Man has pondered the mind for eons. It has baffled and excited him like no other subject. I’m sure if you asked a behavioral scientist, “why we act the way we do?” He would give more answers than you cared to know.

Like, most people walk around in a trance sabotaging themselves at every turn. Not to mention, that stopping self sabotaging behavior could lead them to success.



Scientist believe that there is no limitation to the mind. There is no limitation to what a person can accomplish. So, why do so many people go through life accomplishing nothing?

Why would a person just go through life an some even check out of life and become beggars on the street? They have no ambition whatsoever. They believe a life of success is not for them but for those other people.

Yet we know there is no limit to what you can learn. You can continue to learn barring any mental illness until the day you die.


The Power Of A Paradigm Shift

The way we think has a lot to do with how we navigate through life. Thus, a timid person goes through cautious and afraid. While a bold person will go through life taking risks.

The results you get in your business, marriage, relationships, etc. is an expression of what’s going on inside. You can’t let what’s going on outside interfere with what’s going on inside.

The results always tell the truth. Take a close look at your results and ask yourself, “how did your results happen?” Everyone wants to permanently improve their results. If you want to change your results you must change your paradigm.

Stop Self Sabotage Behavior

We are the only creatures that can get outside ourselves and look at our behaviors. Paradigm, a mental program that has almost exclusive control over your habitual behavior. And almost all of your behavior is habitual.

To be able to shape your future you have to be willing and able to change your paradigm. Paradigms are a multitude of habits, usually other people’s habits. Poverty consciousness is passed down from one generation to the next.

Moreover, I remember reading an article years ago about a study done on a family. This article was centered around a family three generations and they were all on welfare.

The writer said that when the family got together for a meal most of the conversation was centered around welfare. Welfare for that family is the norm not the exception. Another generation being on welfare will more than likely be the result.



It Is All About The Mind

Are you afraid of success? The majority of people asked that question would probably say no. Yet they continue to self sabotage themselves out of success. What are some signs of self-sabotage? Here are a few:

  • When things get a little tough you quit.
  • You let people monopolize your time.
  • You spend a lot of time planning with no execution.
  • You fear change.
  • Always starting but never finishing.
  • Listening to your inner critic.
  • Drinking too much alcohol.
  • Taking illegal drugs.
  • Too much self-medicating.
  • Procrastination
  • Over eating or eating the wrong things
  • People pleasing
  • Blaming inability to take responsibility
  • Refusing to ask for help

You may not have even been aware that you are self sabotaging yourself. How do we get caught in self sabotage? Usually from self debilitating beliefs. Like I said before they can be passed down from generation to generation. We have a tendency to mimic our parents.



Stop Self Sabotage Behavior

How can you stop self sabotage? One way is to examine your thoughts. What are you thinking? Are your thoughts positive or negative? You must become more aware.

Question your lifestyle choices. Watch the things you habitually do and replace your negative habits with positive ones.

Do you know your triggers? If you’re a recovering alcoholic you can’t hang around people that drink alcohol no matter how much you love them. Avoid extreme emotional situations.

Don’t play the victim you are in control. Be disciplined. Discipline: the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it.

Change the way you feel about yourself. You are capable. You can do what you set your mind too. Believe in yourself. Think bigger.

Learn from your mistakes. There is nothing worse than repeating the same mistake over and over. That’s kind of like the definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Stopping Self Sabotaging Behavior Before It’s To Late

In summing up you must become more aware of you’re self sabotaging behaviors. If there is a problem in your behavior then there is a problem in your mind.

Be aware of your thoughts. Thinking is the highest thing you are capable of.

The most powerful ability is your ability to choose. Choose to change. Choose to be bold. Choose to win.

Take risks and defeat fear. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

Continue to grow and continue to learn. In times of change the learners will survive in the earth. They will be able to evolve to deal with the world.

Focus on success. Whatever you focus on becomes real for you even if it’s not.



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24 Replies to “Stopping Self Sabotaging Behavior Before It’s To Late”

  1. Hi Eric, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Self-sabotaging behavior is a very bad thing that can happen in our lives and unfortunately, I can see many people in my society doing it. Many folks turn to drugs or alcohol but just like you said everything is in mind and if we don’t understand that we will never achieve desired success.

  2. Eric: I rarely thank authors for articles and books I consume, but I feel so moved to express my gratitude after reading this. THE WAY WE THINK is very important, my experience is that people often have difficulties with ‘psychologically sophisticated understanding of your own thinking’. I believe it’s good to keep a thought diary as one of the crucial ways of keeping surveillance on one one’s thought pattern. Then meditation and reflection can be a quick tool to effectively restructure the distorted thoughts.

    Your article was thoughtful, well written, packed with good reminders at the right time. I shared it already. Thank you.

  3. I must say I’m quite impressed with the quality and simplicity of this post. Generally every one has a plan to work on but one thing or the other may stop it and then we neglect what we had planned. The mind of an individual plays great role in the success story of any individual. Peoples have failed today because of the ability to channel their thought toward positivity. This I’d a topic everyone should read about. Thanks for sharing 

  4. It is very true that poverty conscioussness is passed down from one generation to another. One is born into such a generation and believes that this is their fate …not knowing or even thinking that there is a way out. 

    I have read the points for self-sabotage you mention with interest. Luckily, I don’t do any of those things, I do drink alcohol from time to time, but not excessively. I do know people though who over-eat and who drink too much. These are behaviors that obstruct you, slow you down on whatever path you could have taken. Success is in the mind. Whatever you believe about yourself you make it real, right? If someone believes they’re never going to make it, then they won’t, but if someone believes they will achieve success, then they will, regardless of how long it takes. 

    1. Hi Christine

      You got it success is in the mind. Just keep pressing on success will come. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  5. Hi Eric. I loved your blog, I could see myself in each word. Not so much today, but the person I was not so long ago. As you suggested. I had a paradigm shift. I went from being negative about everything to positive and I did this by listening to myself, every time i started on a negative direction i would swing it around to positive. I think for a while there my friends thought I was going crazy. 

    I also questioned my lifestyle and changed from unhealthy, no exercise, to getting fit and eating well. I also had a thought come into my mind from many years back when my father said to me, “Just remember one thing in life, you become who you hang around with”. I think he said it because I was partying nearly every night and hanging around with people that were going nowhere in life.

    I have definitely learned from my mistakes and I’m ready to take on the world. In a good way of course. Jim 

    1. Hi Jim

      You made my day telling me you love my blog. I appreciate that. I’m happy to hear that’s the way you use to be but not now. Change and growth is indeed possible we just have to want it bad enough. Thank for sharing.

      All the best 


  6. I suffer from more than a few self-sabotage signs from your list. And I think a lot of that has to do with the people I surround myself with, especially my parents where they have gone through a great deal of hardship throughout their lives. One thing I’ve realised over the years is that people like to project their own values on to others. At the end of the day, we have to choose to adopt the right mindset and know we determine our own fate. 

  7. Hi Eric,

    The book “Why You Act The Way You Do” by Tim Lahaye deals a lot on behavioral science and I recently added it to my library.

    The enemy is within, but often we think others are our enemies. As you mentioned, by stopping self-sabotaging our entire life will change. When I first study about conscious and subconscious mind I was amazed & thrilled.

    You are correct, our inner world controls our outer world. I got great insights from your post and the information you shared about Paradigm Shift is an eye-opener for me. You not only discussed the cause and problems but you have provided the solution which is awesome.

    We need to think about what we often think about… Whether it’s related to growth, or it’s related to self-sabotaging.

    Thanks a lot for this insightful article!

  8. Self sabotage – today it gave a big impact on me. In so many ways, we have sabotaged ourselves and gave in to vices, as well as bad habits and behavior. Thinking that there’s always a chance for us, we tend to abuse opportunities. What struck me the most is with bad behavior there mist be something wrong with our mind and it’s our responsibility to reflect what is this and delete it in our system.

    I can’t speak for others but I have my goals. What I realize is that I have been accomplishing my short term goals but not the long term ones. This is what I have to focus. I’ve been neglecting it because of the few self sabotaging damages I continue to do. Changing for the better requires discipline, there is no way I can pursue my goals to success different aspects in life if I don’t change. I hope this goes for other people who read and understood the profound message of your post. I appreciate you bringing this to us. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi MissusB

      Thank you for such glowing remarks. I’m happy I was able to help. Thank you for sharing.

      All the best


  9. thank you for this great article! I love it! I couldn’t agree more. I always believe that it all starts with your mindset. Remember, your thoughts lead to your feelings, then to your actions. Then actions will lead to your results. I like this one –The most powerful ability is your ability to choose. Choose to change. Choose to be bold. Choose to win. all the best!!!

  10. This is a very inspiring post. there before ago in my work, I have not to realize stop self-sabotage behavior is so important, So have one time because Procrastination did not respond to the customer’s email in time, it caused unnecessary trouble to the company. Fortunately, I have a good boss. He forgives my work mistakes. From then on, I will stop Sabotaging Behavior.

  11. Hi Eric, this article is an eye-opener for me. I’ve been aware that I self-sabotage myself, especially with procrastination. Concentrating to the success factor sounds a good idea. It may be hard to change myself so suddenly, but I will try. However, I have another problem. 

    I actually have a small fear of success. It may sounds strange, but being success for me means a lot of people will know me and maybe my personal life. It also hard to imagine I’m speaking in front of public, giving seminars, or things like that. Any tips to overcome that fear? Thanks in advance for your suggestion

    1. Hi Alblue

      I’m glad you found the post helpful. We all have fears but if you confront them usually you’ll find that your fears are unfounded. 

      There was a time in my life when I used to be afraid to speak in public as well. The first time I did it yeah I was scared, but when I was asked to do it again I did it. Years later I enjoy speaking in public. Do what you fear and the death of fear is certain. 

      Here is another post you might find helpful.

      Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  12. Hi Eric,

    I love your affiliate site. It was super of you to comment on my website. Glad that we are colleagues on Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe we should chat sometime.

    It was fun providing you responses that you gave me many opportunities to do.

    You’re amazing.l


    1. Hi Edwin

      Thank you so much. Coming from you inspires me. I’m glad as well and I will definately
      be chatting with you soon.

      Much Continued Success


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