Trends In Internet Based Businesses Be On The Cutting Edge For The Next 10 Years

Small business internet marketing solutions

As an owner of the small business you know how much is important for you to be visible and stand out from the crowd. The problem with small business is that you have a limited budget. But that doesn’t mean that there is no solution.

Small business marketing internet solutions aren’t something new. There are many of them and the good thing is that they aren’t expensive at all. Here is the list of the most popular solutions for small businesses.


Having a website is one thing. It can provide information about your products. The blog is similar to website but not quite the same thing. Starting a business blog will allow you to spread the news about your business and reach more potential customers.

There are many advantages of starting a business. 70% of potential customers find small businesses thanks to their blog. As time goes on this percentage will only increase.

A business blog is the most powerful way to grow in the eyes of Google and get on the front page. Also, customers response better to quality blog content than to advertisements.


Internet research shows that more than half of internet users regularly read blogs. Also, research has shown that most of them enjoy blogs that are relevant to the brand that interests them.

So, there is a growing trend nowadays – internet users are trusting company blogs and read them with joy. The owner (or employee of the company) has a better understanding of the business. He has been doing it for a long time and he knows more compared to a consumer who has come up for a few tips.

If a customer visits your site and finds a useful tip, he is more likely to buy some of your products.

This is inexpensive internet marketing solution for small business. You don’t have to make a huge investment to have a decent blog.

E-mail marketing

Anyone who is involved in any business must have a mailing list. Everything you try to do on social networks you will get faster and easier with the mailing list.

Statistics shows that only 2% of followers respond to one post on social networks. But, about 45% of subscribers open and read an email.

When creating an email campaign, you can target specific customer groups or even individuals. A good example of personalized emailing is offering special benefits for a customer’s birthday or an extra discount on certain products. For example, when a restaurant sends a code for 50% off the main course for a customer’s birthday.

E-mail marketing

With a mailing list, you are able to reach out to your subscribers whenever you want. You don’t depend on some crazy algorithm that social networks change very often.

Remember, all your subscribers are potential customers and clients. That is not the case with followers on social networks.

You can also send notifications about new services and products, promotions and discounts. Just make sure to offer something valuable to your potential customers.

This is the cheapest internet marketing solution that shows amazingly good results. Email marketing can significantly increase your revenue if you do everything right. What is email marketing, if not a great way to get people to visit your site or blog? And we all know that more visits means more revenue.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A very large percentage of people who search for something on the internet use search engines. 90% of people view only the first or second page of search results. This is why SEO exists. The goal is to optimize your web page as good as you can. By doing that, you will gain a lot of new visitors.

This may not be the cheapest investment, but investing in SEO results with the best possible ROI (Return Of Investment). So even though you think of SEO as an expense, actually it is an investment. (A very good one).That is why this is the best solution for small businesses for beating the competition.



If you don’t exist on the internet, then you don’t exist at all. This may sound cruel to you, but it is true. That means that if you want for your small business to have a chance on the market – you must have at least a decent website.

A website can significantly reduce customer service costs. It is a valuable resource for your customers and it could solve the problems they may have.

Instead of answering the same questions you are asked every day, better idea is to make a FAQ. That way customers will find the most frequently asked questions and answers to them. It will be easier for both of you.

Trends in internet based businesses

Trends in internet based businesses

The impact of internet marketing is growing. It is expanding and finding new ways to influence the customer’s everyday life.

Using all the tools available, marketing specialists strive to be innovative. Market research is necessary to respond to customer needs in the best possible way.

It has never been easier to promote a product or idea. The rapid rise of online advertisements is an ongoing trend. Online marketing is winning all the battles. Rapid adaptation to customer needs and strategic planning are very significant. In the modern age we live in, newspapers, radio or television are becoming outdated.

Marketing has come a long way – from pamphlets to chatbots. Strategies that include artificial intelligence will be used in the future. Also, virtual reality is another possible direction in which the marketing can go.

New useful and reliable applications will lead to an increase in technological dependency. That may be a good thing, but also it will result in negative sociological effects on user privacy.

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

A perfect futuristic invention. The perfect software solution that can help people be more productive.

Today, we use many applications to guide us through our daily routine. Yet, they are not smart enough. What if we had a personal assistant? What if we could search everything through voice search? Wouldn’t be nice to have programs that would do all the work for us?

In ten years, artificial intelligence will be man’s best friend. We will listen to advice and recommendations of a virtual person.

For the marketing specialist, that would be the perfect opportunity. They will be able to influence clients through more sophisticated ways.

Writing long, informative and quality articles sometimes can take too much time. We already have software today that can write blog articles for us. Yet, this is still in the initial stages and has many flaws. For example, in a few years, artificial intelligence will be able to completely create content for us.

Segmenting customers will be more accurate and easier. We will be able to observe and learn from customer’s behavior with the help of new methods. This will help us make the right marketing decisions.

New form of one-on-one personalization will allow us to personalize messages better. That will be the perfect opportunity to achieve better marketing results. Naturally, the more information about users you have, the more accurate advertisements will be.

With modern technology it will be possible to analyze huge amounts of customers. We will be able to predict their behavior and will they be buying from us again and when.

This is the most powerful trend that we are about to experience in the next 10 years.

Chat Bots

Chat Bots

We are already familiar with the chat applications that billions of people use every day. These apps are fun and easy to use, they help us express our opinions and communicate with friends.

More people prefer to type instead of talk on the phone. It is also much easier to ask a question about a product via chat on a website, than to call the store to get the information.

If a store doesn’t have enough customer service team members, a potential customer will have to wait too much. Or he may not get the answer to his question. The marketing manager has two options: to hire more people or to activate chat bots.

Bots are a cheaper option that can work without interruption, every day of the week, non-stop. This type of marketing automation helps employers improve their jobs. If there is a way to be more productive, save time and energy, then why not use it?

There is no need for dozens employees to answer all the customer’s questions. In the future everything will be managed online. There won’t be working and non-working hours. Everything will be available 24/7.

The idea is that when the customer sends a request or question, the chat bot responds imitating the employee. That is the idea of how it is supposed to work.

Today’s bots are able to answer only frequently asked questions. But in a few years it will be even possible to solve customer problems.

Voice Apps

Voice Apps

It’s much easier to talk than to type. That is why voice applications will completely replace the keyboard.

Every desktop, tablet or mobile phone has voice apps. This is very practical and multifunctional tool.

Amazon has gadgets like Alexa and Echo, Siri helps Apple users, and Samsung has Voice. It is all the same thing.

The development of these applications will make our everyday life easier. Research has already shown that customers are flexible and adaptable to technological change.

When we want to search for something, we usually launch Google and then type in the search box and click search. There’s a simpler way, one click and a question: Siri, where’s the best pizza in town? And we will get search results that our device will do on its own.

Yet, the giants in the IT sector have decided to go one step further: to create the perfect voice assistant.

Soon, these assistants will be more reliable and used in various jobs and activities.

A voice assistant allows us to complete many things at once – faster, easier and with less stress. When something is easy to use and useful at the same time – it quickly becomes a habit.

The main difference between an assistant today and future one is the ability to learn. It is only a matter of time before customers start to use their voice assistants when shopping.

The assistant will be able to give you recommendations based on your taste and preferences.

This is an area that marketing agencies will fight for. It will be a great opportunity for all advertisers. Promoting products and improving the quality of services will be much easier.

In the future, assistants will be humanized, as will conversations with users. We will perceive them as friends who want to help us.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a term referring to the billions of physical devices worldwide equipped with sensors and software, currently connected to the Internet to collect and share data. In this way, these devices allow the so-called “Digital intelligence”, to use the necessary data without human involvement. They can regulate their work on their own.

The Internet of intelligent devices is a technology that provides an effective connection between the digital and the physical world. In other words, it is a set of internally connected devices. A system of mechanical and digital machines and objects, which enables data to be transmitted over the Internet without requiring human or computer interaction.

This is the whole new dimension for all of us. This is a trend that internet based businesses need to understand and use wisely.


We have already seen many times that “being creative” does not mean literally inventing something new and different. It means understanding what we are doing and skillfully combining “modern” and “traditional”. Like when we create marketing strategies on social networks. The future, in all likelihood, brings new dimensions and interpretations of reality, which again rely on the “already seen.”

The unity of form and content is still an ideal, and when it comes to digital marketing, “being in trend” does not sound mainstream. It is our reality now that we have to keep up with trends in order to succeed.


This is your day. This is your time. This is your moment. Dream – Believe – Be Bold – Never Give Up

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  1. I am still very new to this affiliate marketing gig, I am still learning the ropes. Although I have started a new free website and I have gone premium at wealthy affiliate. I am still looking for ways of improving my websites. I so much like the tips and ideas that you have carefully outlined in this article. Thanks for giving me more insight. I hope to learn more from this so that I can be able to direct huge traffic to my website in the near future. Thanks very much for this incredible article. 

  2. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I have tried for a long time to get resourceful side income and I have encountered many issues I am glad I read your article because it is of great help to me. Now I can engage very well and get paid online. Thank you 

  3. Hi, the article you’ve written is very useful and informative. Everyone can start their small business through internet marketing, anytime and anywhere they want. It’s good to choose Internet marketing because it normally won’t cost a lot, yet you still can manage your business to earn money online. By building your personal website, blogging, e-mail marketing and using SEO, you can gain the traffic to visit your website. Thank you for the great post. 

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I do a very small business in the online world because my budget is low .Blogging provides information about my products .Blogging is a cheap internet marketing solution for small businesses. I don’t have to invest hugely to have a decent blog. 

    Email cheap internet marketing solutions that deliver amazingly good results by publishing information about services and products, promotions and discounts.Everyone knows that visits mean more revenue. 

    A very large percentage of people searching for something on the Internet use search engines .So the best solution for small businesses is to beat the competition. 

    Through your article I have gained a lot of knowledge about small business internet marketing solutions and I will definitely share my new experiences with you soon. I think the reality is that trends need to be kept up for success .

  5. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this trends on the internet for making our online business.

    I’m a member on a marketing affiliate platform and i want to tell you  that this was my best decision i ever made. In my opinion, having your own site and promote different product can be a profitable business in the next 10 years too. Earning some passive income with all this commission is a very good idea and everyone can do it. As you said here on your article, blogging can be a good way to make money online by making reviews for different products. It is the same with affiliate marketing, making your own website or making your blog and do what you know better. Thanks again for this post. Hope to see more like this. Good luck! 

  6. I loved the idea of posting blogs. I had no idea that for so many people this was exactly how they find out about small businesses. But I have to admit, that makes perfect sense. And I can absolutely see how this adds to the trustability of a brand and reach and everything. I mean, to me this sounds like the ultimate way of expanding any website’s audience as long as the blogs are not of low quality. Otherwise, I imagine this can backfire instead, don’t you think?

    Either way, I really appreciate all the information shared.

    Cheers, and have a Great One!


  7. This was a fascinating, if not somewhat scary article, actually maybe ‘heads-up’ would be a better way of describing it. It’s a little scary, in so much that it has made me realise that I have pleny to do, if I want to stay up with the trends.

    I think in the past when things have started to change within industries, it has happened gradually. The advancement of technology works within a different time frame, an extremely fast one. Artificial Intelligence is moving along at a rare speed, I have heard it won’t belong before they will be able to use it to diagnose illnesses in people, as well as being able to perform the necessary actions to remedy some of these maladies.

    I wonder how much we will push against this form of ‘help’. There was plenty of malcontent when big companies used to outsource their customer services, many back tracked a few years later because of damaging public opinion. Time will tell but I would rather be ‘onside’ than against in the coming years.

    1. Hi Twack Romero

      Glad my post was of help to you. Yes as AI improves it will become more and more prevalent in business. And like you said I as well want to be on the winning side in the comming years. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  8. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. Blogging provides information about my products .Blogging is a cheap internet marketing solution for small businesses. I don’t have to invest hugely to have a decent blog. Email cheap internet marketing solutions that deliver amazingly good results by publishing information about services and products, promotions and discounts.Everyone knows that visits mean more revenue. Thanks again for this post. Hope to see more like this. Good luck!

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