To improve on sales techniques has to be the cornerstone of any business, because if you’re not making any sales then you’re not in business.

Although I’m not a master salesman I have been in sales most of my life. I have been to seminars featuring men like Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracey. And I’ve read their books and listened to their CD’s.

Thus, I’ve been a cold caller on the phone and person to person knocking on your door. Cold calling on someone at their home was nerve wracking at first, but with time came confidence.

What must never be forgotten but sometimes I think is, that selling is a people-based activity. Whether you are on the phone, face to face or online.

How To Improve On Sales Techniques

In selling the seller must get good at understanding people and what makes them make a buying decision. What are the factors or triggers in their decision-making? Understanding this you are way ahead in the game of how and who to sell too.

That said I don’t think there are any tricks or methods that you can apply to your business that will fix it overnight. Therefore, it’s about educating yourself in the concepts of selling or the sells cycle.

Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Next

The biggest hurdle that most people must overcome when it comes to sells is the fear of rejection. Where it comes from, I don’t know. Leave a comment below if you think you know the answer to that.

All I know is that when I started off in sales I had it bad. Do you know what it feels like to be afraid to pick up the phone and make a phone call? I had butterflies in my stomach and I’d break out in a cold sweat. The person on the other end of the phone could not see me nor could I see them, but knowing that did not make me any less afraid.

Then one day I was told by my sales manager to say this mantra before making a call and after making a call (some will, some won’t, so what, next), and you know what that little technique worked. I became less and less afraid to make phone calls and soon the fear was gone altogether.

Likewise, I think we all go through a time in our lives when we’re selling something (and it doesn’t matter how) where we become unsure of ourselves and doubt why someone would buy from us. And if you’re new to sales (like being a new affiliate marketer), I know you wonder can I make sales online? The answer to that question is yes you can with the proper training. And the best place I know of to get the proper training to making sales online is Wealthy Affiliate University.

Selling About People

Remember, Selling Is About People

The premise of any sales transaction is to find the right person for your product. It would be great to find the right client who needs what you got and they buy it with no objections. But that is rarely the case. It’s up to you to create the buying environment, make them need what you got and give them a reason why it’s in their best interest to buy now. Right then and there.

According to Pejam Ghadimi of Secret Entourage, he believes people’s buying decisions are based on these three criteria:

  1. Needs: Something you can’t live without. Things you must purchase in order to keep surviving.
  2. Wants: Luxuries or non-necessities without having you would feel unsatisfied.
  3. Social Acceptance: You make these purchases because others are making these purchases.

Have you ever heard the saying, “that no one likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy?” So, the ideal is not to force people to buy, but to get them to a place where they feel like making a purchase was entirely their decision.

People Are Crazy Who Can Understand Them

People Are Crazy Who Can Understand Them

Unfortunately most sales organizations will focus on teaching their people about product knowledge or sales strategies. But seldom do they teach their salesman about understanding people and the customers buying decisions. How easier would it be for you to make a sell if you already knew somethings about your customer? The easiest way to understand people is to just listen to them. You must become a good listener. Here are some ways to lead a customer into a buying situation:

  • What are their pain points
  • Make it all about them
  • Ask questions they will say yes too
  • Make it emotional
  • Trust
  • Speak to their desires
  • Encourage them
  • Authority
  • Fear of loss
  • Scarcity
  • Tell stories
  • Make them confident in their purchase
  • Build rapport
  • Be a good listener
  • If you know another add it in the comment section below…

Most people already know what they want to buy so they really don’t have to be sold. For instance, how many times have you walked into a store and when the sales clerk asks you can they help you and you say, “NO” or you’ll probably say something like, “just looking.”

Sales Cycle

Understanding The Sales Cycle

The right sales cycle must be created. When the right cycle is not created you are only as good as the price you offer. The close will not occur if the price doesn’t match the value the person will receive or there isn’t a strong enough need to make them buy in the moment.

People will always be more receptive in buying things that they want. You may have to educate a buyer by asking questions and permit them to discover their need.

What you have given them is a false sense of free will they don’t feel like they been sold. When a customer wants to buy something from you they don’t buy price or value, your customer will buy perceived value as value is based on feelings or opinions rather than facts to their view of relative importance.

The sales cycle taken from Sales 101:

  • Introduction:
    Formal or Informal
  • Position the Conversation and Address the Initial Need: Ask one or two open-ended questions and allow them to fully speak
  • Ask Questions to Uncover Needs, and Identify Patterns: Open-ended question to find out why the customer was looking for product or service to begin with.
  • Position the Value and Create the Want: Remember price is what something costs, and value is what it’s worth to the person buying it.
  • Position the Close: Positioning the close is about ensuring that the need is indeed converted to a want.
  • Ask for the Sale: Just because you have created a want, shown the value, and enticed the buyer, it doesn’t mean you can bypass asking for the sale.
  • Close & Next Steps: Closing is simple, because the buyer is now ready to give you money and receive the promised value.

Selling In Person Differs From Selling Online


Selling in Person Differs From Selling Online

To be a successful online marketer there is more pre-work involved than say in cold-calling. To target the right people online is going to come down to the pre-work being done.

The same sales cycle can be used as above, but you need to build trust and positioning without being able to address them face to face. So how can the creator build trust between himself and the end user when there is no interaction between them? Most can be met in these areas:

  • Live chat
  • 800 #
  • Social proof
  • Live support
  • Testimonials
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Https
  • Site copy
  • Site design

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In conclusion the cycle of sales never changes whether on the phone, in person or online. What changes is the roles each segment plays. The psychology of the sales process never changes but the delivery of information does.

Build trust through client relationships and they will continue to buy and send you referrals in family and friends asking for nothing in return.

To your sales success





22 Replies to “How To Improve On Sales Techniques”

  1. Hi Eric, I have to admit that I’m glad I found your article on how to improve sales technique. I have a website, and for a long time, I just didn’t believe that I would be able to sell anything to anybody. I just didn’t think that folks would buy from me. 

    Well, I’m just now starting to get out of that mindset, so reading your post came at a perfect time for me. Your tips about creating the right buying environment and giving people a reason to purchase right now really make sense to me, as well as making sure the price is right. Thanks so much for sharing your valuable tips. Who amongst us cannot stand to improve our sales technique? 


    1. Hi Sue

      I appreciate your comment. I’m glad my article was of some help to you. Hahaha Indeed we all can improve our sales technique.

      Much Success


  2. Sales is the key to a successful business and it is important to know how to increase sales as this is what brings consistency, as we see competitiors every day as well as new products, but staying on my toes with these steps on improving my sales technique, I believe it’s going to be awesome.

  3. “Some will, some won’t, so what, next”

    I really like that mantra. Glad to have solid information in an article, but it makes it twice as trustworthy to have someone who has been in the business create the information. I also really enjoyed…

    “that no one likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy?”

    that hit pretty deep. But I have a question, which do you believe is easier, selling online or selling person? I believe selling online is a little easier considering the day in age we are in right now, but what do you believe in the matter?

    1. Hi Jose

      Glad you liked the article, Truthfully I think I could sell someone quicker in person. because I can see them and interact with them. Online you don’t have that so your content has to be tight, unless you’re doing a webinar then their is some interaction. Thanks

      All the best


  4. Great post – I work retail right now and am looking to bump up my sales, glad I came across this article, some great tips here to just understand the mind of the potential buyer and how you can steer their thoughts into making a purchase. 

    You’re absolutlely right about people making their own decisions for a sale. I’ve found the most effective technique is to simply listen to the customer and provide a product that best suits their individual needs, answering any technical questions they may have and letting them make the decision themselves. 

    Overcoming the inital nerves is hard. I worked as a charity worker collecting donations on the street for a while and boy that was tough – nice people straight up ignoring you all day, but you stay strong and get a few who are willing to stop and chat, and this is where these techniques come in handy. Keep it up – good read.

    1. Hi James

      I appreciate your comment. I’m glad my post was of some help to you. Thanks

      Much Success


  5. Hi Eric! I have never been a salesperson and have never gone through training related to sales. So, I found super interesting the approach you have presented in this post. It has given me marvelous insights into the psychology involved in the process of a purchase.

    I have recently started with affiliate marketing. And I perceive the approach is much more relaxed (lot’s of pre-work as you have stated). But there are key elements that will always be present in sales (online or offline). One is knowing and understanding human behavior: what are the triggers? And the other is creating an environment that will facilitate the sale.

  6. You have a great article on how to improve sales. Making sales is indeed the number one focus of every marketer and not achieving this aim can be quite frustrating.

    I couldn’t agree with you less on the fear of rejection being a big hurdle that every marketer must overcome because I personally could’t get started with my marketing ventures fully until i was able to overcome the fear of rejection through the amazing lessons available in Wealthy Affiliate.

    I believe that selling should be about the person you are selling to and not you.If most people will be able to apply this strategy, then selling will be much easier than we can imaging.

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.


    1. Hi David

      I appreciate your comment.I’m glad my article was of some help to you. Thanks

      All the best


  7. Exactly an article that I’ve been looking for.. thanks for writing this article!

    You have listed down the ways to lead a customer into a buying situation, which is simple and yet informative to me. I believe this will help a lot of people who are running an online business!

    I agree with you that selling is not merely to “sell” a product, but rather we have to make sure the needs & wants of our customers are fulfilled!


  8. Sales can be challenging for anyone, especially when there is a face to face element involved. Experience does offer confidence, I totally agree. These types of sales are not my cup of tea. With affiliate marketing, the content does more of the selling, which appeals much more to me than cold calling and door to door. With content, it too is a people-based activity. Buying decisions are really good to know. It’s puts everything into perspective nicely and allows me to look at it from a different angle. You’ve provided an excellent alternative in Wealthy Affiliate, which is one of the best communities and platforms out there, well done!

    1. HI Pentrental

      Yes with cold-calling  you have to learn to love it, I prefer the online method myself as well. Thanks.

      All the best


  9. I love Brian Tracy’s books ever green even with several rereading. It is one thing to like a post and another to understand it. A YouTube influencer said “people buy because of emotions and justifies it with logic” and I agree totally with him, like you mentioned the most important part is to close the deal, without proper training and experience a person will leave sales hanging and to prospective buyers going to a different seller. Really educative

  10. I have always wanted to attend the seminar by Brian Tracey. I love his book Eat that Frog, he inspired me. You brought up a good point here whichever means you sell to people doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you need to understand what people want from you which mean you have to bring the awareness that there is a problem and by purchasing the product from you can solve the problem. That way you build trust from them and you will be successful in sales.

    I wish I have the answer for fear of rejection. I am working on it everyday. My 9-5 job is fundraising so I have to approach strangers all the time and the truth is out of 10 people only 1-2 people will stop for me, that is hard to be experiencing rejections all day. It has a big toll on my mental health, anyways. I will keep this mantra in my head too, thanks for sharing. You hit it right in the nail that the sale process will never change. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Nuttanee

      I ‘ve never read that book by Brain Tracey have to check that out, something to add to the library. Just understand that the people aren’t rejecting you just the fund raiser don’t take it heart. Use the mantra and keep it moving. Remember that you are more valuable than a job. Stay positive! Thanks

      Much Success


  11. Hey, great post. It got me thinking of your question of where the fear of rejection comes from actually. I don’t know if I have the answer for this, but I think it’s got something to do with how we talk to ourselves, as well as past experiences of being rejected and how we consequently respond to that in our minds too. So it can become a vicious cycle. Until you break that cycle as you shared you did. I like your mantra! I think it’s accurate and necessary to remind ourselves of that when doing something involving sales. I also think it requires acceptance of the possibility of being told no. When we accept it, it’s okay you will get a no here and there, and that’s okay. 

    There is actually a lot of similarities of selling with counselling which is my profession. You need to build rapport with the customer just like with clients, and help them feel comfortable and trust you or at least feel comfortable with you. I like your list of how to sell, it’s thorough and helpful. Thanks for sharing. 

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