In this article, we will be exploring five simple yet effective strategies for attracting the type of clientele you want: those who find your work interesting and rewarding enough to pay well for it. They may even give you something in return—a testimonial or referral.

Imagine what it would be like to double your sales within the next few months without having to spend anymore on marketing!

If traffic is something that bothers you, then this will be the most important information ever read: we want to share with you what we believe to be one of those single greatest secrets in all of business.

When used these strategies, traffic will never not even feel like an issue anymore!

The following are proven strategies that have been used in countless industries, are responsible for generating billions of dollars worth of sales and can build empires.

These techniques will help you to stand the test of time and outlast any economic conditions.

Your competitors may be ready to crumble as you unleash these winning strategies that will allow you to dominate your market and crush their competition into a fine powder.

These methods are innovative, creative, and completely unfair but they work really well if executed correctly.

Up Your Intimacy Level With Your Prospects With The Halo Method

Up Your Intimacy Level With Your Prospects With The Halo Method

If you’re looking to get the customers into your store, don’t just offer them something “they might need down the line…maybe one day.” There’s no point in putting it on a shelf if they’ll never take action and go buy what they want.

You want to double your sales? You need to get a new level of intimacy with your prospects and be inside their head, figuring out what keeps them up at night or has them banging their head against the wall in search of answers that they’re desperate for.

You want them to feel like it’s just the two of you having a conversation over coffee (or an email) about how we can solve this one thing together as partners and friends.

By knowing their problems, companies are able to better cater towards customer needs. With this knowledge comes increased sales opportunities and less wasted time on products that don’t suit specific buyer’s tastes or desires.

And when you offer a solution to their number one problem. That’s when the sales will start rolling in.

The only problem is that you can’t read your customer’s minds. How do you get inside their heads and figure out what your customers are struggling with?

It’s called the Halo strategy, and it’s like getting insider information on your customers. It allows you to dig deep inside their minds to figure out what they’re struggling with so you know how to better cater for them and double your sales in the process.

So, how does the Halo strategy work?

The Halo strategy uses keywords and search phrases to guide your customers towards the products they want. The first step is determining which keyword or phrase you should use for each product, make sure that it gives a clear definition of what the customer will find within your site. Once this has been determined, you need to do some detective work.

You should start your search with Google because it is the best place for information retrieval.

double your sales goal

Google’s search bar is a powerful tool for any business. When you type a phrase into Google’s Search Bar, it displays related searches to help you get an aggregate view of what your prospects are looking for during their research process; this insight helps companies identify problems real customers may be struggling with so they can then provide relevant solutions.

Regrettably, the task of reading minds is an impossible one, but don’t worry Answer The Public may be the next best thing!

Answer The Public is an online testing site where users can find out how others feel on any topic, they’re curious about and then use this information in order to create better marketing strategies for it.

This tool is the most valuable and secretive in marketing. It will give you a deep understanding of what your customers are thinking, which can be used to improve any sales strategy or plan.

Another great way to get inside your customers head, Industry forums can help you do exactly that – you will see their questions about problems they’re encountering which may give you great ideas on how best to serve them better or even solve those pesky issues once and for all!

It’s a good idea to explore different Facebook groups or pages around your niche, and see what the conversations are like. People don’t hold back on social media – people speak more openly about their problems there, talking at length about them with other interested parties in these communities that can help you find out things you never knew before!

Amazon reviews are a great way to get inside your customers’ heads and find out the things they want, need, or would like you to offer.

Opinions vary when it comes to what people like and dislike about a product. If you can pinpoint the missing link in your competitor’s campaign, then that is all for the taking.

If you’re looking to double your sales with ease, then it’s time that you start paying attention. By using the Halo strategy of figuring out what people are asking about related to your products or services, you’ll be able to understand their one hair-on-fire problem and craft a solution for them accordingly.

The Larger Market Formula

The Larger Market Formula

The way to double your sales is by taking the larger market formula. By using this, you are able to dramatically widen the amount of prospects that will be interested in what you have to offer.

This puts yourself light years ahead of everyone else and allows for a better chance at doubling your success!

It’s a two-step strategy.

The first step is to drive more traffic into your funnel, and if you want to double sales, which we all do – no one wants anything less than that in their business these days – then don’t rely on just Google Adwords for driving this kind of volume through the rest of your channels like SEO or affiliate marketing or Facebook Ads because what happens when those sources are gone?

You’re left with not a single source at all and zero revenue!

The best way to put this is that you want a constant flow of leads, and by maintaining multiple sources for traffic, the more chances you have at securing new business.

It’s Not About You

It’s Not About You

Most businesses – and most of your competition – focus solely on the 3% who are interested in making a purchase right now. The biggest problem is that these companies have no idea how to market their products for people outside this small group, because they’re too busy obsessing over themselves.

For marketers, it’s all about the “show and sell” approach. They promote themselves to make their customers want more of what they have – but in practice this strategy has its flaws.

Their marketing screams ‘Look at me!’ or ‘Buy! Buy! Buy!’ while encouraging people to buy from them for a better life experience seems like an idea that would work on paper; however, when executed poorly, these tactics can backfire leaving unhappy customers who are no longer interested in future purchases with your company.

The key to getting customers is showing them you can help. They don’t care about how much better your products are or that they should buy from you, it’s all about what benefits and values will the product offer for THEM.

Sales are king, but when you’re in the digital age and everyone is trying to make a sale, it’s also important not be pushy. That means taking your time with potential customers instead of just shoving buying messages down their throat.

This might seem obvious – no one likes being sold too! But by actually helping them find what they need or want without pressuring them for information like phone numbers or shipping address first (and yes, I know that sounds counter intuitive) you can differentiate yourself from all the competition while establishing yourselves as a business dedicated to providing people with value at every turn.

We know that people are 10x more likely to buy when they feel like they’re learning instead of feeling like you’re just trying to sell them something.

So, take the time and invest in offering value with a lead magnet if there is one available for your niche!

A Headline That Grabs Their Attention

A Headline That Grabs Their Attention

“3 Explosive Ways This Chapter Will Make You A Better Lover”

For those looking to double their sales, the only copy that will work is an impossible-to-ignore headline.

Copy strategy is key in the marketing process, and using every word to convert customers can double sales.

What does it take to convince prospects and convert them into customers?

The headline is the most important piece of copy on your landing page, lead magnet or email. It’s what will make them decide if they want to keep reading and give you a chance to sell something else!

Your headline should be informative, engaging and relevant. Your great headlines should jump off the page to grab your audience’s attention right away.

Your copy might be the best thing since sliced bread, but if it doesn’t have a persuasive offer for your reader – you’re not going to sell anything.

A Headline That Grabs Their Attention

Your offer copy needs to build serious value for your audience; it should be compelling enough for readers that they won’t even want to think about not taking advantage of the offers.

The more compelling your offer, the higher conversion rates you’ll see and as a result more money in your pocket!

It’s important to have a single focus in your copy if you want it to be the platform for doubling sales. Don’t ask too many things of people, otherwise they won’t get anything from what you’ve written and will probably not even bother reading anymore.

Don’t make the mistake of stuffing your copy with too many actions. Keep one thing in mind: less is more! When you have a single call to action, it’s easier for them to do what matters most to both parties.

Every effort to better your copy will ultimately result in a healthier bottom line. Even an incremental improvement can have dramatic effects on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and messaging, as well as lead conversion rates.

Better headlines mean more readers are likely to convert into customers; attention-grabbing offers ensure that they’re ready buy from you right away; clear CTAs make it easy for them take advantage of these benefits instantly with just one click – resulting in increased sales numbers!

The Godfather Strategy: Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

The Godfather Strategy: Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

One of the worst mistakes that someone can do when they are trying to market something is only focus on one specific kind of sale.

In a perfect world, all of your prospects would be ready to invest in high-ticket items the minute they enter your funnel. But not every customer is always fully prepared on day one for that kind of investment and so you cannot write off these people. If you do, then you’re throwing away an enormous potential audience – those who could easily double sales!

You know that feeling when you want to do something but it’s not the right time or place? You’re interested but hesitant.

The same goes for your customers who are looking at making a purchase from your company, they might be really excited but not quite ready to make a big purchase.

If the person is still deciding, maybe just offering one email course would work well? This way it’s less commitment than an upfront investment of $25 – $50 which may seem too big for someone who doesn’t know how much effort goes into running a business
these days when everything needs to be updated daily via computer.

With The Godfather strategy—a trademarked name that refers to creating offers at lower price points in order to quickly and cheaply increase your customer base—you’ll get more people buying from you without having any major losses like what might happen if you try selling higher priced items.

double your sales goal in 90 days

Offers typically range from $1-$20, but we’ve found that offers in the middle price point like $7 to $10 work best. A lower priced offer is always going to be a major selling point for your customers and you want them to buy into it- don’t present it as “cheap” or “bargain.”

You need WOW factor with these entry level products; an offering needs significant value on top of its low cost so they’ll feel like they’re getting great bang for their buck.

Conclusion: We’re not going to lie: doubling your sales isn’t easy. To do it, you need a strategy that works for you and is willing to put in the work necessary. But with our strategies in this article, we have everything that’s needed to make the push happen!

You’ve been given the keys to success. It is up to you whether or not you want it.

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  1. I think the fact that we now have over five billion people using the worldwide web every single day should give most people a good idea of the scope there is to start an online business and earn money from it. Seriously, there has never been a better tome to get into it all than right now. Thanks.

  2. These are some great strategies to double your business in 90 days and I’m going to try each one. It’s not that I haven’t been creating great content or thinking of my customers when creating but I definitely need a tighter focus if I’m to expand my sales. I resonated with the ‘it’s not all about you’ how companies promote the company and not the product benefits.

    This is a much better way to promote, thanks for the ideas.

  3. Hi Eric. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just started my adventure with digital marketing but I already learnt that understanding potential customers is key to success. It won’t happen over the night but only by fully understanding what people need we are able to create better content and more interesting offers and as a result increase traffic. Looking forward to test your advices in practice.

  4. Howdy Eric! Thanks for taking out time to put this all together! These are really good tips that could turn out profitable! There is really no denying the fact that the world is becoming digital more and more each day! I have been training for sometime tho, I am really looking forward to putting out my first article out there and deliver good contents for my customers.

  5. Taking a broad view of our market is a good strategy. Yes, I have seen companies that only focus on those who are currently their customers. And although that’s good because they eir products for them, it’s also good to have one or two products for a much wider audience.

  6. First of all I want to thank you for writing this article, you I have always wanted to start my own affiliate-marketing but I didn’t know how to go about it but thanks to this article I think I am ready. For the price tag I really appreciate that you talked about it.


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