Why do affiliate marketers lack so much confidence? Imagine if you had all the confidence in the world how would you act.

If you are afraid of trying new things today, I’m going to tell you why. And this is just common sense, but what’s common sense is not common practice.

Essentially you are afraid of learning. Right now, you are probably shaking your head saying “No I’m not!” I know you don’t want to believe it but it’s true.

After I share with you the 5 ways to build explosive confidence and expertise in affiliate marketing let me know if you’re still shaking your head no. I’m willing to bet you will not.

Have You Heard of The 5 Ways to Build Explosive Confidence and Expertise in Affiliate Marketing?

1. Confidence = Competence

Think about something you do well how do you feel about it? Are you confident or are you afraid? I’m sure you are saying you are confident.

You are confident because your competence level in that area is high. You do it without even thinking about it. It just comes naturally to you.

So, there is no fear in participating in it. Fear only comes when you’re not knowledgeable in an area. Fear of the unknown will keep you in a downward spiral. You can learn how to eliminate fear from your mind.

Here are some of the ways most people will show lack of confidence:

  • Make Excuses
  • They Get Invited To Something Say They Will Come But Don’t Show Up
  • Say I Can’t Do That
  • How Much Are You Making
  • No One Is Making Money In That
  • Give Me A Few Weeks
  • Get Missing In Action
  • Let Me Think About It But You Never Hear Back
  • I Heard That Wasn’t Any Good
  • I Don’t Have Enough Time
  • Etc. Etc.

The more competence you develop in an area the more confident you will become. To develop more confidence in your life you just need more information and application.

Apply yourself through learning and repetition and competence grows and confidence grows. Do this and you’ll become unstoppable.

Nevertheless, if you think you can’t understand something or master it you won’t engage in it and that’s what’s holding you back in life from having the success you seek. You need of change of mindset.

You have to develop which brings me to number two.

Competency Mindset

2. Competency Mindset

Having a competency mindset is just believing you can learn anything you set your mind too. Knowing that you can figure it out and that you know you’ll get better at it.

The excuse of I don’t have the time doesn’t work anymore. Everyone has the same amount of time it’s what you do with it. Plus, if something is important to you, you’ll take the time.

You have to be willing to push yourself into areas of the unknown. You have to learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I remember hearing one of the top leaders in self-development ask this question and it has stayed with me.

He said, “Is there anything in your life you haven’t achieved because you are unwilling to spend the time, take the energy or have the confidence to learn the things needed to achieve it?”

Powerful question isn’t it? So, What are your ambitions or aims in affiliate marketing and what must you learn to get there?

Learn your way into the success you seek and stop self-sabotaging behaviors before it is too late.

Ask yourself “How do I want to feel about myself and my life?” And grow into that.

 Master The Critical Skills

3. Master The Critical Skills

What do you need to learn to get where you want to be? When you access your dreams and desires what skills do you have to learn to achieve it?

In the online space today, everyone is talking about outsourcing. Outsource this and outsource that. But if you outsource everything and you don’t know how it works how will you know what is good work?

First master it yourself or take it as far you can go only then should you outsource it. Because what if you lost your outsourcing and you don’t know how to do what was being outsourced your business will suffer.

Master every aspect of your business before you outsource. Critical skills you may need as a affiliate marketer:

  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Decision Making
  • Customer Service
  • Data Analysis
  • Traffic
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Website Design
  • Productivity
  • Money Management
  • Problem Solving

Mastering these skills will definitely help you on your way to succeeding in affiliate marketing. You need an action plan that can get you to a place of mastery.

Unfortunately, most people have indoctrinated themselves into a state of mediocrity. So, if you get just a little better than most people you become world-class. You just have to take the time to get there.

Model Only The Leaders

4. Model Only The Leaders

When you are in need of information on a topic or business what do you do? Do you like most people look at the top two of Google or ask your family or neighbor who do they go to?

You probably do this without really thinking about it. But the question you should be asking yourself is, “are they the best?”

Do you know who are the top 10 people in your field or industry? I would dare to wager that most people don’t know the answer to that question.

If you know this you will have the best confidence or income because you model the best. What are the best practices?

Don’t swap the speed of learning something for the depth of learning the right thing. Therefore, just don’t listen to what anyone says discipline yourself to do research to model the best at it.

Matter of fact don’t learn from the average learn from the expectational. You can’t learn by the yourself.

When you research something ask yourself are, they the worlds best? It can save you time and money.

Know that a lot of people can give you advice, but can they give you direction.

Learn At 10X

5. Learn At 10X

How can you learn more effectively? Not quicker or faster, but more effectively. How can you get 10X more effective at affiliate marketing?

Where you”re consistently applying what you are learning. Here is how to learn more effectively; take notes, journal, listen to mp3’s, review and teach what you learn.

When you teach what you learn you solidify it and it becomes a part of you. The goal should be to equip yourself as a tool.

So that what you learn is so deeply ingrained in your subconscious that your thoughts and decisions are based off a foundation of effectiveness that you don’t even have to think about it.

Have You Heard of The 5 Ways to Build Explosive Confidence and Expertise in Affiliate Marketing?

In summing up: The way to become more confident as an affiliate marketer is to become more competent.

Develop a competency mindset. You have the ability to learn anything just put in the time.

There are no shortcuts master the critical skills of affiliate marketing. Don’t outsource until you have taking them as far as you can.

You will get better by modeling the best. Find out who the top leaders are and model them.

To learn more effectively apply and teach what you learn. What you know someone needs.

It’s time to forget about your past, focus on the present so that you can excel to your future.

To learn more about building confidence and expertise I recommend the #1 affiliate marketing platform in the world, go here now.


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24 Replies to “Have You Heard of The 5 Ways to Build Explosive Confidence and Expertise in Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. Hello Eric. Thank you for sharing this post that would transform me for better successes in Affiliate Marketing; being confident enough is enough to trigger good success in this business. It’s amazing to see that it all bores down to competence and I totally agree with you because competency is as a result of courage and knowledge about something. I am ready to take any risk, spend money for the tools I need, learn any skills I need to succeed and do more and more over and over again… I am ready for success in my business that I will be launching pretty soon.

    All the best.

    1. Hi Mr Biizy

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you found my post helpful. I believe that if we are successful at something it come down to having the right mindset. It sounds like to me you do. You are willing to do what it takes to be successful and you will. All the best with your launch.

      Much Success


  2. Hi buddy,
         I am in India, Even I am  little poor in grammar. The article gives me great knowledge fo affiliate marketing,I just start wealthy affiliate program at 2 weeks ago it make me good impression about the websites on seeing your article, it gives some additional information about affiliate marketing within a five steps , these 5steps help me a lot to make the perfect decision. And keep creating more article for helping people, your friend yoge 


    1. Hi Yoge

      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and you came to the right place. And Yoge your English is just fine my friend. I’m glad to hear my article was helpful to you. I’m excited for you great days are ahead. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  3. Hi Eric, Thanks for this article. Indeed, one has to be well informed and make the research and look at the right sources. I kind of went through this path as well when I started searching for affiliate marketing. More training, more competence and more focus on how to succeed by learning from the top people in the industry as you said in the article, are the key to success in this field!

    1. Hi MyaSage

      You’re welcome. Glad that my post helped you. It was also good to hear that you researched and just didn’t jump on the first thing. That will take you far in having the best things always at your disposal. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  4. Your article has caused me to think about quite a few things that I hadn’t really thought about before. 

    I never really thought about the connection between confidence and the way you approach things. Sometimes I know that I can procrastinate but I never thought that it might be a confidence issue. When I do try and analyse it, I assume that i procrastinate because I am not motivated enough but thinking about it on the deeper lever, I see that my own confidence could be an underlying issue. That is very helpful to have it brought t my notice because it is a major step towards improvement. Changing something for the better is more effective when you can see the whole picture and can address the underlying cause of an issue.

    I was also interested in your list of critical skills that one needs to learn for Affiliate Marketing. I was mindful of most of the skills on the list but it got me thinking when I saw that you had decision making on the list. That is actually something that I do tend to struggle with and  always seem to worry that I need a bit more information before I go ahead with something. This causes the analysis paralysis situation and then things don’t tend to happen. I was actually quite comforting to see that on the list as it somewhat normalize the issue as something that is recognized as a skill to learn, rather than a personal flaw that only affect me. 

    Thanks for all this information. I do enjoy learning and have read many self improvement books but you have covered a few points to consider that I had not thought about before, and I will find useful in my learning.

    1. Hi Karen 

      I appreciate your comment and I’m happy you got so much value out of my post. Keep moving forward you are on the right track. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  5. Hi Eric – Gee, this is unarguably good, sound advice.  No one can lose with the stuff you use!  It is so true that when you teach what you learn, it becomes part of you.  I have taught and found this to be very true.  But for starters, you just have to be willing to learn.  As you say: “never stop learning!”  Bottom line: it takes work to excel in anything.  There are simply no shortcuts!!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    1. Hi Nathaniel

      I appreciate your comment you are right on. Yes indeed when you knock on the door of opportunity work answers the door. Keep learning and keep moving forward.Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  6. Hi. I agree with you to build confidence is to be competent in the task you are doing.

    Mindset and skills are ingredients to boost confidence level. If you have a role model and a platform that will help you is even better to help boost confidence 

    Do I need to pay to learn all the skills you mentioned? Marc Ho.

    1. Hi Marc

      Thanks for commenting. Do they pertain to your business or what you’re trying to accomplish? If so, yes if not concentrate on the ones that do. 

      All the best


  7. This is the exact article one of my clients needs to read. She recently gave up on blogging because she said she can’t write a blog post. But she speaks English and resides in America. She just feels lazy writing a blog post on her own so she went on hiring ghostwriters. The problem is since she herself isn’t good at writing, she doesn’t know what is good content and what is not. So, you can imagine what end result she got. And I hope she won’t be offended if she read this comment of mine.

    1. Hi Gomer 

      I understand and I hope you will share my post with her. Because it’s not that she can’t she has just been unwilling to take the time and learn how to write content. Plus the only way to become a good writer is to write. If you’re Gomer’s clent and you’re reading this please don’t be offended Gomer and I are just trying to help. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  8. Excellent article, I think that also reassuring from other people what you are doing is a good way to grow confidence, I’m not talking about “regular people” but the ones that are in the same page, opinions and questions about what you are doing or how you are doing it, represent a great support to not lose encouragement.

    I wish you success!


  9. Hi, true confidence in something comes from skill, experience, and winning.  This can only be gained through paying your dues, and having the winners mindset. 

    you gotta think you can do it first  and foremost.  However whether its sports, business,  relationships or whatever else,  you will still need to put in the hours.

    Longterm success only comes from having a strong foundation of integrity and trust.  In order for you to get that,  you gotta have paid your dues first. Your customers will only believe in you when you believe in yourself. 

  10. Hello Eric, 

    The way you tell are very helpful for me. I am new in this affiliate marketing industry. 

    I understand one thing confidence will increase after becoming more competent and I have to develop competency mindset to get success in affiliate marketing. We also have to become master the critical skill in affiliate marketing.

    It’s the best time to forget the past , focus on present then future will automatically changed.

    Thank you creating this confidential post.


  11. I think in the first few stages of developing your affiliate business, it’s crucial to look at people (model only the leaders) that have truly made it. For example, I follow Pat Flynn quite frequently, not because I am into podcasting, but a lot of what he says in his blog resonates with what I do on a daily basis. His business is built entirely on the affiliate marketing model before he went on to create his own products so he has a ton of experience showing you what’s what in the subject matter.

  12. There is a statement that nothing good comes easy but some things are easier than other things and with affiliate marketing. Anybody can start earning money. From niches that you enjoy talking about. The steps here are quite straight forward and I’m sure with the application of these steps anybody will get the job done.but I have a question. Is there an easier way to drive traffic to your website? I would like to know

    1. Hi Benny

      Thanks for commenting. The easiest way to drive traffic to your website is content marketing through blog, social media or video.

      All the best


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