What do you think are the 7 habits of successful people? What do you think they think about most of the time and how do they think about it? Isn’t everything in life just a test? Successful people set the test and it’s up to them whether they pass or not? Successful people view life as a series of tests and they know that all they have to do is keep passing the tests to keep going to a higher level.

People who are successful think differently from unsuccessful people. People who are successful expect to be successful. The operative word is “expect.” You get what you expect. Most unsuccessful people always have an excuse why they are not successful.

7 Habits Of Successful People

Unsuccessful People’s Excuse List

  • To tall
  • To short
  • To skinny
  • To fat
  • To busy
  • No money
  • Color of my skin
  • People won’t like me
  • I could never do that
  • That’s not for me
  • I’m just not a salesman
  • I’m scared to speak in public
  • That’s to hard
  • That’s to hard to learn
  • I could never see myself doing that
  • And on and on…

Consider this, successful people don’t make excuses. They go after what they want, they will give it a shot. To become successful in life you must understand that failure comes with the territory. You will make mistakes. There will be ups and downs. At times, you will be afraid. But as the saying goes, “you’ve got to be in it to win it.”

To those who are reading this who are over 40, “If you knew what you know now at 20 how different do you think your life would be now?” I would dare to venture to say that most would say light years ahead. Once we’ve gotten past all the dumb stuff that holds us back that is when we begin to flourish.

Life is not that complicated

Life Is Not That Complicated

Unfortunately the vast majority of people like to complicate life but most of the time it’s quite simple. If you go through life being optimistic your success level will be high and on the other hand if you go through life a pessimist your success level will be low.

Your biggest test right now is right before you. It is to teach you a lesson you must learn to be successful in the future. People who are optimistic about their futures believe they will be great. They believe that the greatest moments of their life are coming.

inner world

From The Outer World Comes From What’s In The Inner World

Success people understand that we make our world by the way we think and act. Our outer world is consistent with our inner world. You perform on the outside how the way you see yourself on the inside now! The picture you feed your mind will be repeated in reality. To be the best of who you are watch your mental diet.

Most go through life oblivious to the fact that there are rules to success. They see someone who is successful and they assume their just lucky. Yet there is so much they do not see that goes on behind the scenes. Here are 7 habits of successful people that they use to break the non-success habit.

7 Habits of Successful People

7 Habits Of Successful People

1) Dream Big Dreams: Make a dream list and imagine no limitations. Imagine what you want and what it would feel like if you obtained it. Get clarity! As you imagine your dream see it getting clearer and clearer.

Now that you can see it go out and accomplish it. Anything great in life can be accomplished one step at a time. Believe you have what it takes already on the inside of you to get it done. Doubt is the killer of all great dreams.

2) Develop a Clear Sense of Direction: You develop your clear sense of direction through goals. Decide exactly what you want. Write it down. There is a school of thought that says write your goals out every day and there is another school of thought that says you should read them aloud upon rising in the morning and before you go to bed at night. I say do them both!

3) Set a Deadline: You must set a target date when you will reach your goal. Break it down into little sub deadlines up until the big target date. The more you focus on the urgency of getting it done by your target date the more it comes into reality.

4) Make a List: Make a list of everything you need to do to accomplish your goal. Some things could be monetary, or training, or possibly a mentor, etc… Leave nothing to chance. The more comprehensive your list is the better.

5) Have a Plan: Organize your list in the steps you need to take to succeed. Write out each action step. Set a date of accomplishment for each step. Keep your plan with you at all times. Keep it constantly before you to ensure you’re maximizing your time.

6) Take Action: This is the hardest one of all. You can have the best laid plans but without action they’re just pipe dreams. Most get stuck right here. This is either where fear or procrastination (another form of fear) sets in. Every journey starts with a single step. Just make the first and you will see that every step afterwards gets easier and easier.

7) Do Something Every Day: Do something every day to get closer to your goal. If you will just do something every day toward your goal you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. There is a saying that goes “how do you eat an elephant; one little piece at a time.” And that is all you need to do to accomplish your wildest dreams just take a little bite out of it every day and soon you will see it done.

There you have it these are some of the habits of highly successful people. Incidentally it’s nothing to complicated. There is nothing on the that list you cannot do. We tend to think that successful people know the mysteries to success. What they know is that there are steps to success and success leaves clues.

Are you up to the test? Life’s little tests will be before us every day and whether we end up an A student or F student is really up to us. Examining the way you think and what you think about. Use these 7 steps in your life to accomplish something you’ve been dreaming about for awhile now. You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step.


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  1. Absolutely love this article! Excuses, or Results! Never both! We all know it is much easier to make excuses than it is to make an effort. This is sad, but true. Imagine, if more of society simply focused on the effort they place towards their success one day at a time…as you say…DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY! 🙂

    1. Hi Jason

      I’m happy you enjoyed the article. You’re right it’s very easy to make up an excuse before we realy even try. No one will ever succeed doing that. Thanks for commenting Jason.

      Much Success


  2. It all starts with a dream I agree. The dream or idea then takes direction and gives way to things like deadlines, lists and plans. Successful people are usually positive people, even when faced with adversity. Some of the biggest enterprises such as Amazon started in garages. Doing something everyday is really sound advice. It’s important to keep moving. Even when you’re feeling down and less confident doing the littlest thing is better than doing nothing at all. I enjoyed your post and am looking forward to reading more, well done!

    1. Hi Prentrental

      Thank you for commenting and your right it boggles the mind that Amazon started in a garage. But it is also a testament of what can be achieved when you dream big. I’m glad you that you enjoyed the post and thank you for the compliment.

      Much Success


  3. This is very inspirational. I work a regular 9 to 5 job right now and have been doing so for about 3 years. This job is something I have no interest in and no where near close of what I dream to be doing. It just simply pays the bills. But I don’t want to get caught in that self-defeating where I’m doing the same thing over and over each day and before you know it, 5 years done passed by. I already wasted 3 of them. So i am glad I can across your article because I am for sure going to move in the direction of my dreams. Great article, definitely going to post this on my Facebook so others can be enlightened as well. 

    1. Hi Garret 

      I’m happy my post is making you think, because years can go and we get stuck in a rut in situation we really don’t enjoy. That’s what I love about Wealthy Affiliate they show people just how to get unstuck and to want more out of there life.

      Thank you for the article being put on your Facebook page and I hope that it will inspire others. Go for the gusto in life Garrett don’t settle. All things are possible for them that believe. 

      All the best


  4. Hi! Mindset makes a huge difference. Making excuses can completely drain all our dreams. For every goal there will be a plethora of excuses we may come up with.

    I really enjoyed reading this list of habits successful people have. I must humbly admit that I’m fairly good at 6 of them (no proud look here), but there is one I’m definitely not following and it’s your very first one: Dream big dreams. I’d discussion: I’d like to start a discussion here: how important would this habit be for you?

    1. Hi Henry

      Like I always say mindset is everything. And we can come up with an excuse to quickly without even giving the opportunity much thought. Great job! That you’re doing 6! 

      The reason I believe we should dream big dreams because if you have a dream you know you can accomplish what does it do for you? But if you go after a big dream it will test you, stretch you and bring stuff out of you that you never knew you had. I would like to hear what others have to say on that as well. Thanks Henry.

      All the best


  5. Eric,
    Having a framework to guide you is a great way to achieve your goals. I have no real plan aside from “keep going”.

    Planning out my day can be problematic because I am a stay home mother and taking courses for a degree as well as certification as a Master Herbalist. My day is constantly interrupted by my 4-year-old, so any plan I make would have to allow for those.

    I have set deadlines before but had to adjust them due to unforeseen circumstances, so I give myself a bit of leeway when it comes to time.

    Perhaps I am too lax, but my motivation is not lessened by this. I am bookmarking your page for future reference.

    Take care and thank you,
    Gwendolyn J

    1. Hi Gwendolyn J

      Remember nothing is ever written in stone. From what I read you are doing fine. We all must make adjustments in life. Everything will not always be smooth sailing so we adapt just as you have in your situation. Just keep pushing a little each day. Thank you for bookmarking my page and for commenting.

      Much Success


  6. Wow, this is a really good post. It is really inspiring and I am always looking to see posts that can help me grow and become a better person. Many big businesses started small and today they are authorities everywhere. I hope to let away those excuses I give and take an action to become successful too. 

    1. Hi Jackson

      I’m glad you liked the article, but most of all you got some take aways from it that can help you get ahead. Thanks

      Much Success


  7. This is definitely a wake up call for me. Unsuccessful people know that successful people have habits that keep them going everyday. Now the question is if they know this then why don’t they emulate them. It is the strangest of things because you know that if you have a certain habit successful people have you would definitely be successful. 

    I don’t have the answer to this or should I say people are just afraid to take a risk on themselves and believe they can achieve their dreams. If we believe and portray successful habits I strongly believe that we would see an improvement in our lives.

    1. Hi Jay

      Yes success leaves clues. Emulating someone who is success could make you successful. But can we be bold, committed and habitual as most successful people are? If we can it would definately be an improvement in our lives. Thanks

      Much Success


  8. It’s funny that some of the items in your list of 7 habits of successful people were in a conversation that I had last night with a friend. As an artist, it can be a challenge to know when to stop tweaking and working on your product… setting a deadline is critical to staying productive and reaching goals. This vital step is even more powerful if you are accountable to someone else as well. Desiring perfection is a great ideal, but one has to be careful to not let it get in the way of productivity.

    1. Hi Aly

      To be talking about some of the habits the night before lets me know this is reinforcement that you are on the right track. Though we may desire perfection, but can it truly be achieved? Thanks

      Much Success



  9. This is so on point! In an nutshell, successful people do things to succeed, unsuccessful people make excuses. I think that most people don’t get the role that failure plays in our life. As a result, some give up when they experience failure or they blame others for their failure. But giving up or blaming others means that they are losing out on the lesson or lessons that they could have learned from their failures. 

    As you’ve clearly pointed out, successful people learn from failure and they do what they need to do to achieve the level of success they are after. They take action, as reflected in the seven habits you’ve highlighted in this article. As individuals, we really do need to pay careful attention to what we tell ourselves with regard to success, as our mindset can make a huge difference regarding what we accomplish and what we don’t. 

    1. Hi Vanessa

      Yep you notice real quick how unsuccessful people have a lot of excuses. We can’t be afraid of failure it’s a part of life. Failure comes first then success not the other way around. Mindset is everything. Thanks for commenting Vanessa.

      All the best 


  10. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for writing such an excellent. Article. It was well written, and the pictures looked great! It’s been a while since I have broken out one of my self-help books, but your article reminded me that I have them and should break them out.

    Because after I reviewed the list of excuses, I recognized a few I need to get rid of soon. 

    Thanks again Eric,

    Cheers, and take care of yourself!


    1. Hi John

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and thank you for the compliment. But most of all I’m glad my article was of some help to you. Thanks

      Much Success


  11. Hi Eric…

    I believe that one of the most important habits of successful people is taking action no matter what. Things are hard? Take action… Having doubts? Take action… People don’t believe in you? Take action…

    Action is the foundation of any kind of achievement and once somebody gets that, they’ll probably end up being successful at some point.

    1. Hi Harry

      That’s it action is the key. Nothing will happen for you unless you take some kind of action. A little is better than none. A liitle over a long time becomes a lot. With Wealthy Affiliate  go at your own pace. Thanks

      Much Success


  12. Hi Gwendolyn J

    Remember nothing is ever written in stone. From what I read you are doing fine. We all must make adjustments in life. Everything will not always be smooth sailing so we adapt just as you have in your situation. Just keep pushing a little each day. Thank you for bookmarking my page and for commenting.

    Much Success


  13. Oh thank you very much, I absolutely need motivation booster like your article here. I’m currently feel stuck to make progress in my online business. I think the cause is I don’t have a real plan and just work a bunch of job related to my business in one time, exhausting myself. Your article here inspire me to take things slower but more consistent everyday. Thank you again for the inspiring article 🙂

  14. Inspiring article! Really all those habits are what we need to practise everyday. But I see more importance in taking action because , every single hour we have a thousand of thoughts. Thoughts must be channeled into some planned activities.Thanks for insights, I am looking to see the next article.

  15. I totally agree! Great article! Thank you for sharing this! I love all the habits but what struck me is the 3rd one. To set a deadline. It seems very simple but I always tend to forget. Sometimes even if I have deadline, I don’t finish my tasks on time. Maybe I have to take it more seriously and do what you suggested in this article. I will break it down into little sub deadlines. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi AJ

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and was of some help too you. Sometimes it’s hard sticking a deadline, but it does help you stay focused. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  16. i really do love this article and will tell you why. This article applies to me in my younger days i often thought that i had no sense of direction but when experience started trickling in i thought different and here i am now on your site reading and telling myself i should have taken note much earlier, really great stuff that you have written.

  17. Hi Eric

    Nice post!

    I like the 7th habit, do something every day. It is the greatest of all for me, you can’t achieve anything by waiting or being idle. It is true that we need to work smart and not always work hard. But doing something every day brings a step closer to your dreams. When you are consistent in your work, you will see results and you will learn to be patient.

    Get your plan done and do something every day until you achieve your goals.


    1. Hi Adyns

      Definately doing just a little something every day will put way ahead of someone who doesn’t. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  18. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for the read, I didn’t mind this at all as it does show a lot of the well commentated do’s and dont’s of successful vs unsuccessful people on a daily basis.

    As human beasts we often look to the excuse list for get out of jail cards when life gets too hard and our ambitions start to wane when setbacks kick in.

    I think becoming a little fearless, dedicated and stubborn at times can hold you in good stead when pursuing a new goal or challenge.

  19. “How do you eat an elephant; one little piece at a time”

    I will remember that quote moving forward. Everything may seem overwhelming at times, so it’s always key to break it down, and do it in bits, even if it means doing something every day. How to see a couple of these traits inside myself actually, even the procrastination. Unfortunately, in my life, I have a couple of people who just don’t have a successful mindset. They think taking risks never pay off, and rather play it safe…forever. Do you have any suggestions to try and change a person with a somewhat loser mindset to a winner mindset? 

    1. Hi Jose

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. What I found that people who are close to you, especially people like family members who have grown up with you that even with change they can only see the person you use to be. So continue to let your life be that positive light for them. The more successful you become eventually they’re going to get it and see that you were right all along.

      Much Success


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