How to move forward in life by not looking back. Simple don’t look back. But for the majority of most people that is not so simple.

The problem is that most of us judge ourselves on our past mistakes. That is what will keep you fearful of trying new things, because you believe it will turn out just like it did in the past.

And the fear of failure is crippling. For those of us who are affiliate marketers, that would not be good.How To Move Forward In Life By Not Looking Back

For instance, when someone has a bad experience as an online marketer right away, they think it doesn’t work. So, they let one bad experience keep them from moving forward.

As a result, they miss out on $1000’s of dollars they could have made if they gave it another shot and stuck with it.

But I blame the so-called guru’s out there with their get rich quick schemes. They suck in the unsuspecting newbie with the lure of quick riches ( I know been there done that) making claims that they know are unfounded.

Rather than moving forward in their journey of building a real business online they cannot move beyond their past failure(s). They deem every person offering anyway of building income online is a fraud.

Affiliate Marketer

The Mindset Of An Affiliate Marketer

That is why building your mindset as you build your online business as an affiliate marketer is paramount, because you will have setbacks. Marketing strategies may not always work out the way you want them too. People will fall out of your business, etc.

While this may be true it is up to you to cultivate the proper mindset so that when these things happen you will not be derailed. What is the mindset of an affiliate marketer? Or what kind of mindset should an affiliate marketer have? I believe they should possess these traits:

Integrity: They must be an honest individual.

Discipline: The ability to take on a task and see it to its completion.

Social Skills: The ability to get along well with others.

Determination: The ability to move forward in your purpose regardless of the odds.

Belief: They have the confidence that they can be a success.

Perseverance: The ability to continue to work toward a goal despite all the difficulties.

Clarity: They have to be 100% clear on what they want.

Consistency: They regularly work on their business.

Money Mindset: They understand that money is a tool. It isn’t everything.

Enthusiasm: They take great enjoyment in what they do.

Imagination: They are able to see themselves in a place or at a level far beyond where they are now.

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These are just a few, and there are others that could be added (in the comments section below add to the list the traits you believe an affiliate marketer should possess) to the list. Mindset is everything.

How To Move Forward

Look Straight Ahead Not Back

What would happen if you keep looking back while you’re walking? You’re more than likely to stumble and fall or walk into something.

The same is true in life. You will never get ahead always looking back. What’s past is past. What’s done is done. Your past mistakes have no bearing on what’s before you.

Moreover, have you ever noticed that your car has a small rear view mirror for looking back? But your windshield is large to look out of when moving forward. There is a lesson in that: to move forward is always better than to move back.

You should rarely look back in your life, unless it is to draw strength from a positive event in your past to help you in the present. Take for instance a public speaker. Before taking the stage, they look back at a past talk where they received great response from the audience.

They may focus on the applause, laughter, interaction or standing ovation, etc. This will give them confidence and pump them up for the talk ahead.

Looking Back

How To Move On From Your Past

You can’t continue to look back on past failures. Otherwise you’ll become frozen in time. Have you ever heard someone always talking about the good old days? The good days are NOW not in the past.

In fact, the very people who are always talking about the good old days, reliving the past over and over again, while their present life is in shambles. They’ve fallen in the past and they can’t get up.

There was a time in my life when I use to be like that. It was a time in my life as a young boy when I lived with my grandmother for over two years.

I would always catch myself saying those were the best years of my life. Because of that thought pattern, I always felt like my present life didn’t quite measure up.

As a grown man that debilitating thought pattern was keeping me unhappy and unfulfilled. I kept looking back at that moment in time as being the good old days. The moments where I was happy and carefree living the good life so I thought.

Of course, to get unstuck I really had to analyze that time in my life. That time that occurred in my life was it really the good old days?

My grandmother lived in a house with a tin roof. Besides her house had no running water and we had to go and pump water out of a well to have any. The water that I drank and bathed in came from a well.

Also, my grandmother’s house had no indoor plumbing so there was no tub or shower, I had to bathe in a little basin. Remember there is no running water, so you had to go to the outhouse to use the bathroom. And on those cold and dark nights when you didn’t want to go outside to the outhouse you used that same little basin you bathed in. When I think about that now, YUCK!

She had no electricity, so we burned kerosene lamps at night and she cooked on a wood burning stove. And guess who had to chop a lot of firewood for that stove, because it doubled as our stove and heater when it was cold.

Now I have running water, electricity, bathroom, tub, shower, electric stove and central heat and air. I have a roof made out of asphalt shingles so when it rains it doesn’t sound like I’m in the middle of the rainforest in monsoon season and it doesn’t sound like someone is crashing two big gigantic cymbals together when it thunders.

Best Days Still Ahead

The Best Days Of Your Life Are Still Ahead

I soon came to realize that the good old days is now in the present not in the past. I appreciate the life I live now and I’m always looking forward to better things that lie ahead.

That is how to move forward in life by not looking back and how you have to look at your life now. Stop living in the past your best days are yet to come. Get rid of old hurt feelings forgive that person and move on. Don’t hold grudges it can make you sick. Forget yesterday live for today.

Finally, don’t let your past mistakes define you. Take risks and if it doesn’t work out so what, NEXT. Life is what YOU make it.

Say to yourself, “From this day forward I will stop looking back!” You’ll find that there is a whole world out there you’ve been missing.

Your life is to be lived in a forward motion and if you focus on others more than yourself, you’ll live a beautiful and fulfilled life.



This is your day. This is your time. This is your moment. Dream – Believe – Be Bold – Never Give Up


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38 Replies to “How To Move Forward In Life By Not Looking Back”

  1. 100% agree.  I think added to this is the culture that many people (including myself) have brought with them into the affiiate marketing world.  I come from a Government background and trust me, failure was not something you learn from rather something you are punished for.  And, for many of us, having this culture almost bred into us I think is part of the reason we fall for those get rich quick schemes.

    You see, they are promoted by those who will tell you that you can’t fail – which we interpret as we cannot get into trouble.  when they fall over (which we all know they will) – it sets us back even further.  I couldn;t agree with you more in regards to the traits that you have listed in your post and that we need to move on from the past.

    It is more posts like this that need to be written however to not only allow us to learn about the real timeframes of success online, but to implement culture change as well.

    Thanks for your post


    1. Hi Paul

      I came from a contracted Government background so I know where you’re coming from. Great insight by the way. We jump on these get rich quick schemes because the so-call guru’s say we cannot fail, but failure is a part of life.

      That is why I believe mindset training is so important. We can’t be afraid to fail. Thank you Paul for commenting.

      Much Success


  2. I truly love the story of you living with your grandmother.  Even with all that inconveniences and difficulties, it still feels like great time, at least it comes like this in your writing.  But I do agree when you say that the best days of our lives are still ahead,   that’s why many people practice mindfulness those days, not to dwell on the past,  but to concentrate on the current moment and I think it is really true if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing world.  You have the task at hand, concentrate on it, don’t get swayed as you mentioned by get rich schemes that our internet world is full of. 

     In the beginning I found it so difficult,   I thought everyone around me is so successful and I would not be able to achieve any of those outcomes.  Nowadays,  I just enjoy my passion and don’t dwell on the fact if I succeed or not.  Thank you sincerely for your post.  You made me realise even unintentionally that there is more to life and success than to compare yourself to others . I will try my best to Stop Looking Back as you mentioned 

    1. Hi Milla

      Yes I can now think of those days with my grandmother with fondness, but not with the crippling affect it used to have on me. Milla your best days are still ahead. Always remember no matter where you find yourself in life YOU can make it better not someone else. 

      I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying your passion and not focusing on how you are doing compared to others and because of that shift in mindset you will succeed. Thanks

      Much Success



  3. You make it crystal clear that our past doesn’t define who we are now. This is not easy, because the ratio of our past to the present is overwhelming in favor of the past. Hence it needs a mindset to make that break. 

    Affiliate Marketing may be the business we are undertaking now. In the past it could have been any type of business. Such as Network Marketing. Selling products on eBay. Trading ones skills for a fee. The chances are they didn’t pan out to what we expected. 

    It is time to look forward. In order for the future to be more successful, we need to arm ourselves with the best training, tools and insights available to us. When we have these at our side, facing the future is much more hopeful. 

    Thanks for pointing out that has to be the mindset of an Affiliate Marketer.

    1. Hi Edwin

      Exactly our past does not define who we can be. And our mindset is crucial in that respect no matter our undertaking. Usually without the proper mindset when things get difficult most will give up and crash and burn. 

      And in this world where the majority wants instant gratification right now, and when it comes to affiliate marketing or whatever business it’s going to take time to build. It will not happen overnight. 

      That is why having the proper mindset while you build is important. Thanks

      Much Success


  4. Thank you for this inspiring piece. It’s really not easy moving on from the past, even knowing it always has a way to bring one down.

    I really learnt a lot from this your perspective of your grandma living in a house with tin roof and you having to drink and bath with water from the well, of course analysing such situation compared to now is definitely not the best of your life, compared to how you live now.

    I just did same in my situation and realise there is lot for me to be thankful for right now and better days ahead for me than the past I dwell upon

    You’ve just taught me the way forward, and even though I seem to have been struggling with my affiliate marketing business for a while and thinking of giving up since I believed things were a lot better before, as I didn’t have to worry constantly about failure

    But looking forward, I have also achieved a lot and that should count for something.

    I am ready to leave the past were it belongs and keep focused.

    Thanks for sharing this..

    1. Hi Queen

      Yes your best are ahead of you. We should learn from our past but not stay in the past. We must focus on what lies ahead. 

      When it comes to affiliate marketing like anythig it’s a learning process. The more you learn the better at  it you will get. Case in point, there was a time when I first started bulding websites it felt like it took me forever, but years later now I can build a website fairly quickly. 

      If I had given up, today I would still be in the same spot struggling. Believe in yourself and keep moving forward. Thanks

      Much Success


  5. First of all that is a great topic you chose because it is true that there are a lot of gurus out there selling get rich schemes. For I too was a victim of that sort as well. I had to just brush myself off and go forward. You are certainly right about when people fall they don’t think they can make it any further or just get right back up and give it another try. The way you set up the mindset affiliate content was great also a good job.

    1. Hi Tony

      Yes I was a victim at one time myself. Too many get rich scheme out there. Everything is not always going to go as planed. But you just get up brush yourself and keep moving forward. Tony I hope everything is going well for you here at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks

      Much Success 


  6. Excellent advice don’t look back. Kinetic energy is the best energy, keep moving. Even if you’re not feeling motivated doing a little is better than doing nothing at all. Some days are good days and some days are bad days. We all get ups and downs it’s part of life. Fear of failure can definitely be crippling, but the important thing is to keep moving. Many people fail and fail again until they succeed, and when they do they’ll thank themselves for keeping it moving.

    1. Hi Pentrental

      Yes we were made to move forward not back. Indeed life will have it’s ups and downs, but when it’s down just don’t stay down. If you believe you can succeed you will. Thank you for commenting.

      Much Success


  7. Hi Eric,

    I couldn’t agree more about not letting your past define you. Past mistakes should be lessons we can learn from and not repeat. The most successful people I know are always looking ahead and trying to figure out ways to improve their lives and business. Affiliate marketing takes work. Integrity, honesty and consistency (as well as the other traits you mention) are necessary to succeed. I also think it takes a village, especially when you are just getting started, which is what makes Wealthy Affiliate such a great platform.

    1. Hi Lynn

      Yes you definately should learn from your mistakes, but your mistakes don’t define you. Successful people are always moving forward going from one success to another. The Wealthy Affiliate community is a great place for someone starting out or for the person who has been doing it but hasn’t had much success yet. Thanks for commenting Lynn.

      Much Success


  8. I totally agree with the author- We always have to look ahead , plan our future , and make it come to reality.
    The only problem I have with this idea is that : Lot of people always stick to their past and they are not able to create their future .This is mostly because those who had problems in their past or had failure, they dramatize their failures all the time.
    There are a lso people who have been successful and happy in their past and these people will be able to confront their future.
    In order for those who are stuck in their past to forget their past and create their future, we have to deliver therapy to them and by getting them to recall the painful moments , they will be able to release themselves from the past and move to present in order to confront their future.

    1. Hi Bijan

      I agree that some people may need theraphy if the past was very traumatic, but for the majority of us it’a just a decision to montior our thoughts and stop dwelling on the negative. If you’re always looking back at some point you will trip and fall. Thanks

      All the best


  9. Hi Eric,

    What a great inspiring site. Thank you.

    Our mind motivates our future. Living in the past, even though my favorite memories are back there.

    Better days lie ahead. This site encourages me to think positive in the present.

    Trying to move forward while looking back could cause a person to trip and fall on the present. 

    Changing our mindset into all things positive, is key to our future success.

    A refreshing well written site which I have bookmarked to help me out.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Lesabre

      I appreciate the comment that you find my site inspiring, but I’m humbled you’ve bookmarked it to help you out. And you’re right our mind (the thoughts we think) motivates our future either positive or negative. I believe in having all the tools of the trade as a affiliate marketer, but mindset training is a tool that needs to be in your tool box as well. Thanks

      Much Success 


  10. This is a great message Eric! One that everyone needs to apply to their life. 

    We can certainly gain insights from what has previously occurred, good or not so good, but the key is to accept it for what it was, not dwell on it, and apply it to the present moment. 

    We can also get into trouble by being fixated on the future and the “what if” game. We create angst, worry, and doubt about what we can’t control – the future!

    You’re so right – getting away from the present can be difficult to do. We tend to be worriers about what we did or didn’t do “back then” or what we might or might not do in the upcoming future. 

    Instead we need to be warriors for the task at hand, and apply that to whatever vocation we are involved in 😉

    1. Hi Tom 

      I like we need to be warriors. And we can’t get fixated on what if’s. What’s past is past, learn from it and move on.  Warrior Tom keep up the good fight. Thanks

      Much Success


  11. My sensei (yeah…) once told me to take a calculated risk and not leave myself a way to go back. When you can’t go back no more, you WILL be forced to go forward and WILL have to work for it. Of course this needs to be gradual and as I said, with a calculated risk, but the idea behind it is quite interesting. Most people want to talk the talk but aren’t ready to walk the walk. They’re not serious about it. If they were serious about it, even if they slipped once, they’d be forced to get up since they’ve left themselves no other option.

    1. Hi Faheem

      I like that. I reminded of the warriors who sailed to this island and the leader burned their boats. They had no way to go back they either had to win or die. When we leave a way of escape, like if this doesn’t work I’ll try something else, we really don’t purse what we’re going after with gusto we do it half heartily.  Thanks Faheem

      Much Success


  12. I love to read this type of article when I’m thinking about my past mistakes. Reading an article like this one makes me feels better.
    Yes, it is so true that we should always move forward in life and never look back. Sometimes, it is easy said than done.
    I am trying hard to move forward and imagine the better new days are ahead and I’m moving towards it.
    I have so many things that I wanted to do before I’m getting too old to do them. I have to move forward in my life without delay.
    Thank you so much for this great article.

    1. Hi Christine

      I know what you mean. Life is to short to stay living in the past. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Keep moving forward Christine and may all your dreams come true. Thanks

      All the best


  13. Another great article Eric,

    I’m super pumped to start blogging again, although I write almost every day in my free time, I sometimes do feel overwhelmed and the journey kind of tests my patience. Reading your article again made me reflect on what I want and I think out of all of that, determination to know what you want will get you started and from then onwards, it’s pure discipline to be hungry enough to keep chasing and grinding to reach your goal.

    1. Hi Riaz

      I’m happy my article was able to help you. Also glad to hear you’re pumped about blogging again. You can do whatever you put your mind to Riaz. When things don’t go well just don’t stay there, regroup focus on the end goal and keep moving.  Thanks

      Much Success


  14. Well, your story really inspires me. I was captured in the past when I failed for the first time.

    I prepared computer science to get into Google. I was in confident because I got all A+ grade in the class.

    But the reality was not that sweet. I failed 5 times and got rejections from Google.

    I was frustrated and couldn’t help myself getting out of misery.

    But now, I know that I do not have to be captured in the past. The only thing I realized from my failure is that I can stay in the very moment and concentrate on it. It’s the way to happiness, I think.

    Anyway, thanks for the good article 🙂

    1. Hi Shawn

      Sorry to hear what you were going through. just know that failure is not the end, and in order to reach success we will have to fail. When you understand that failure is not so devastating, because when you fail if you don’t give up you’re just one step closer to success. Thanks

      All the best


  15. Hi Eric! This was a nice read. There are so many that get discouraged after the first drawback. And I agree with you, they lose more by closing the door to the other opportunities than what they lost the occasion in which they were scammed.

    I recognize it’s not easy to continue on when our first experience is negative. But that persistence is what makes the difference most of the time.

  16. Thanks for this inspiring and useful post on how to move forward in your life by not looking back. This makes so much sense to me. There are always regrets about what was, but it really is what it is, and it will not change the fact that today is a new day and you have the chance to build that day as you determine.

    Moving forward from this very moment, you can create a new storyline and build something entirely different from what was. If what was is something that you want to carry forward, as it will be tomorrow, then, by all means, do look back, but only look back that one day…

    This kind of attitude is addicting I think. The more you think and act in this manner, the better things will get for you and it can spill over into all areas of your life. Your attitude improves, your performance and output improve, your personal relationships can improve, etc.

    You have included a plethora of wise advice in this post and I will be back to read through it several more times going forward. Thanks for your efforts and mission accomplished for this reader! I am ready to move forward and not look back.

    1. Hi Dave

      I appreciate your insightful comment. Glad you found my post helpful. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  17. interesting i must say. some of your content really and truly applies to me. I have thought of giving up on countless occasions but remained focus. Going through your site i can safely say that i just got more motivation new meaning to my work. Great site, great content i will keep on reading 

    1. Hi Sherman

      I appreciate your compliment on my site. I’m happy to hear that the thought my come to given in but you never do that’s what champions do. They refocus and keep going. Thanks for sharing.

      Stay Strong


  18. Hmm, you’ve said it. Many successful people we have today were able to overcome fair of failure and many setbacks. When they fall, they surprised failure by rising again. Many fall several time but they don’t get tired of rising. That’s why all those successful business people earn my respect. When we are committed to the result we want at the long run, failing we not be anything to us. 

    I have also made a mistakes before. After I was lure into wealthy affiliate with the guru sweet mouth. I decided to quite  for a while. I was so lucky to gather my thought together again and start from beginning. This time around, I don’t want to remember my downfall as a failure again but I want to remember it so as to learn from it and make it a ladder to a greater height.

    1. Hi Stella

      I appreciate you sharing. And you can succeed and go to higher heights, because nothing is impossible for them that believe.

      Much Success


  19. This title “How to move forward in life by not looking back” really spoke about my past, i was hopeless when i remember the first five years of my affiliate marketing, I sincerely a failure and i made my past to have jeopardized my future until i met a good mentor in my community who gave an advice that failure should not wane me down rather should make me more strong. The community you recommended in your post were recommended by my mentor then which was a wealthy affiliate and i went home that day, to think whether its for me or not. I reluctantly registered as a free member the first three day made me to become a premium member and since then i have put away my past and forge ahead for the good that future hold for me. I am really a good affiliate marketer now.

     Down to the trait you mentioned. No one should have been succeed without those trait which include :






    These are key to great success. Thank you for this great post


    1. Hi John

      Thanks for sharing your past with us and I’m happy you stuck it out and become a part of the WA family. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      Much Success


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