Building an internet business can be a bit hectic at times. You might even find yourself a little overwhelmed every now and again. Success is in the grind.

Understand to build an awesome business that kicks butt is going to take hard work. I’m not going to try to sugar coat it and tell you it will be easy like some unscrupulous people.

But if your will is strong to succeed then you will succeed. You will not be denied in your quest for a better life.

Are You Ready To

Kick butt in 2020! This is a whole new year. Forget about last year you are starting fresh. Here’s is what you can do to start 2020 off right:

  • Set Big Goals:
    If your goal doesn’doesn’t get you excited and a little scared, they’re not big enough. Small goals won’doesn’t get you out of the bed in the morning to take action.
  • Dream: You have to dream bigger dreams and have higher expectations for their fulfillment.
  • Believe You Got What It Takes: Have the confidence and assurance that you can accomplish what you set out to do.
  • Eat Healthier: Of course, eating better will improve your longevity. You should want to be around to enjoy the fruits of your labor with your family.
  • Exercise: Physical activity on a regular basis will improve your energy which will improve your output of getting things done.
  • Good Planner: Will help with your productivity & time management. All successful business owners have them.
  • Good Journal: Helps you self reflect on the days activities and fosters new ideas.
  • Wake Up Earlier: Helps mental focus, get more done and relieves stress.
  • Be Creative: Think outside the box. Doing things, the same way you have always done them just gets the same results.
  • Write Better Headlines: A good headline gets more audience engagement which could produce more click-throughs’s and conversions.
  • Build Your Brand: Will give you a competitive edge and customer recognition in the market place.

Starting the year off right will give you a jump start on the ones who don’doesn’t.

Are You Ready To Knock This Next Year 2020 Out The Park And Build An Awesome Business That Kicks Butt

Best Ways To Build Wealth

You started your online business first and foremost to build wealth. To be able to change the lifestyle of you and your family for the better.

Most will tell you to create a budget, don’t live beyond your means, invest, reduce expenses, etc. Which are all good points that you should definitely look into, but that’s not what I want to talk to you about.

What I want to talk about pertains to your business. These are wealth building strategies. But first let’s tackle a issue you might not even know you have.

  • Do you have an issue with money: Unfortunately, you may have grown up with money issues perpetrated upon you by your parents and relatives.

Moreover, most parents never talk to their kids about money. And if they hear anything from them it’s usually, ”Money don’t grow on trees!”

Which will give you the impression that money is scarce and hard to get. Which neither is true. There are trillions of dollars out there and building a business is a good way to get yours.

I’m sure you’ve heard that rich people are stingy and they hoard their money. Again, neither is true. Most rich people are very giving and some have been known to give away their fortunes before they die.

You’re going to have to work through issues that you may have acquired about money growing up. Because when you start acquiring wealth and you start to feel bad that you have more money than the next guy you just may sabotage yourself.

Or you may think it’s hard to get so you keep sabotaging yourself into not having any.

You have to learn how to talk about money in a positive way and not in a negative.

  • More Value Plus Scale Equals More Money: What are you doing online to grow your business? Have you created the structure and systems in place to serve more people?

Are you creating the most amount of value in the market place? If the answer to that question is no then you have room to grow.

The way to make more money is to get more clients (scale), you get clients to pay you more (value), you get clients to pay you on a regular basis (provide more value), everything you can think about will either lead into value or scale.

Make more money by getting promotional partners (scaling).

You may want to get a business coach or mentor and ask them how can you add more value and can you scale it up.

Are You Ready To

  • Pay Is Based On Positioning and Performance: How credible are you in the marketplace? Whatever you put out must make sense and ring true.

How different are you from your competitors? You may see things that your competitor is doing and may want to emulate them, but don’t copy them to the letter.

Be different! People want to see difference and when you’re different people love you. If you’re different in how you add value that’s all that matters.

If nobody know that you exist in the marketplace then there is no positioning. You should be vying for the top spots in the marketplace.

And even if you don’t reach the #1 position it will make you better. You will be able to see farther closer to the top.

Are your competitors talking about you and trying to copy you? If not go back to the drawing board of innovation. You must play to win.

When you can position your business intelligently and authentically and people start to know how good you are and how different you will get paid more.

Likewise, your performance will dictate everything about the money you make. Sadly, a lot of people are just not productive.

Your ability to produce and get things done will be one of your greatest assets. Cultivate it and watch things change for you.

How much do you think you deserve to make? The fact of the matter is that if you want to make more money you are going to have to work more, deliver more, more late nights, innovate more and push yourself more than you ever have to breakthrough.

  • The #1 Skill Is Selling: If you are a person who doesn’t like selling, you’re going to have problems. You must get comfortable with selling.

Notably if you’re having difficulty making money you might have an issue with money and selling. Selling is a skill you must learn and continue to learn.

Additionally, you have to learn how to persuade and influence. Selling comes down to being able to persuade someone of the benefits they will receive by taking an action will out weight the cost.

Needless to say, you have to be willing to put yourself out there to sell products or ideas or you will never have the wealth you want.

Best Ways To Build Wealth

How To Increase Sales In A Business

Trying to increase revenue in any given business will always be an ongoing task. Let’s take a look at 7 areas where you could strategize to generate additional income.

1. More Leads: Focus on getting more people to come through your doors that creates more revenue.

You have to be catching names & emails to have a profitable and lasting business.

2. Higher Conversions: Pay attention an track your conversions. If you can’doesn’t manage the data you can’doesn’t mange the growth of the business.

To increase conversions tweak headlines, copy, button color, etc.

3. More Sales To Buyers: The buyers that you already have are your most valuable customers. Take care your buyers and sell them more stuff.

Make them feel special. Don’doesn’t be afraid to make offers because you think it may be too much. Let your customer tell you how much is too much let them shop.

4. Increase Frequency Of Payment (Monthly Billing): Great way to grow your business. Most business breakthroughs come when you step back and evaluate your business.

5. Higher Prices: Add greater value. The vast majority of entrepreneur’s have been rated at charging to low.

6. Offer Other Products: Affiliate marketing & joint ventures are two ways to offer other products to your clients.

7. Get Resellers: Get people to resell your stuff by offering licensing.

Best Ways To Build Wealth

In summing up, are you ready to knock this next year 2020 out the park and build an awesome business that kicks butt?

Time to get pumped and give this year everything you’ve got. Go after the skills you need to make it happen.

Overcome any issues you have concerning money in order to be able to build and sustain wealth.

Create, innovate and get productive to build a business that will make a difference in your family’s life and the life of others.

The year 2020 is the year to cultivate the discipline to change lives.

If you don’t know where to start in building a profitable business this is my #1 recommendation on where to go to get the skills, knowledge and tools you need to build a successful business.

And the best part it’s free no credit card is required. Wealthy Affiliate is helping people build lasting money-making businesses.

To get started follow this link.

This is Your Day. This is Your Time. This is Your Moment. Dream, Believe, Be Bold and Never Give Up.


14 Replies to “Are You Ready To Knock This Next Year 2020 Out The Park And Build An Awesome Business That Kicks Butt”

  1. Hi Eric. This is super because I really wanna kick butt with my online business I am about to build. I am excited because I know 2020 has a lot in stock for me and I am ready to get my share of the money online. Thank you for sharing this post, it’s more like a guide to achieve success doing business online. I am actually planning of getting into Affiliate Marketing; I know this business has the potential to give me part-time to full-time income if I am willing to put in the work, dedication and little investment involved. I plan to build a brand that will stand the test of time; one that can be trusted by millions of individuals out there and this article has actually given me some hints to go about my plans.


    1. Hi MrBiizy

      I’m glad you found my post helpful to you in your endeavors. Sounds to me you have a bright future ahead. Go for it! Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  2. Hi, Eric.
    Thanks for sharing your views on building the business that really put us in the bandwagon, away from the rat race. As you correctly said, it is the will that is the turbo generator of our actions. The correct mindset is the key to success. For that, we really need to be ready and your tips are awesome as well as motivating. Thanks again.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  3. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about building a business which is my biggest goal in 2020. I’ve always wanted to leave my 9 to 5 job and work for myself, I don’t despise my current job but my dream is to make a living doing something that I want to do.

    The tips laid it out is perfect and informative. Thanks for this information. You have given me some things to think about.

  4. So the internet business can be a good idea?  I mean I have been researching the idea of making money online but always find it to be a scam.  This free program do you have to have a lot of money to add in the back end of it?  I mean most other programs that ask you for nothing upfront but then they seem to ask you for tons of money after you sign up.  It looks like you have to invest a lot of time into this also.  What would you say is the most hours you would need to put into this to make it really work?  Thank you for all the great information and I hope to research some more about the affiliate business idea.


    1. Hi Douglas 

      Your comment is typical of most. This is how you know a typical scam, they tell you it can happen over night with minimal work. If you have read anything of mine I always tell you it takes work.

      The #1 business building platform I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to start and if you want to upgrade to a premium membership it’s $49 a month, but if you pay yearly you can save yourself a lot of money. And there are no upsells that’s it.

      You will not find any other business platform that gives you all the training, tools and support that Wealthy Affiliate does for $49 a month. They keep adding to the platform yet the price stays the same. Who do you know does that?

      If I could tell you how many hours it would take you to be a success then I would be just like all those other self proclaiming guru’s. No one can tell you that. It’s up to you. What are you trying to achieve and what are you willing to do to get there? 

      When you can answer those questions then you will know what you need to do and no one will need to tell you.

      You’re welcome and thanks for sharing.

      Much Success




  5. Hi, 2020 is a new year, and a new century. it is best to release the past, and let go of the negativity in your life. getting into the business side of things,  I like that you keep it real, and talk about how important hard work is and sacrifice and persistence and all that other stuff is required to have a business. Nobody talks about this, and it almost feels like everyone else is making it happen easily. Although That is not the case.

    1. Hi Jake

      Yes most will not because if it was so easy everyone would be millionaires. To get to any level of success takes work no matter what the pursuit it cannot be avoided. 

      I’m not trying to be some self proclaimed guru just trying to get people’s money. I will tell you the truth I know and tell you the truth I live. 

      Thanks for commenting.

      All the best


  6. Very good post. You have systematized the essential points in creating a business. But as long as you learn and apply what you have learned, I do not think that planning fits very well. All the time something unexpected happens that will take you time to solve. And there are many directions that “steal” you. Otherwise, it’s ok. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Carmen

      You’re welcome. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Most things in our lives are just distractions rarely are they ever life and death situations.

      Because of that you are still in control. Continue to stay on course and deal with the little distractions later on in the down time of your day not in the peak hours where your focus is needed. 

      In doing so you continue to move forward instead of letting every little bump make you lose focus and derail you.

      All the best


  7. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article about 2020.

    New year, New me, as the new year begins, all people should set goals for which we should work to achieve them.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    1. Hi Razvanllie

      You’re welcome. Yes a great for you ahead. No I don’t mind thank you for the share.

      Much Success


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