Every website wants to be on the 1st page of the Google search engine. They know that being on the 1st page means a better chance at getting customers and conversions. Being on the 1st page should be priority #1.

Today I’m going to give you Jaaxy a keyword search tool review. The powerhouse of keyword search tools.

Jaaxy A Keyword Research Tool Review

Incidentally if you are not using a keyword search tool to optimize your websites, blog content, video content, etc. You will never be on the 1st page of any search engine. Everything you’re doing is in vain if you’re trying to be seen.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be at the forefront of your mind every time you do anything concerning your website. Why is SEO so important for your business? Here’s why:

  • Increased Engagement
  • Effects The Buying Cycle
  • Trust & Credibility
  • Organic Search
  • Better ROI
  • Traffic

Just to name a few. So, having a reliable and trustworthy keyword search tool cannot be stressed enough.

Jaaxy A Keyword Research Tool ReviewWhat Is Jaaxy?

What Is Jaaxy?

The only keyword search tool made by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. That means that you can rest assured that the best design and craftsmanship went into this keyword search tool to make you get the best results to rank in the search engines.

The use of a good keyword tool will make the difference between getting organic traffic to your website and getting none. When you know what your target audience is searching for that puts you in the best position of getting the sale.

You can only know the relevant words your target audience is searching for but by using a keyword research tool.

What Keywords Does My Site Rank For?

What Keywords Does My Site Rank For?

It’s important to realize that the majority of keyword tools can’t tell you which keywords your site is ranking. But Jaxxy can!

Before Jaaxy came along it was almost impossible to tell where you ranked in the search engines. But now due to Jaxxy’s SiteRank feature a whole world was opened up to the website owner.

You can now track the rankings of your website. With SiteRank you can set the frequency to see how you rank with your keywords whether daily, twice a week, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You have the ability to choose.

Also, you can even track your competition. To see how you rank compared to your competitors. Understanding your competition is the only way you are going to be able to beat them.

How To Research A Niche Market Online

How To Research A Niche Market Online

Before you choose a niche, you should know something about it other than, “I think I might be able to make some money here.” Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before choosing a niche.

  • Do you know who your target audience is?
  • Do you know the size of your market?
  • Do you know what influences their purchase decisions?
  • Do you know what they are spending their money on?
  • Do you know how big your market will be in 5 years or 10 years?
  • Do you know the areas in your market that are likely to experience growth?
  • Do you know what products are being launch in your market and how are they are being perceived?
  • Do you know the breakdown of iGen, Millennials, to Baby Boomers and beyond?
  • Do you know what drives their buying habits?
  • Do you know the relevant keywords that your market is using?
  • Do you know what your competition is doing?

Know of any others please put them in the comment section below? When you know the answers to some of these questions if not most of them you will be stronger in your market.

Moreover, with Jaaxy’s automated Alphabet Soup Platform and Brainstorming Platform being able to pick out trends will put you on the right path to the answer to your questions.

How To Create A Good Domain Name

How To Create A Good Domain Name

How do you go about getting a good domain name for your site? Personally, when I’m choosing a domain name whatever it is, I want it to be catchy, match my niche and my website address (URL) to end in .com. Anything other than .com and it’s like you’re second best.

Though Google doesn’t have a limit on the number of characters in your URL it wouldn’t be smart to make it really long. You probably shouldn’t go over three words; some say even two words is better.

Of course, if it’s catchy and easy to remember you might can get away with four or maybe five, but I wouldn’t push it. Shorter is better. Your website domain name should be easy to type and spell. Avoid putting special characters in your website address if you can.

How To Create A Good Domain Name

With the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool you have the advantage of finding available domain names very quickly, buying them and storing them on the spot.

The early bird gets the worm. You can have a great idea for a website name and think it’s all unique, but if you don’t buy right away you can come back later and it’s gone. I’ve had it happen before to me, has anybody else ever have that happen to them?

Your domain name will be your prime piece of real estate on the web so choose wisely.

Jaaxy’s Affiliate Program

Equally Jaaxy has what most keywords tools don’t have an affiliate program. The affiliate is paid through the Pro and Enterprise programs.

No one can ever tell you exactly what you would make as an affiliate of Jaaxy, but estimates can be calculated as seen below on the graphic.

Jaaxy’s Affiliate Program

With you bringing in 5 people a day, 2% upgraded and keep it 12 months your estimated income would be $4,680 a month. That would be over $56,000 that year not bad for part-time income.

And these kinds of numbers which are on the low end, will still not be made overnight it will take time. Also understand that the customer belongs to the merchant so it makes it difficult to market for re-sales.

Plus, when it’s a good program like Jaaxy is you will have competition, because many others will be promoting it. Just some things to remember when it comes to affiliate programs.

Summing up if you haven’t tried Jaxxy give it a try, because it was made for affiliate marketers. You will be truly surprised at the remarkable results you will get from the freebie version.

You can also get an upgraded Elite version of Jaaxy for free if you become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. You can check out my review, The Wealthy Affiliate Review Is In to get all the details on WA.

In the end when it comes to finding domain names, niches, keywords, site rank, etc. Jaaxy cannot be beat.



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30 Replies to “Jaaxy A Keyword Research Tool Review – The Powerhouse Of Keyword Research Tools”

  1. Any affiliate marketer that is serious about optimizing their contents and engaging in SEO marketing should give Jaaxy a try. I still cannot believe how much Jaaxy has helped me within 6months. The platform is truly powerful. From the keyword research to getting site content ideas to peeping into competitors secrets and so much more. It is the best I have ever cone across and I would gladly recommend it to anyone. The information filled up here cinxetning JAAXY are spot on and correct. Great article and it feels nice reading more and knowing more concerning Jaaxy.

    1. Hi Ronald

      It’s great hearing you’re using Jaaxy and having such awesome results. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  2. I have tried and I am currently using the jaxxy programme. Its awesomeness cannot be overemphasised. To help know what to write on, get good content that can rank, search engine optimisation, I believe jaxxy is the best but one thing I didn’t know and I could learn here is about its affiliate programme. Wow, one can really make that much in a month just by promoting jaxxy. That is really cool if I’m asked. I believe I should give it a go and see how well I can make some money from it. Since i deal full time now, I’ll be expecting to make more than those figures. Thank you.

    1. Hi Henderson

      It’s good to here that you are using Jaaxy and getting good results. As far as being an affiliate I believe you can out do those numbers, but just don’t expect it to happen over night. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  3. I feel this post is a direct provision to my personal need and an answer to my questions. This is a really great review with easily structured language designed to be easily understood by the reader. There have been great problems in trying to b on the first page of Google when a search is been made but with this tool, the work would seem easier and better than before. In really graetful for this value adding review. 

  4. Well I must commend your choice of words in this post and the strong words of conviction you’ve used to explain the importance of Jaaxy cannot be matched. I would love to know where my site is ranked and know what is required of me to do to get a batter position. If Jaaxy can do this then I’ll urge everyone to give it a try. A really nice post.

    1. Hi Dane 

      I’m glad you likes the post. Yes having an excellent keyword research tool like Jaaxy is a must for any serious affiliate marketer. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  5. As an affiliate marketer, I wouldn’t even know where to begin if it weren’t for Jaaxy.  I had thought that I had some pretty good keywords until researching them there just to find out the competition would have killed me.  Why bother writing a blog that nobody will see because there are already hundreds out there all competing for the same keyword?  Jaaxy has also proven to be invaluable in providing me with ideas for keywords and, in some cases, actual blogs because of the variations it comes up with.  I would highly recommend this to anybody who want to be ranked highly in the search engines and have their content seen.  I mean, how often do you EVER go to the 8th page of a search engine in your search?  NEVER!

    1. Hi Feochadan

      Than you for such an insightful comment. And you’re right I’ve never to the 8th page. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  6. Thanks for bringing the Jaaxy keyword search tool to the attention of bloggers and web marketers. What are the differences between the free and the paid versions? Is the free version just a trial or is it an ongoing thing that you can continue to use (with limited features)? It is definitely good to know what search terms are popular so I can see the benefit of having a robust keyword search tool!

  7. Thank you Eric for this fantastic information. Sounds like Jaaxy is indeed a fantastic tool to have. I’m fairly new to affiliate marketing and am still learning about Keywords. This Jaaxy tool could make my life a lot easier. I particularly liked the part where you state you can research any potential niche online. What a bonus to be able to check out a niche before starting as well as being able to check out domain names with the possibility of stock piling them. I hadn’t thought about buying domains and sitting on them before, That’s something I will definitely start doing. I am also interested in becoming a Jaaxy affiliate , it sounds like it could provide a lucrative income. Thanks Jim

  8. Having gotten the Lite version of Jaaxy with my premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate, I can tell you that this review definitely hit all the places on why you need Jaaxy. Because of Jaaxy, I have many blog posts ranking very high on all the search engines and I’ve been getting consistent traffic because of it. I am wondering, however, if it’s worth it for me to upgrade to pro or enterprise any time soon. Do you have any experience with the pro and enterprise versions?

    1. Hi Kevin 

      Glad you enjoyed my post. Right now I’m using the Lite version too. I’m having so much success with it right now, but I know eventually down the road I will upgrade. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  9. I agree with you that Jaaxy is an awesome tool to have in any website owners arsenal. 

    I enjoyed reading your niche checklist. Any marketer should follow these points when deciding on the niche they are going to market.  I can’t think of anything you have left out here. 

    The best part about using Jaaxy is the speed at which it generates great keywords with low competition. Finally my site is getting those elusive rankings. 

    1. Hi Michel

      It’s great to hear that you are having such great success with Jaaxy. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  10. Hey Eric, 

    Good review of the Jaaxy keyword tool, I’ve used it previously and found that the features are excellent. There is another too, I’ve used called longtail keyword which is also very good! In my experience these two are the best keyword research tools on the market, where I’ve found Jaaxy separates itself is with the free version and the ease with which you can scale, Longtail keyword while having similar features seems to be for enterprise only.

  11. You have made several excellent points on the importance of search engine optimization.  A good keyword research tool is certainly important as well.

    I have been using Jaaxy for quite some time now and have experienced its advantages first hand.  Compared to other similar tools I have used previously, Jaaxy simplifies the process and includes features such as SiteRank which are invaluable.  

    I appreciate the questions about choosing a niche which you have included in this article.  No matter the level of one’s experience, this info is very helpful.  

    The affiliate program within Jaaxy just makes this all the more appealing.  Thanks for this review as I appreciate it.

  12. When I first started blogging, I kept being told to not worry about keywords and SEO. Just write and your readers will come in time. Well, time’s passed and now I realise that no one will be reading those posts because nobody can flippin’ find them. 

    I didn’t know what keyword was, much less what keyword research was. I didn’t realise that I had to use them when I was writing if I wanted to actually be seen. Now, I’m spending ages redoing my old posts (I have about 20 that are over 2k words). I’m spending so much time redoing the old when I could be writing about new and more relevant stuff. 

    I really wish I’d come across Jaaxy in the early days – would’ve saved so much time.

  13. Wow, you ‘ve just given me a massive ‘wake-up’ call. I have been blindly going along without using Jaxxy to it’s full extent, by a long way. I knew it was jam packed full of features but as yet I haven’t taken full advantage of them. I think I have had tunnel vision and only concentrated on ‘keywords’ and using the ‘Alphabet Soup’ You have opened my eyes to so much more being available. Not only that, your list of questions we should be asking ourselves is insightful, to say the least. I have not considered half of them at best. It’s time I took Jaxxy more seriously than I have been and give myself a fighting chance of getting to that number one slot. 

  14. Thanks for this helpful article.This is what I was looking for. I heard a lot about Jaaxy Keyword research tool, but I didn’t completely know its features and membership option at all. Today I came across this post and glad to read about this fantastic tool.
    I like more about its function of alphabet soup and its website ranking results.Knowing own competitors is really important and it is obvious that we should be kept our eyes on this crucial aspect all the time. When I look at the comparison of Jaaxy and compare it whit any other keyword tools,Now I am convinced that Jaxxy is the best keyword research tool in the market.
    Thank you for this insightful post

  15. Awesome review on Jaaxy! Having a really good keyword tool is such an important part of the affiliate marketing business.  I love how user-friendly it is. I haven’t used it for a little while as I’ve been using other free options but I do like the rankings section that you’re talking about with tracking your rankings…that’s very key!  I didn’t know you could make so much revenue from promoting it either.  I guess it’s time for me to upgrade to pro 🙂

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