Though it has been some time in coming, as promised here it is, Secrets On How To Create A Converting Landing Page – Part 2! I’m not going to recap I’m just going to get right into it. So, if you haven’t read it, go read Part 1

To Be Successful Use Scarcity

Instead of telling people all the benefits your company has to offer, challenge them with a question that makes them feel like they need you. Scarcity will help boost conversions and get more people on board.

Creating landing pages with limited-time offers, will nudge potential buyers towards conversion – FOMO (fear of missing out).

Scarcity is a principle of persuasion highlighted in Dr. Robert Cialdini’s influential book “Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion.” Which posits that placing limits on your offer creates fear and panic among potential customers. Thereby leading them to act out an urgency for signing up before time runs out or lose access into this limited-time opportunity!

Examples of Scarcity

Examples of Scarcity:

  • Countdown Clocks
  • Only ______ Left At This Price
  • Flash Sales
  • Putting An Expiration Date On Your Offer
  • Buy Before ______ To Avoid A Price Hike
  • Doors Are Closing

Scarcity is a powerful marketing tool that can have your conversions skyrocket. The best marketers use it because they know how effective this technique really is, and if you want to play with the big boys, you need to be using it as well.

Attach A Video

Video can increase conversions on a landing page according to VidYard by up to 86%. Not too shabby!

Videos Increase Conversions By:

  • Giving your users a more engaging experience by keeping them on the page. Moreover, giving you plenty of time to get their attention and make sure they hear what you’re selling.
  • Leveraging video as an engaging and interactive experience for your visitors will always be better than static images.
  • If you want to be taken seriously, it’s important that your video look professional.

Video doesn’t just offer a band-aid for landing pages that need attention; it’s not like you can simply throw up some video content and expect conversions. In order to be effective, videos must actually DO something! Like add value by complementing the overall experience or strengthen what is already there with new information about your product/service offerings.

There are a lot of ways that videos can help you stand out on your landing page. For example, an explainer video would show visitors what the product or service is all about in less time than it takes for them to read through text alone. Or maybe something like Q+A session with the CEO where they get personal insight into how your company operates!

If you want your landing page to be successful, it’s important that the video performing well. Planning, scripting and filming your videos before you publish them will ensure that they’re polished.

You can’t underestimate the power of video on your landing page. It is an excellent tool for marketing and will boost conversions if done right, but a bad or sloppy video could drive customers away completely!

SEO: Optimize Your Landing Page

SEO: Optimize Your Landing Page

You make your landing page easy to find by optimizing it for SEO. The more people who can easily pinpoint the site, the better chance you have of converting them into customers.

You might have heard marketers say that SEO doesn’t matter anymore, but trust us when we say it does. If you don’t make your page optimized for search engines then they will rank your competitors with higher scores and take away from the amount of traffic available to send potential customers to your landing page.

According to Semrush, “With the right SEO, you will attract people interested in your topic, product, or service. This allows you to generate more leads, ultimately increasing your conversion rate and supporting overall business success.”

Few Tips That Will Make Your Landing Page More Search Engine Friendly:

Don’t Write Like A Robot Write Like A Person

Keywords are still important for SEO, but nowadays they’re just one piece of the puzzle. To be successful in ranking high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) you need more than keyword stuffing. Think about what your audience needs and want from a landing page before writing any content!

News flash! It’s not 2006 and these days, search engines value readability over an abundance of keywords. If you want to win their favor, write like a person instead robotically stuffing words with as many different meanings possible so they’ll rank higher in Google searches.

Your copy should have an engaging tone of voice and include keywords wherever they make sense, but don’t force them. Let those long tail words come up naturally as you write or else your writing might be targeting the wrong keywords.

Is Your Landing Place Relevant

When it comes to ranking on search engines like Google, one of the most important factors is relevance. If your landing page isn’t relevant in some way or another then you’re going down quickly!

You can’t just run an ad and hope for the best. You need to make sure your text, images and overall concept match up with what is promised on a landing page or else you could see serious rankings plummet.

If you want to rank higher in search engine results, think relevance and consistency. Your site’s ranking will thank you for it!

How To Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page

How To Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page

The hardest part about building a conversion-optimized landing page? Getting people to actually see it. Without traffic, you won’t have any conversions and with no results in sight.

There’s an endless ways to get high-quality visitors on your landing page:

  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  •  Email Marketing
  •  Facebook Ads
  •  Webinars
  • Partnerships
  • Google AdWords

The whole “relevancy and consistency” thing is a big factor when designing your landing page. Make sure that the look & feel match what you use for driving traffic, like if an email campaign has blue or green colors with some purple in it then make those same tones on your landing page so there’s no confusion as to why they’re seeing something different than expected from clicking through.

Mistakes To Avoid In Your Landing Pages

Landings should have a clear message and be easy to understand. If you use too many design elements on your landing page, then people might get overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at them.

Less is more, don’t overwhelm. Keep your design clean and simple to prevent overwhelming the audience. Keeping it visually stimulating without overloading them will result in higher conversion rates.

Visit any website with big blocks of text, and you’ll feel overwhelmed by the amount. Big menus are no exception; they can be hard to read when there’s too much on one page or screen. When people visit your site for whatever reason (maybe it is just curiosity), having difficult-to-navigate content isn’t going help get them interested in what matters most: YOU AND YOUR SERVICES/PRODUCTS.

The more confident you are in your offer, the better. A landing page is no place for ambiguity or confusion, only clarity will get people on board.

You need to know that if you ask people for their email address, watch a video or like your page, they’re not going complete any of those tasks. The million-dollar question is: what do you want them to do?

The simpler the better. One call-to action, one goal – that’s all you need to get people on board with your campaign.

Conclusion: I hope you have gained some insight on creating awesome landing pages from my post. Driving conversions to help you hit your business goals.

If your like most and don’t have a lot of time and you want things done right and fast – one of the best tools I’ve come across that will make great landing pages, sales pages, marketing funnels, etc. Checkout OptimizePress here.



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  1. I totally agree that writing in a more natural way is always the best course of action. Search Engines are smart enough nowadays to know when someone just creates an article artificially and who really offers value by providing real information people are seeking. Never try too much. Just provide the information that is relevant to your topic and show that a real person is hiding behind these words and not some automatic text editor.

  2. I like what you have written because I have outsourced getting a landing page written in the past. But as I was reading your article, I thought that I should try doing it myself. 

    You cover everything on how to go about it and consider SEO, which is very important.

    It was exciting to see the Examples of Scarcity. It makes sense and will help conversions.

    I have noticed on my blogs that the video is compelling and think this will be the same with a landing page.

    Thank you for all the information, it was exciting, and I learned a lot.


  3. Thank you for such an informative post. I am also in the affiliate marketing field. I started my journey 5 years back and today I am the owner of 4 very successful websites. I totally agree with you that the key to success in this field mainly includes your writing skills(you should always like a person so that the readers can connect with you) and moreover, patience is also one of the main factors which are required in this field. Good SEO research is also a must to boost your reach. Once you gain the trust of your readers, there is no turning back.

  4. Wow! Great tips and a great informative article on how to create a successful landing page. You really provided some helpful information on how to get more conversions, which is really important for running a successful online business that has a landing page attached to it.  

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. Thank you so much for your post. it was very valuable to me. I need to create a landing page and was very unsure of how to do it until now. My blog is about helping people make money online but I can’t help if I don’t have a great sales funnel in place, and a landing page is a great way to create that sales funnel. Thank you again for this post.

  6. Yes like you said it’s very important to have a essential content to be a successful affiliate marketer. Your content attracts everyone including the traffic that is outside your niche. I must say thank you because as a affiliate marketer I know how hard it is to attract traffic and we face hard time knowing how part of our website attracts the most traffic but today your article has shown that content is the most important part to attract traffic. Thank you.

  7. When your article popped up, the headline intrigued me straight away. A landing page can go either way and I have certainly tweaked mine more than a few times. 

    Interesting to read what you say about using videos on your landing page. Having added one in the past only for analytics to tell me that my site is now running slower, has put me off using one. 

    I like the fact hat you have also covered about not giving too much away in order for the reader to be curious. We can often fall into the trap of giving away to much info so I found your article very interesting to read, thank you.


  8. These are some excellent pointers for optimizing landing pages for high conversions.  I had never given some of these things much thought, which explains why my landing pages don’t tend to do as well as expected.  The scarcity effect is usually lacking, and I think that alone will make a big difference.  I could also probably be more concise.  I think that I might be packing too much information into the landing pages.  I’m thinking about outsourcing my improvement efforts, do you have any places you could suggest where I could look for someone to hire for this?

  9. ‘Scarcity is a powerful marketing tool’ – this really caught my attention!

    From the examples you shared, I am now designing a landing page that I hope would convert. 

    I am very thankful for the pointers mentioned in the ‘Mistakes To Avoid In Your Landing Pages’ as well, and will be careful to follow your tips. 

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

    God bless,


  10. Hey thanks for this post it was definitely useful for me!

    I haven’t created a landing page all my pages are just categorized according to the date they were created. However going through your post has made me realize how important it is for ranking as well. I’m going to create one and then use the methods you have mentioned here to drive traffic.

  11. You make a lot of good points in this post. I try to keep my website as simple as possible but still have character in my website. I like the SEO system I think it makes it so much easier to be found in google and other search engines.

    I do believe it is about trying to be has human as possible too, nobody wants to ask a robot for answers. They want emotion and understanding when they read something. 

  12. The problem is that competition is becoming very high, yet one learns how to be amongst the top. Your bits of advice were crucial because you have mentioned real secrets that need to be understood and mastered. Beginning with the persuasion methodology, to adding videos of values, and course the SEO, which is key to creating converting pages. Thank you for your advice. That was a great reminder.

  13. Hi Eric, I really felt like I had stumbled upon a website on the net. Your website looks professional and I am certain that you are a veteran at building websites and creating content. I have often been on sites that had time limitations or limited space and you are correct when you say that it incites people to continue. I did however find that there are too many comments at the end. I found it long to read through all of the comments that basically said the same thing. I wish you all the very best!                    Beatrice

  14. I recently decided to have a landing page on my site. And it has been trial and error. I know my landing page is not fully optimized, but at least it has started to convert. Thank you for your suggestion of including a video. It had not occurred to me that it could boost conversions. Thank you!

  15. I never realized that attaching a video to a landing page can improve conversions by as much as 88%. I myself never watch videos on landing pages, so this was a surprise to me.

    But it does make sense though, as most people prefer watching a video to reading content, and I am the opposite. 

    I also agree that your landing page needs to be relevant. There is nothing worse than landing on a page that has nothing to do with what you clicked on, and this must be the quickest way to lose your visitors.

    1. Hi Michel

      You are an exception because most people would rather watch a video than read. I appreciate you dropping by an commenting.

  16. I have hesitated creating a landing page, and instead have opted to just drive traffic to my affiliate link, but your article has me intrigued enough to build a robust and powerful landing page.  The tips and ideas you present are excellent.  I really like the less is more concept.  Looking at others’ landing pages sometimes gets me lost in all the graphics and bells and whistles.  I need a simple, to the point page that intrigues the reader and triggers a FOMO response.  Great suggestions.  I will be following your advice before I work on another post.  Thanks.

  17. Landing pages are perfect vessels for communicating your core brand messaging and value adds in the most efficient and stripped-down fashion possible. In the right circumstances, that’s exactly what your target audience needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  18. Thanks for your secrets to creating converting landing pages.  I love the suggestion about keeping some mystery in the landing.  Don’t tell people all of the benefits. Definitely putting a headline with a question will intrigue them. Also, people love what they can’t have, so scarcity is a good tactic too because of fear and the panic it generates in the reader. I’m going to use these tactics in my headlines on articles. 

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