There are thousands and thousands of business startups every day whether they are online or brick & mortar. According to Small Business Trends 69% of all U.S. entrepreneurs start their businesses at home. 73% of them will be male while 14% will be female. So, if you tell me I want to start my own business in, okay why, will be my question? And 9 out of 10 can’t give you a good enough reason.

There must be a big enough ‘’Why” for you wanting to be in business, because if you don’t have one at the first bump in the road you will quit. And if you say (which most people do) to make money, you will be the first to quit when something goes wrong. Your “Why” has to be stronger than making money. You can make money doing anything, even standing on the corner begging. How you want to make your money is what’s important.

Statics state that the top 4 reasons why people want to start their own businesses are (1) 26% say because they are ready to be their own boss, (2) 23% say they want to pursue their passion, (3) 19% say the opportunity presented itself and (4) 12% say they are dissatisfied with corporate America. Though good reasons to start your “Why” still has to be bigger.

I Want To Start My Own Business In - Okay Why?

List Your Top 5 Reasons For Wanting To Be An Entrepreneur

Can you list your top 5 reasons why you want to be an entrepreneur? The person that can list their top 5 reasons why they want to be in business is the person that will most likely stay in business. In the comment section below leave your top 5 reasons.

In like manner because I’m asking you to tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine:

  1. Help my Church further the Gospel

  2. Help people & impact lives

  3. Give my family a great lifestyle

  4. Able to travel

  5. Save for retirement

How Do I Become An Entreprenuer With No Money

Your reasons whatever they are should be the driving force of why you will stand in the midst of the storm. Why a setback won’t make you get-back. Until those reasons are fulfilled and beyond.

Your ideal life

3 Steps To Deciding On Your Ideal Life

  • The 1st step is to workout what you don’t want in life. Maybe you don’t want a 9 to 5 job. You may be tired of struggling to pay bills. You may not want to have a mortgage payment. What about not being able to do for your family.
  • The 2nd step is to decide on the things you do want in life. Like having enough cash on hand to take a dream vacation when you want to. Or to be able to buy your family anything they need. Maybe to be able to help anyone in need with no strain on your pocket.
  • The 3rd step is to define what an ideal day would look like in your life. Like being able to get up when you want to. Eat breakfast with the family or go out to eat a good hearty breakfast and invite someone. Volunteer or visit the shut in. Catch a plane for a speaking engagement. Pick the kids up from school. Spend quality time with the family. Or hangout at the beach. Whatever it is you should decide what your ideal day would be.

“If you don’t have the will and desire to figure out what you want and write it down, what makes you think you’ll have the will and desire to go after it.” – Rich Schefren

There is a lot of truth in those words. Though money is not my biggest reason for being in business it still is a reason why I’m in business. I don’t think anyone starts a business to lose money. Do you know how much money you want to make and why? What if money was no object, what would you do?

How to develop your Why

How to Develop Your “WHY” To Be In Business

To develop your “Why” shouldn’t be hard or complicated. Most have a skill set that they don’t even recognize, because it’s so natural to them they don’t even think of it from a business perspective. These are usually the people who think they don’t have anything to offer.

They’re so focused on what other people are doing and start thinking to themselves, ‘’I could never to that.” And that my very well be true. But is that your niche? Your business should be developed around your niche. There are 3 questions you can ask to help you find your “Why” in business and help you find the niche that is right for you.

  1. What are you good at?

  2. Ask family & friends what they think your strengths are?

  3. What do people typically ask you to help with?

How To Find The Right Niche For A Startup – Start Here

You can also ask yourself what do you enjoy doing that you would continue to do whether you got paid for it or not. Whatever your startup business is you definitely should enjoy doing it. That is why making money should be the least factor of “Why” you go into business.

What does it take to build a business

What Does It Really Take To Build A Business?

In order to build a business, I believe you have to have a big enough “Why” to begin with, but I also believe you need to be determined, focused, knowledgeable, have goals, etc. You have to look at your business in the long-term and not the short-term. Most will focus too much on the short-term and when their business is not living up to their expectations, they believe it’s a failure.

Whenever you are building anything of great value it will take time. That’s why I’m so against the get-rich-quick-scammers. They have poisoned the minds and hurt a lot of people with the make large sums of money overnight. Sorry it doesn’t work that way.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” – Bill Gates

Building a business that will last and that you will be proud of will take time. There is no getting around that. Most don’t want to put in the work, but you have too. Get rid of the fast-food mentality, got to have it now. Ask yourself, what will you be doing for the next 10 years?

Would you rather be working toward something that could ultimately become a legacy that you could leave your family? Or would you rather just continue to be stuck in traffic going to a 9 to 5 job you don’t like anyway?

For the most part great entrepreneurs have these fundamental traits:

  • The business is a top 3 priority in their life (for many it’s #1). Balance in life rarely grows big businesses. Entrepreneurs that get extreme results put extreme focus on their business.
  • They know their market intimately well. How well do you know your market? You need to know the type of person you are trying to market too.
  • Their ability to craft irresistible and unique offers that stand out in a crowded marketplace. Two people may be selling the same product, but whomever has the better presentation will get the customer.
  • They have an obsession over the numbers. Where performance is measured performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported, performance improves dramatically.

“What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

  • A willingness to take short-term losses while proving their idea. The economics of a business are much easier to fix than most realize.

In conclusion if you say I want to start my own business in, okay why, what is your reason? And your “Why” has to be bigger than just wanting to make money. Forget about that and just help people and the money will take care of itself.

Know what you want out of your business. Know what it takes to build a business. Keep your eyes on the prize don’t give up at the first set-back or second. Building something of value takes time.

You have the ability within you to build something great! Find your “Why” and go after it. Success can be yours if you let it.


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48 Replies to “I Want To Start My Own Business In – Okay Why?”

  1. The main reason I want to have my own business is so that I can always live life on my own schedule. For example I won’t have to stress about going somewhere by a certain time to clock in because I can take my time getting to my income-generating activities when it suits me best.

    I like to take it slow in the morning and then do a nice long exercise session and kind of sprinkle in my income-generating activities throughout the day in a comfortable way. So I guess that’s called time prosperity.

    I also think that with starting my own business I would have a higher maximum earning potential then if I worked for someone else. That is important to me because I want to be able to give my parents a good lifestyle when they get older and have an awesome home gym and just always have the money that I need for things instead of having any scarcity.

    I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to tell other people what to do and I don’t like to be told what to do either. But I’m at my best when I am able to do things at my own pace and when no one else is pressuring me to do anything. So for me to be self-employed would be the best option. I even had a friend call themselves psychologically unemployable LOL and that phrase always stuck with me because I just don’t think I am able to be someone else’s employee.

    One day if I ever have children I want to have enough time freedom and Financial Freedom in order to be available to them. I don’t want to be an absent parent because I barely have enough money or time. I want to be there for my children and not neglect them. So to do that I need to have a lot of income streams and good Investments.

    Thank you for your article. It got me to think about a lot of important things. Right now I am starting my own business with wealthy affiliate.

    1. Hi Charles 

      Thanks for sharing your reasons for being in business with us. You have great reasons and I know you will go far with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Much Success


  2. I know why I start my online business. I think of my site as a real estate that I can eventually earn my passive income. Right now it might not generate a lot of money for me but with persistence and process that I follow, eventually my site can make me money. Hopefully I can leave my full time job from it. I know that it will take time but I am willing to do the hard work and slowly build it. You are absolutely right, no one wants to be in business if you lose money. Interesting take on why I start my site. Thanks for critical thinking. I might have to start look at my strategy differently.

  3. Hi, your post is very unique and helpful, according to your post what made me to want to own my own business is 

    1. I have a boss that bully’s this made have change of mind to look for alternative work

    2. To help the orphan because their is blessing in it.

    3. To able to decide when yo work and when I don’t feel like

    4. To be able to have money to invest in other businesses

    5. To able to create wealth

    these are.the points that made venture to wealthy affiliate to buid my business. And am.grateful for your post for giving me the opportunity to know how to start my business okay, friends also to benefit from your post I will be sharing your post so that they can benefit from it.

    1. Hi AmDetermined

      Thanks for commenting and sharing top 5 reasons for being in buiness. Also thanks for sharing my post with your friends.

      Much Success


  4. This blog I Want to Start My Own Business In_ Okay Why? is an eyeopener, a lot of those who started including me started with a sudden surge of enthusiasm and inspiration. But in my experience without a detailed reason, the Why, it would be in a very unstable condition which could lead to losing the inspiration and the business. The why’s I realized must be bigger than the momentary emotion. it must be compelling that it becomes permanently emotional and inspiring. As the article suggested, we must know what we do not want in our life, what we want in our lives and what we want to change in lour life. Search our hearts on our big why. It must be bigger than our doubts, fear or worries. We must have also the niche and the business that we are truly passionate about and not just to earn money but something we want to sell with value coming from our passion. Even in online business, we must carry on with integrity where we only sell or make a business to what we believe in 100%. We cannot be truly successful in selling if we do not believe in our own product. Thank you for the guidelines and information that are specifics. They highlight even more the importance of Why in the business. Great job. 

  5. Hi Eric!

    Great post! Very inspiring and motivating. You really taught me how to see entrepreneuring with other eyes. I have thought about some day about starting my own business, but most times I just discard the idea because I think I don’t have enough money to start it. But your words really changed what I thought and I will be considering all the things you wrote about.

    I don’t have yet my TOP 5 reasons why I want to be an entrepreneur but I only have two: helping my family, giving them a better life style, and travelling. 

    The quotes are also a big source of inspiration, specially Rich Schefren’s. Sometimes I expect to see the results in a short period of time, but it takes more than that to grow a business and I will try to work on that and set future goals for myself. 

    I hope a lot of people just like me got inspired after reading your post. I will definitely re-read it anytime I need inspiration to keep going on and achieve my goals.



    1. Hi Mariana

      I’m happy to hear that my post inspired you. Thanks for sharing the two reasons you do have and more will come. Yes building a business takes time and I know you can build a great one. 

      Much Success


  6. Having been in the brick and mortar as well as online world, I agree that it is of utmost importance to know “why” you are starting a business.  Without that you are setting yourself up for failure for a number of reasons.

    You might not only quit when things get tough, but when you choose a business not suited for you, it is extremely difficult to keep motivated.  That’s why doing it just for the money won’t work. You sacrifice your peace of mind and happiness just for the bucks.

    Defining your ideal day certainly makes sense, as it will be comprised of the things which you really prefer to do.  This is such an important factor.  Spend the time upfront designing your business and then things will more easily fall into place.

    You’ve given  some great suggestions on how to determine one’s “why”. This is very helpful information.  When peope take this to heart they will most definitely maximize their efforts and results. 

  7. Great and excellent article on starting own business, to become an entrepreneur, is basically to help others and solve the problem to make an impact in life, you have taught many things really, building an online business takes time and requires hard work, consistency, and dedication. The decision is also vital in starting the business to succeed. Thank you for this write-up.

  8. Thank you for your post. I agree with you that it is important to have a clear understand of why I want to be in business. There are full of bumps in the business world. With strong why I will not quit when something goes wrong.

    In the corporate world, there is limited freedom to pursue my dream work. I started my own business, I decide whatever the direction I want to go. I make the decision, I take the responsibility, and I try my best to fulfill my dreams. 

    Of course, it is not easy to be successful in the business, but I at least try my best. In the business process, there is always opportunities ahead of prepared mind.

    It is kind of you sharing so many business tips with us.

  9. There are quite a lot of helpful tips in this article. I think that one of the most helpful tips I read here is that it is a good idea to think about what you would enjoy doing long term whether you got paid for it or not. That to me is key. In the beginning of starting an online business you will not make any money. It takes time. So if you are only in it for the money you will not be able to get past that long dry spell and will give up. I appreciate this article because of the tips like this and the whole idea of having the right mindset before getting started as your mindset is what is going to ultimately determine how long you will stay in the game come what may.

  10. Hi Eric,

    You have made a very important observation about most people wanting to start their own business, but their “WHY” is not strong enough to withstand the tough times.

    It is so important that you mentioned, starting a business without having good reasons will not ground you to want to pursue your dreams. 

    You have very strong principles in setting a foundation with starting and growing a successful business; and the “ask yourself questions” are very profound.

    I believe writing your goals down and reading them everyday is important. Also, setting a time frame, whether it be short, medium or long term is important as this will help you to see the bigger picture.  Thank you for such ans insightful article.

  11. Hello Eric, you have here a really good post. I see you given attributes of people who are good entrepreneurs. I couldn’t agree with you less. Anyone who wants to start up a business shouldn’t make money the benchmark for the business, it’s not helpful but at the end, we all want to make profit and so this is my own reasons for starting up a business.

    For me

    i want to start my business because I’m tired of being bosses around

    because I wish to work at my own pleasure time

    because I want to be able to help people by providing good products

    because I want to give back to society

    Because I want to create wealth

    1. Hi Henderson

      I appreciate you commenting and sharing your reasons WHY you are in business with us. 

      All the best


  12. My reasons would be:
    1. I love to write and to be creative. I have to have an avenue to express things I’m thinking about, and put ideas together.
    2. I need to be home, to help my kids.
    3. We need extra income.
    4. I like to help people, giving advice and encouragement.
    5. I want to be able to teach others to do what I’m doing (working from home).

    1. Hi Danette

      Thank you for sharing great reasons WHY you are in business. I appreciate that.

      Much Success


  13. Hi Eric,

    I love your website. Its so clean and fresh and with such valuable content. The article on affiliate market is a very good one with important points.  Affiliate marketing seems to be taking over the world and a very good avenue form those wanting a passive income or even those whom don’t have any income at all.

    1. Hi Doricia

      I appreciate you comment about my site and the value it contains. Thank you for sharing.

      Much Success


  14. Hello Eric, interesting article you have written up here and I must say that it got me to serious thinking. Though I do not have my top 5 reasons why I want to start a business but my reasons are that, I just want to live comfortably and wealthy, and I also want to help my family too. Though, I know that my reasons are not enough and that’s been the reason I haven’t been making exploit at full force but seriously, I would have a rethink and draft out my plans for the coming years today. Thanks 

  15. This is a very motivating and inspiring explanation of needing to identify what your why is. I like that you list needing to identify what you don’t want are as well as what you do want. I think it’s also a good question for people to ask, what do people ask you about, as a way to recognise what one is good at if you don’t realise it. It can be hard to identify what your niche  might be if you’re so used to being you without questioning it or recognising it as something others actually admire or don’t know much about.   Thanks for sharing a valuable post and getting my brain thinking about my why! Appreciated :).

  16. Hey,
    Thanks for writing this article especially including good data on who, where and why people do business!
    I agree that WHY should be big enough when starting, as well as when managing a business. I attest that if you have a WHY bigger than you, then that WHY will keep you going especially when things are tough.
    I love how you list your  5 Reasons for Wanting to Be an Entrepreneur and asks us if we could list ours. I only have 2, to be honest. Maybe I’ll think of the other three today.  
    My number one reason is the same as yours. I started an online business in hopes that it will allow me to quit my secular job so I can do full-time ministry.
    My second reason is to add value to those who will read my articles about Personal Finance and Home Based Business. I think a lot of people miss doing their purpose in life because they are busy working hard just to get by.  
    Overall, I like the value that you have given to your readers. Great Job.

    Just one question. Can you recommend any platform that may help others jumpstart with their desire to start a business? I noticed Wealthy Affiliate banners. What are those?
    John Greg

    1. Hi John

      Thank you sharing the two reasons you do have WHY you are in business. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone thinking of starting a business. You can try out the platform free, there is training on how to build a business and find the right business niche for you and tons of support and help along the way. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start for the beginner and also those who havn’t had any success online yet WA will show you why and how to fix it. 

      All the best


  17. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for giving me a chance to say why I wanted to start online businesse. There are a few reasons for what I’m interested to create online business.
    1. I’m not interested to work 9 to 5. It’s very boring for me.
    2. I want to lead a free life and I will be the boss of my own.
    3. I want to create workplace for others specially for unemployed person.
    4. And wanted to be a successful businessesman and get solvency.
    Thanks for sharing this kind of post.

    1. Hi Snigdha

      Thank you for sharing your reasons for being in business. I appreciate that.

      All the best


  18. Hi, Eric. Great post. As I read through your article, I asked myself the why I’m in it question and did some cross checking with myself. I enjoy doing my own site even when I’m not earning much from it yet. Passion does help me get through it without giving up. Your article has motivated me to keep doing what I love. Thanks again!

  19. Excellent point! Thanks so much for saying this out loud (so to speak)! 

    I talk to people daily about their plans for business start up and all too often I hear the #1 reason being to make more money. That’s great, but you’re right, no one goes into business to lose money – to be successful when the going gets tough, there has to be a reason bigger than just money or at some point (more than likely sooner rather than later) they’ll quit.

    I appreciate you sharing your reasons for starting a business. My personal reasons are: to spend more quality time with my family, to have the ability take care of my family without struggling, to help others, to be financially stable and able to travel at will. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Shan

      I appreciate your comment. Thank you for sharing your reasons Why you are in business. I know that you are the type of person that will do well. 

      Much Success


  20. It is of a truth that businesses kept on springing up every day and most are without a judicious reason and that constitute to the reason mist of these business kept on failing every time. Getting started with any business requires strong why’s which will help fuel the desire to keep on going when the tough times arise. Money is not necessary a benchmark but it is of significance as a motivation too but my central reasons are:

    to become my own boss. 

    to grow myself more and more everyday as I dedicate more time to my business.

    To take up the challenge of building wealth by myself.

    to live a on my own terms.

    roland Darrick

  21. A very interesting take on the reasons for starting your own business. Everybody will have different reasons but I do agree 100% with you that money is the worst reason you can have.

    It does take a tuned mind to build that first business plan and to be able to plan accurate goals. 

    Many first-timers take money as their why and consequently fail miserably.

    You have managed to place things where they follow-on naturally from each other, but until you have a really strong why you are destined to failure.


  22. Knowing and always be reminded by your WHY puts you in a position wherein you are obliged to give your best in your own business. We’re humans, and we sometimes forget or err, but with the help of reminders especially of a “dream board” wherein you are reminded by your WHY (why are you doing that business), we become guided to the path of achieving our goals or dreams. And you’re right, that money should not be your primary reason for starting a business but it must be higher than that. 

    Thanks for this article. It has empowered me a lot.

  23. This web page is very informative and there is number to support the theory.

    The layout is great and it is easy to read.

    I am indeed motivated by the content and like the images that goes with it.

    The objective is to get people to start an online business and there is enough information and content to “push” someone to hop onboard

    Great job! and wish you success.

  24. Why do I want to start my own business? That has been on my mind forever. Part of the main reasoning today might be because I have to! With changing demographics and migrations of people from rural areas to urban areas, or from “have-not” areas to “have areas”, opportunities to be employed with a traditional company where you reside may not be available. 

    Geography may play a big role. Do you like where you live? Are there jobs available for the average person? If not, and you want to stay put, this starts your “Why?” list. “Money” may come in second. I like where I live, but I need to make money to survive. These can be some of the strongest motivating factors to starting your own business, especially if there’s family involved. 

    The ability to maintain a reasonable lifestyle in a rural area is now starting to return in many areas of the world with the availability of broadband internet into rural communities. This alone can be a strong motivating factor to do what it takes to survive. 

    My top motivating factor? I love doing art. Who pays you to do that? Good question! Now I can set up a means to sell what I create in increasingly larger markets in both a physical and virtual community that supports me. Feedback on what you are creating is virtually instantaneous. 

    This may be the best time ever to work for yourself! Are you willing to put in the effort? 

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