You are excited about your new business venture. So, it’s only natural that you will want to tell people about it. But then you run across that one person who tells you, “Aww you said that before what happened to that other business you were in.”

Right here is where a lot of people get crushed with self-doubt. People may doubt you but never doubt yourself. Understand that success is a process.

There is an old saying that goes like this, “The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.” You have to put int the work before you can ever get to success. And rest assured there are going to be some failures along the way before success comes.

Therefore, what people say or what has ever happened in the past is irrelevant. That is the PAST and this is NOW. Other people can get confused between the two, just you don’t get confused.

People May Doubt You But Never Doubt Yourself

This Will Kill Your Dreams

Because self-doubt is a dream killer! To many people let self-doubt creep in after something has failed. Maybe you did a campaign and you didn’t get the conversions you hoped.

You may start to wonder is this really for you. As an affiliate marketer when it comes to marketing you must test and retest, A/B test or whatever test time and time again.

Also understand that there is a learning curve with everything you do. You understood that when you got your first job. You understood that when you first got married or raising your first child.

Yet for the life of me I can’t understand why you think building a successful business should just happen overnight. You should be able to make a million dollars in a day or two. It just doesn’t work that way.

Don’t Get Comfortable In Your Routine

Having a routine is good, but when you’ve been doing something for a while complacency can set in. You get comfortable with the way things are. You no longer push yourself.

The affiliate marketer should always be in a state of uncomfortableness. You should never be in a place where you are satisfied. When you become satisfied progress stops.

You should always be stepping outside of your comfort zone. That is where the winning is. That’s where you will find success.

Say to yourself every day am I getting to comfortable. Make a plan to do something different. Maybe it could be getting up an hour earlier. Or approaching a stranger and striking up a conversation with them.

Whatever it is if you get in the habit of doing something different or trying new things at the end of a year you will be surprised at your growth.

This Is Where We Fight This Is Where They Die!

This Is Where We Fight This Is Where They Die!

The above statement is a line out of the movie 300 where King Leonidas tells that to his men before they fight Xerxes’s army. That is what you have to say when the enemies try to rise that would take you off your game plan.

Enemies that could stop you cold like:

  • Doubt
  • Fear
  • Listlessness
  • Procrastination
  • Insecurity
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Unsure
  • Lackadaisical
  • Skeptical
  • Untrusting
  • Unbelief
  • Laziness

You have to fight! If you’re not where you want to be you need to be hustling. Your anthem should be, “I will not stop!” “I will fight and fight until I conquer!”

There is nothing you can’t achieve. The clock is ticking are you becoming the person you want to be it’s now or never. Force your brain to operate on a level you’re not use too.

Challenge Yourself to Go Beyond The Norm

Challenge Yourself to Go Beyond The Norm

All the talk you hear where people doubt you that should drive you. Prove them wrong! Who are they to say what you can and cannot do?

What you are capable of you have yet to scratch the surface. You have no idea until you start trying hard. But you will not find toughness in a comfortable environment.

For you will have disappointments that is life. You will fail. But fail your way to greatness. Ingrain the hard times in your soul to keep you motivated.

The media loves to hail someone as an overnight success. And they leave out the 5, 10, 20 years of blood, sweat and tears. Yes, it looks easy now, because they’ve been through the fire.

Preparation is where character is made. Most people will not take the dangerous path they will only take the safe path. Most people don’t know what it’s like to really go for something.

Remind The World Just Who You Are

Remind The World Just Who You Are

You were born with a purpose. Go for what is yours in the universe and let no one or no thing stop you. Just decide. Like most people you will not live in mediocrity.

Time to focus. Time to take it to another level. You must give it all you’ve got. Give more and you get more. You cannot be denied. You will not lose.

Discipline is essential for success. The only thing that matters is action work on yourself. Because some people will want you to fail. Because if you succeed then they have no excuse.

You must be willing to do whatever it takes. Be the director of your life. You set the scene. Through all the ups and down, disappointments and failures you still win.

Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. What are you going to do with what you have? You are either gaining ground or you are losing ground.

You get one shot at this gig called life, don’t waste it. Take control! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Envision a greater future. Own your life.

The place in life where you find yourself now does not define you. Don’t let your past shackle your future. To become great, you must think great thoughts.

Don’t Get Comfortable In Your Routine

Thoughts are power, power becomes action, action becomes results and results become success. Do something bold.

In summing up, your life will be what YOU make it. If you take other people’s negativity to heart you will lose. But if you use it as fuel to drive you forward you will win.

Check your enemies and fight the good fight. You have no idea of what you are truly capable of until you really try. Live a life of purpose.

Don’t get comfortable live for uneasy there is growth in that. Don’t be afraid change something or try something new.

Get focused and take it to another level. Hustle! Don’t be like everyone else set yourself apart. Embrace the things that make you unique.

People may doubt you but never doubt yourself. Losers don’t have haters only winners do.



This is your day. This is your time. This is your moment. Dream – Believe – Be Bold – Never Give Up



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32 Replies to “People May Doubt You But Never Doubt Yourself”

  1. Hello There just wanted to say first off I love your site looks super clean very organized I will be taking some notes from you my friend I’m sorry to say I don’t see any thing bad about your sight its super good keep up the good work , I would love some tips and pointers from you.

  2. Your headline caught my attention and what you talk about in the opening paragraphs got me hooked. It really is true that success is a process. Success does not come overnight as many people may expect. 

    I also like your point on not to get too comfortable in your routine. I strongly believe that stepping out of our comfort will push us to do better. Awesome read and I look forward to many more like this.

    1. Hi Dustin

      I’m glad to see you got something out of the post. I appreciate your comment. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  3. I agree self-doubt is a killer. And overnight successes do not happen overnight, I strongly agree, it takes time and work and effort, and persistence.I like what you said about an affiliate marketer always being in a state of uncomfortableness, it makes sense. Never get too comfortable. Always keep on learning and growing. 

    The safe path seems safe and easy, but it is boring and lifeless, and it leads to no purpose, that is what I think. While the unsafe path throws more obstacles and tornadoes at you and it isn’t always easy to take them, it is a road that will lead you somewhere, for some it takes longer than others..

    Own your life, find your purpose, very true!

    Beautiful post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Eric – Great encouraging words!  We could all use some motivation from time to time.  It is really important to maintain a positive attitude.  Sometimes it’s the only thing that can keep us moving.  I read your about you page, did you stick with Kirby vacuum cleaners or did you move to other things?  I’m sure you have lots of stories to tell!  I’ve done insurance and cars…I have a few myself.  I hope to visit with you again!

    1. Hi Nathaniel

      I appreciate your comment. The Kirby distributor I was with his business went under so I moved on. But I went out on top. Top Dealer & Top Distributor for the year. Also won a trip to Puerto Rico. I’ve aslo sold insurance myself, but never cars. Being a commision salesman is a tough life you don’t sell you don’t eat so you learn to sell very quickly. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  5. I agree 100%! Just in my first month doing this website I’ve had people trying to tell me it wouldn’t work, why bother, etc. And I really like that quote, the only place success comes before work is the dictionary. So true! Very good post, very motivational. Thank you for sharing! 

    1. Hi Travis

      Your welcome. I’m glad you’re not listening to the naysayers, because it will work if you work. Thank you for commenting.

      Much Success


  6. What a great motivational article! I totally agree about the self-doubt. Don’t give up even when things don’t go as planned. I am just getting started in affiliate marketing and I can tell you this is not a get rich quick thing. 

    I love the video. I really feel good after reading your article. I hope you continue to post more because we all can use some hope and motivation. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Bonnie

      You’re welcome. I try. Affiliate marketing as is life there will be ups and downs. It’s easy to be up when things are going well. But when things are down that’s when you need to dig deep and stay motivated. 

      I write these kinds of posts to motivate the affiliate marketer in the tough times. Just get over the hump because if you don’t give up success is just around the corner.  I appreciate your comment.

      All the best


  7. Nice article, yes the power of being optimistic and positive is definitely important when it comes to getting past those difficult times, ultimately making you a force to move into your greatness. Great video as well, finding a way to keep fighting for the vision that you know you can make a reality with focused positive action. 

    1. Hi Cliff

      Thank you. I’m glad you liked the article and the video. Indeed keep up the fight Cliff. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best 


  8. I found your article extremely motivational. It is what we all need to hear. I just wrote a blog post where I concluded that:

    “Perhaps in the grand scheme of life, having problems is not such a bad thing after all!”

    My point was that facing and overcoming problems makes us stronger. I am in total agreement with what you wrote. We have to step out of our comfort zone in order to grow and take our actions to the next level. And that is how we ratchet up our success. 

    You are on point in saying that we should not let the dream stealers put us down. Believing in ourselves is a must. IF we don’t then why should others? 

    Thanks for publishing a very timely article. I will be returning to it often.



    1. Hi Edwin

      You’re welcome. You are right having problems is not a bad thing, because they help us to grow and move to another level in life. Thank you I appreciate you commenting.

      All the best


  9. i really like this site.   Clear and to the point.  No freebies here it is all about the work we are willing to produce and doubt certainly destroys desire,  

    Learning the discipline here is a must. We all must learn the language and the definitions of all the acqcronyms.

    No one said anything about easy.

    I have been working everyday sometimes good progress other days are almost useless mostly due to health but I refuse to doubt myself because then I have lost.  So I must have patience and set small attainable goals to keep on track even if that goal  is to read new posts and training.  That makes me feel somewhat accomplished.  I am still learning.

    Few realize how hard it is to push one self beyond the norm but it must be done. I run in a complete state of uncomfortableness no only due to my health but what might just happen if I don’t o it right.  

     and I wiI think this is one of the best  positive attitude sites I have read and I shall read it again. Nothing must stand in the way of our progress in anything. No time for that.

    I love the quote “What you are capable of you have yet to scratch the surface.”   Wow wake up   ..  That is an eye opener.

    This is a powerful site that you have created and it does not leave anything to the imagination.

    As you say thoughts are power, words are power and used in the right way these tools save us 

    Overall I give this wonderful site an A.   

    1. Hi Steve

      I’m humbled by your assessment of my site. I’m sorry to hear about you’re health and I pray you get better. You are a CHAMPION, inspite of  your health you keep striving forward instead of making excuses. 

      People can learn a lot from your fearless attitude. Keep on keeping on Steve. I appreciate your comment so much. Thanks for sharing yourself.

      Much Success


  10. The big question that people ask is always, “What is the secret to sucess?” You raise an excellent point that there are many things that would cause “Failure” and the biggest one is “Self-Doubt.” It can get to you before you even get started. Many never take the first step because of “Self-Doubt.” Great point to NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF. Who will believe you if you don’t believe in YOURSELF! Great article.

    1. Hi Stanley

      Than you. Indeed if you don’t believe in you who will? Forget the naysayers greatness is in all of us we just have to bring it out. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  11. Reminds me of how I got started with my online business. It wasn’t so rosy and and it still isn’t so rosy, I go through a lot and after 5 months of working on my first site I failed to pay up and lost it and everyone was just discouraging me calling it a scam, well that was a few months ago, I believe in myself and I think I’m one of the most hard working when it comes to these things. I never doubted myself and I’m working on my new site and ain’t doubting myself either. Thanks for this motivating  article.

    1. Hi Donny

      You’re welcome. Yes stick to your plan. Who can say what you can and cannot do. Go forward in confidence. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  12. I believe most human trouble and failures comes from doubting yourself and having low self esteem. It is so important to always go one step above your comfort zone. To teach your mind to go, even if you are given 1000 excuses. Most of the self doubt falls after you dive in and face your fears. However, this must be done consistently. If not, you will still be the same. You can not do something once and say “I got it”.
    If it is not your habit, it won’t be there for too long.

    Love your article by the way.

    1. Hi Strahinja

      Thank you. You’re right you have to face your fears with action consistently to be able to overcome. I appreciate you commenting.

      All the best


  13. Hi Eric,

    What an inspiring post!

    I recently made a very drastic step into what you could say is unthinkable- against many people’s opinions- and I’m so inspired by your article because it is proving to me that I did the right thing. Even when things prove hard along the way, who said success comes overnight? I’m willing to put in the work. So I’ll apply your point on challenging myself to not be complacent in my comfort zone and not to like safe paths. Like today I rose about 4 hours earlier than normal, and I’m working towards creating a rise-early habit.

    Self doubt is a true dream killer- can’t agree more! I sometimes doubt if I did the right thing- with all the mandatory financial demands around- but when I think that I’m closer to fulfilling my purpose, then I get the strength to battle on in the good fight.

    Boniface- from AndroidBix

    1. Hi Boniface

      It’s great to hear that you were able to go forward inspite of people’s opinions. Indeed success is outside of your comfort zone. Getting up 4 hours earlier wow! Good for you. You sound like someone on their way to bigger and better things. Thanks for sharing

      All the best


  14. Thank you for sharing this important information on the subject of letting fear and doubt stop a person from accomplishing their goals. I agree with you whole heartedly. For years I let fear prevent me from even starting new experiences. I still struggle with this from time to time. However, I have found that if I force myself to take the first step and get started most if the time just taking action motivates me to continue. When doing a task that I fear, I must remind myself that I may stumble or fall but, all I have to do is get back up and try again. I try to remember this: “Failure is temporary and a vital part if success. We learn from our mistakes.”

    1. Hi Tom

      You’re welcome. Love that,  “Failure is temporary and a vital part if success. We learn from our mistakes.” it is so true. Thank you for sharing your struggle with us which I know you can overcome.

      All the best


  15. I totally agree with you on self-doubt is something that will literally destroy your dreams. There are so many examples of this example parents telling children you cannot swim fast thereby creating self doubt to the children. Bosses telling you that you are not good enough. 

    Only recently, two years ago than I realized the negative effect and focus on the things I can achieve. 

    Thank you sharing this and reminding everyone we need to do things differently to achieve positve outcomes. Marc Ho.

  16. Your article was very motivating and uplifting. Just what I needed to hear. I’m one of those people that like to take the easy way out. I get frustrated and give up when things get tough.
    I need to start believing in myself more and stop doubting myself.
    That for the boost of confidence.

    1. Hi Velma

      I’m glad that my article was of help to you.
      Yes most want things easy and comfortable, but
      that is not the way to success.

      Belief in one’s-self is powerful! Nothing is
      impossible to them that believe. Besides if you don’t
      believe in yourself who will?

      Indeed stop doubting yourself. You have what it takes
      to be successful. I can tell you that all day long, but it
      won’t mean anything until YOU believe it.
      Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


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