Marketing on Facebook doesn’t have to be difficult. In this blog post, we will go over how to make content marketing on Facebook easy and successful.

You’ll learn the basics of what you need to know about using Facebook for your business, as well as some more advanced tips that will help take your social media presence to the next level!

Facebook is very different from other social media platforms. Unlike Twitter, for example, Facebook requires a lot of content to really engage your audience. The best strategy with the platform?

Post often and post many images! It’s important not just what you post but that it sparks an emotional response in people who see it or share them as well (i.e., funny pictures).

This will build up trust between brands and their customers over time which leads into better sales conversions when they’re ready to buy something new on your site/in-person store location.

Content Marketing Made Easy: The Basics

Content Marketing Made Easy: The Basics

Know Your Audience – Having a clear understanding of who your target audience is can be an invaluable asset when it comes to creating engaging content. By taking the time at the beginning of any project or campaign idea development process to identify exactly who you are trying to reach with each piece of content means that every decision made thereafter will come from a place grounded in experience and expertise.

Know Your Message – While it is important to know who you are trying reach with each piece of content, the importance of knowing your message cannot be overstated. Simply put, every social media post needs a coherent and focused message in order to have an impact on the intended audience or demographic. It’s not enough just to create something that has value; you need there to be a clear understanding for what will make this respective piece stand out from any other marketing material they might encounter online during their browsing sessions.

Use Visual Content Wisely – The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text alone so when creating posts as part of a larger campaign strategy it pays off greatly to embed images into all aspects of your Facebook campaigns. You can’t just use any old photo, though!

Know How Why Click – There is a strong correlation between using quality images on social media posts and success rates when people click through online ads (you can check this yourself by uploading two different versions of an image post with one containing a photo).

Use the Right Call to Action – Don’t forget that many people who view a Facebook post from your company will not want to leave social media and go visit another page or website. They’re happy where they are and might even be viewing other posts while on their feed. This is why it’s important to include a call-to-action for viewers as well as an incentive for them to take the desired action you have in mind when crafting messages with your marketing team.

50% of Marketers Are Not Really Concerned About the Customer and Instead Focus on Themselves

50% of Marketers Are Not Really Concerned About the Customer and Instead Focus on Themselves

Marketing is a lot like dating. You need to know what your audience wants and needs from you before they can reciprocate the love back. How do you find out? Take time for conversation- start with surveys, social media posts, or focus groups to get feedback on how content should be framed for them personally!

Find out what content they want to see, and then give it to them. Your audience may not know exactly what they need, but chances are if you ask the right questions and listen carefully, you’ll start getting a good idea of their interests as well as how much time they have for consuming your marketing messages.

One way to find out who should see your posts on Facebook is by using an app called Audience Insights; this will tell you things like what language they speak, where they live in relation to yours, their age etc. This can help with targeting the right people for future campaigns because if someone lives close enough it may be better to post in that person’s native tongue so they are able to view the content easier.

When looking at targets of 16-year-olds versus 35-year-olds one needs to keep in mind that younger generations have been shown to share information faster but also know less about how social media works unlike older people (who have been using social media for longer) who may know less about social media but are more likely to share information.

How Much Should I spend on Facebook Ads?

How Much Should I spend on Facebook Ads?

This is a question people seem to often ask these days. As it turns out, the answer isn’t really that simple because there are so many factors involved in this equation.

Many people think they can simply type up how long their ad will be and what words they want to use for an advertisement, click “Create,” and wait until someone clicks them!

But no good marketing strategy would ever take into account only two variables like those; you have at least six different things: your niche (e.g., pet groomer), location of business/target demographic area(s) which may not overlap with other regions or niches such as catering services versus food trucks), target audience age, the time of day when most traffic is expected on a website given certain social media algorithms whether there are any holidays coming up that might affect this expectation, etc.

All these factors must come together in order to create successful advertising.

Client Attraction Formula

Client Attraction Formula

A great way to find new clients is by inviting your followers on social media to contact you with their inquiries or requests for service. You can send them a customized message that will allow any customer who needs help the opportunity to get in touch and benefit from what you have available!

I find that networking is the best way to get new clients. I suggest getting involved in several groups and attend events regularly.

Becoming an expert online means following through even after someone follows one of your posts, shares it out, tags friends – anyone could be a potential client, right?

“When someone posts on the wall of our business Facebook page, we reply back thanking them and asking which areas they live in so we can make sure we’re giving as much information as possible about what our services offer.”

In order to not come across as just trying get their money, we’ve found it best not to “sell too hard”. When people see that you genuinely care about helping them and are willing to be transparent with your services, they appreciate the effort.

Facebook content marketing is so easy but it can also be a bit difficult. There are many ways to create engaging, interesting Facebook posts for your business and the trick really just comes down to how hard you work at getting creative!

Crowdtap makes this task even easier as they offer various opportunities with their platform that lets us share high-quality blog articles like this one without any cost involved in using them – which means more money stays in our pockets rather than theirs!

We’ve found by not “selling too hard” we come across as genuine instead of trying to get people’s money.

In conclusion, we hope you found this blog post useful. Facebook content marketing is a powerful tool for attracting and engaging with your target audience and leads to higher conversions rates on average than other types of social media advertising.

We will be posting more blogs about how to use it effectively in the near future so stay tuned!


P.S. Facebook marketing  doesn’t have to be tough. Even if you’re a seasoned social media marketer, sometimes the most straightforward posts can be difficult to come up with an idea for.

This tool will help not only take your content from good to great but also make it easier than ever before! [Check them out now]

14 Replies to “Facebook Content Marketing Made Easy”

  1. Thank you very much for giving us these tips. I have been trying to break into social media to increase my traffic. But so far, my efforts have been diluted. I know that social media has a huge potential for my site. My main takeaway is putting myself in my customers shoes. Delivering them what they need is key.

  2. Hi Eric. Thank you for great article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing, and its still difficult to fully understand all topics. To be fair I was always thinking that Facebook marketing is complicated and expensive. But looking on your post it seems that with good content and ideas it can be relatively straightforward and effective. Looking forward to test it in practice.

  3. Thank you for this insightful article on Facebook Content Marketing. I am afraid this isn’t one of my strong suits, as I tend to gloss over the social media aspect of my business, although I know I should put more effort into it. 

    I tend to have my FaceBook pages set up and then try to post there at least once a week, but I am not sure this is enough to make a real difference?

    I am definitely going to look at Audience Insights. Thanks for the heads up there.

  4. Great entry-level guide on Facebook marketing!

    Gotta be honest, I was one of those people who just shared their written articles on my site through social media and hoped for Facebook engagement. Things are changing though.

    Crowdtap looks interesting. Have you used it for a substantial amount of time? What’s your take on the platform? As a beginner marketer (in terms of social media), would this be a good starting tool?



    1. Hi Julius I’m new to Crowdtap haven’t been on it a long length of time, but I get ideas for post from it. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Find leads on Facebook it’s very hard. For my small business too. I read and study e lot. But the reality is different!
    My goal on Facebook is to collect email leads. By magnet, by a useful Ebook. But people are afraid to leave his email address. So I tried to give away for free the first ebook.
    And retargeting to give away the second ebook by opt-in form (email request). Many people click on the FC ads.

  6. Greetings! What an informative site! Very interesting topic too; I am new to advertising and affiliate marketing and everything website/page/post related. This information will help me to move my site forward more. Much appreciated that you took the time to share this information with us. Providing the basics for everyone is another good idea because not everyone knows or understands the value of each topic (know how why click, know your audience, know your message, etc.)  Good luck! CherrieAlesia

  7. Hey , Found this blog post very informative . Most importantly You have covered those 4 points which marketers generally dont pay attention to . I agree marketers are not focused on customers , while running ads on facebook they just focus on what they are offering and not really on what customers want , your post does give some important insights on how to attract customers and how much shld we spend on facebook ads . thanks for sharing ! 

    1. Hi Navnit glad you found my post helpful. As far as how much you should spend on Facebook will depend on your budget and how far along you are in your business. Thanks for commenting.

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