks for commenting.

      All the best


  31. Thank you for this indepth and very helpful article. Yes, it’s so important to build a good website if you are planning on making it as an affiliate marketer. It’s your very own piece of the online world, and it’s the basis of any sound and scalable online business.

    Agree on Wealthy Affiliate recommendation. I’ve been a member for a while now, and before I joined I had no idea on how to make a website, and just a week after my membership, my first site was up and running. It was quite an achievement for me and you explain all the details really well in your post.

    Do you, perhaps have any suggestions on which are the best and the fastest themes for mobile phones? I use Divi at the moment, and it’s really not bad, but was wondering if there are any super-light themes out there? Thanks!

    1. Hi Alenka

      Congrats! on getting your website up and running. As for your question I just recently saw a training by Jay where he recommened GeneratePress. I haven’t used it myself yet but I do plan on checking it out when I build another site. Check into that and see if it works for you. Thanks

      All the best


  32. Hi Eric!

    This was a very helpful article… I am just starting out with affiliate marketing and I needed a simple guide explaining the entire process.

    I am currently in the phase designing my website but you actually mentioned very little about how to actually design an affiliate website… Is there going to be a part two of this article?

    1. Hi Harry

      I’m glad you thought the article was helpful. My purpose in the article was trying to let the newbie understand why they need a website and stear them to Wealthy Affiliate where there is training on constructing a website. Thanks

      All the best


  33. Nowadays Affiliate marketing is very familiar to passive income. It’s an awesome article written by Eric. He discusses everything step by step which is very easy to understand. I learn lots of new & important things from this as I know much important to design a website of affiliate marketing. I very much agree with the affiliate wealth program. Because this program can teach lots of things especially for the newbie like me. I love this article & think that it be very popular in a very short time

    1. Hi Akbom

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for commenting and the compliment.

      All the best


  34. Well thanks for the tips. I’m still finding my niche for starting a new affiliate marketing website. I’m still struggling between making it an ecommerce website or just normal blog website, though. By the way, is it better to use Premium Theme for the website design? I heard some premium good theme such as Elementor or Genesis that can custom your website like you want, but is it important to have from the start? Thanks in advance for the answer

    1. Hi Alblue

      Wether you go with paid or free I believe is a personal choice. That said what i would tell a newbie is to go free until they what they’re doing then go paid. Thanks

      All the best


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