Anybody can become an affiliate marketer, but to become a successful one is a different story. So, what do I need to become an affiliate marketer? You need grit!

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer will be tough. It’s not easy. I don’t care what all the fake guru’s say. It’s going to take time and much effort.

You’re are going to have to fight for what you want. Procrastination is coming for you. Discouragement is coming for you. It’s going to take mental toughness.

What Do I Need To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

You will need to have a success mindset. You must be determined to succeed at all cost. When your friends are having a good time, you got to grind.

The way you work will determine what you really want. Are you willing to put in more hours? Are you willing to stay up late and lose some sleep?

You must be a hungry affiliate marketer. You’ve got to be starving for success. You’ve got to be dogged determined to get what you want.

This Is The Greatest Time In History To Be An Affiliate Marketer

This Is The Greatest Time In History To Be An Affiliate Marketer

There is too much opportunity to be had. Businesses every day are realizing that they need affiliate marketers to move their products and are willing to give them a cut of the profits to do so.

According to DerviX search market spending is expected to amount to 45.39 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, up from 27.9 billion in 2014. That is massive opportunity for the affiliate marketer. And that trend will continue to go up in years to come.

This Is The Greatest Time In History To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Make a commitment now to go all in. It would be easier to have a normal job, but you would just be settling and never be happy. You need to be making passive income. That’s making money while you sleep and affiliate marketing is one of the ways to do it.

Most people don’t believe they can make money online but according to Redmond Pie in 2010 a 16-year-old kid made a million dollars in two years which is not typical. And it was also reported that he got into another venture and has already made $800,000 also not typical. But it should let you know that there is money to be made in affiliate marketing.

Now that was in 2010 this 2019 how much more opportunity for the affiliate marketer today do you think? Businesses coming online is growing, more people becoming internet users is growing and people wanting to start online businesses is growing. Opportunity abounds.

Sacrifice Now And Play Later

Sacrifice Now And Play Later

To build a successful online business you are going to need to put in some work. It’s not going to happen overnight. Time is life’s most precious commodity. You can waste it playing video games, watching TV, hanging out at the bar, hanging out at the club, etc.

Unfortunately this is something you are not taking into consideration. The video game you purchased that you spend hours playing someone made that they are getting paid and you are not.

The actors, actresses, and athletes that you spend hours watching on TV they are getting paid and you are not.

The bar or club that you’re hanging out in somebody owns that and they are getting paid and you are not.

What Do I Need To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

And if you asked any of the video game developers, actors, actresses, bar owner and club owner they will tell you they put in a lot of hours building or learning their craft. That they sacrificed to become successful.

Are you willing to sacrifice to get ahead? To many people talk a good game. But are you really willing to sacrifice; putting some of those things that you love doing on hold (those things that aren’t making you money) for 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or however long it takes that you are now living a life not always in need, but you have everything that you need and now you’re able to help others in need.

Make a definite decision to make this affiliate marketing thing work.

Invest In Yourself And Into Your Business

Invest In Yourself And Into Your Business

The greatest investment you can ever make is in yourself. Jim Rohn said, “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you’ll make a living, if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.”

The system sets society up to fail. Like saving doesn’t make you more money. The rich invest in assets that make their money work for them. You have to invest your money and make it work for you, and not just sitting in a bank doing nothing.

Investing in your business is not about wasting money. Reinvesting your profits it’s the only way to real wealth. If the economy goes down it just transfers to successful people.

Lack of awareness causes turmoil. If you want world-class results learn from other people’s mistakes.

Work on your business not just in it. What is measured gets managed and what gets managed gets improved.

Evaluate Your Circle Of Influence

Evaluate Your Circle Of Influence

Who do you hang around? Who are you listening too? There is a saying that goes something like this, that if you hang around 5 millionaires you will be the 6th and if you hang around 5 broke people you will also be the 6th.

I believe there is real truth in that statement. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

There are 3 kinds of friends:

Broke Friends: These are the friends who are not doing anything with their lives. Their not going anywhere.

Maintenance Friends: Are the friends who are semi-successful. They are still striving for more. The friends that you can relax and be more down to earth with.

Growth Friends: These friends are the movers and shakers. They are successful and they constantly push you to be successful. They want you to have what they have and won’t let up until you do.

Evaluate Your Circle Of Influence

So, which of these friends would you hang around the most? As your vision gets bigger your inner circle gets smaller.

I saw this meme on line the other day that went like this: The faker you are, the bigger your circle will be. The realer you are, the smaller your circle will be. These are well-known facts.

Incidentally as you grow and change and become more aware and more successful people will drop out of your life and you will put some out of your life.

Thus, your closes 5 friends should be living the lifestyle you’re dreaming of. Who are you connecting with to help you level up your game?

The Wealthy Affilate Review Is In

My #1 Recommendation For Learning To Make Money Online

What do I need to become an affiliate marketer? You need grit but you also need training as well. You need the right teachers to help you make money.

You need training from those who have been there and done that. Those who are now successful and can help you get there. They will help you shorten your learning curve, and not waste as much time making the mistakes they made.

You will receive task-oriented step by training and mentoring on your way to building a profitable online business.

My #1 recommendation is none other than: Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve made a short video high lightening the best affiliate marketing platform. Also, excuse the little knocking that you hear in the video, but I promise you this video is very informative.

In conclusion if you’re going to make it as an affiliate marketer in this industry you’re going need mental toughness. You’re going to need some training behind you.

One thing that I’ve learned in this life, don’t be afraid to take risks. Like I said before there is not a better time in history to be an affiliate marketer.

Maybe you’re thinking you’ll fail. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” Failure is a test. It’s okay to make mistakes.


I don’t know of anyone who accomplished anything worthwhile who hasn’t failed big. But they kept on going and that is what made them the success they are today.

What Do I Need To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Know this, do what is easy and your life will be hard but do what is hard and your life will be easy. You will never go higher than you’re aspirations.

If you want life to change then you have to change. If you want life to be better you have to be better. When you change everything will change for you.

What you think is what you become. If you truly want to know what you need to be a successful affiliate marketer, think success. Say I’m a successful affiliate marketer everyday and sooner or later belief will catch up with you and that is what you will become.

I invite you to join me at the greatest place in the world for an affiliate marketer.

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  1. Hello Eric 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about what do I need to become an affiliate marketer. I have read the full post about it. You are absolutely right that to be a successful affiliate marketer we need grit. We will need to have a success mindset.Businesses every day are realising that they need affiliate marketers to move their products and are willing to give them a cut of the profits to do so.I think it is a good opportunity for us. By reading your post it is very clear to me that to be a successful affiliate marketer it is very important that we should determine and dedicate ourselves on this platform. 

    Thanks again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family. 

  2. Wow, I must commend this interesting post. Its been educating and enlightening since I’ve been reading through. I’ll agree with you that to become a successful Affiliate marketer takes a complete work of the mind, that I, someone must be of a successful mindset, putting in all our best now and become a boss real quick. This will reach out to many people who are aspiring to go into affiliate marketing and it will help prepare them for the task ahead. I’ll share this post with some of my friends so they’ll benefit too. Thanks for the post,  it is a very useful one.

  3. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for this informative post about affiliate programs. I believe there would be more and more unemployment when technology advances. The mindset you mentioned is really important to achieve something we like for the future, and I think all the beginners should have a strong mindset before hitting the road toward affiliate programs. Thanks for this post, I will mark this when I feel down and keep working again! 🙂

  4. You are so right that you have to pay a price to be successful in affiliate marketing, which is no different than any other kind of business which you wish to have success.  It requires commitment and effort.

    Unfortunately most folks are not willing to make such a commitment.  

    I agree that the timing could not be better to get into the affiliate marketing business. With the willingness to make a sacrifice now, the future is unlimited.  

    Hanging out with the right people is also important as you cannot afford to be influenced by negative folk.  

    You’ve done a very good job in spelling out what it takes to be successful in this business.  Thanks for all the good info.  All the Best.  

  5. Amazing. Thanks for sharing this helpful and motivational review. I’m every hustle or business one finds his/herself hard work and consistency is key and Paramount for success to be birth from it and I’m glad you made mention of it. to build a successful online business you are going to need to put in extra work and motivate yourself always. Its never easy but can you cam make it easy for yourself. Thanks for sharing this great piece,I have really learnt a lot.

  6. I cannot agree less with you that who we love with have deep level of influence in determining whethervwe will be successful or not. Trying to get closer with people who have poor mentality will only make us poorer but moving with the movers and shakers would definitely push one to the levels of success. This is definitely great yo know of. The internet is now filled with arrays of opportunity that at least, everyone must take part in it. Thanks for this thick skin peeler

  7. Wow, a single post that is both educative and inspiring. I really did enjoy reading your post and I must say, you really are a good writer. About those friends types you listed, it got me thinking that I really need to change some of my friends. I guess I have been hanging out with the wrong people which is not good help to me. I am also a member of wealthy affiliate but I am not taking it so seriously but having read this, I know all I need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

    1. Hi John

      Thank you for the glowing comment. Yes it’s tuff leting friends go, but i had to do it with a couple of mine. I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to go forward in life. GOD has a way of filling the void with better friends. Thank you for sharing.

      Much Success


  8. Sacrifice is the most important lesson that we all need to bbe taught and also inculcate into our daily living. Being disciplined and committed towards our businesses would ensure constant growth from our side and we will surely be able to make more progress by doing that. Every successful individual at each time have dedicated their whole life to their dreams until they became successful and right now, I’m trying my best to give it my nest shot too. Hoping that in the end, everything good will come. Thanks so much for this article.

    1. Hi Shelly 

      Your welcome. Because your mind is geared toward success I believe your shot will be well made. If you have the time go to my blog site Super Zaddy Affiliate and read the posts under Affiliate Mindset Training. I believe they will benefit you in staying focused and on track. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  9. I have to agree here. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer takes a lot of will, a whole lot of determination, time and  hardwork. To top this all off, consistency cannot be underated. Your post is very inspiring and I really like it. It’s good to get inspired like this. One thing is very certain and that is without the right training, one cannot attain the level of success one wants. With wealthy affiliate, success is not far fetched in affiliate marketing. Nice one!

  10. Thanks for sharing his wonderful post. I courl picture the whole stuffs on my head as I was reading through. Being successful through affiliate marketing is one of my ambitions lately. I only recently retired from job, with intentions of being an affiliate marketer. I am really glad you have taken your time to put up this post which is really beneficial to all. I’ll love to join Wealthy affiliate as you have suggested but would love to read more about it. Thanks for sharing

  11. Thanks for the great article Monalisha,

    I wholeheartedly agree that becoming a successful Affiliate Marketeer does take time and sacrifice. I am guilty of recently neglecting Affiliate Marketing for a few months as I became distracted by property development project I was involved. Unfortunately what I noted in this period was a drop in traffic to my website and that I was using my distraction as an excuse not to carry on with my website. 

    However I have now returned to my website and thanks to encouraging words such as your own, I intend to make it a success!

  12. Hi,

    Great informative article about what we need to become an affiliate marketer. I absolutely agree with you. Like any business, we need a positive and strong mindset first. We should keep it our mind, affiliate marketing business is Like normal physical business, it takes time and effort. Yes, for every business we could get some obstacles,  but we could overcome if we have a positive and strong mindset. Be a successful affiliate marketer, if we get proper training and keep patience and work hard then definitely could teach the desired position.

  13. It is true, that affiliate marketing will require you a lot of sacrifices. As an affiliate marketer, I experienced not going out with my family and relatives to a nearby beach resort just because I have tasks in my site that needs to be finished. It was disheartening but worth the sacrifice. Today, the blog post that I made for promoting a high-end affiliate product is making me money, enough to finance another picnic on the beach!

    1. Hi Gomer

      Glad you enjoyed the post and because of your mindset you will indeed go far. Thanks for sharing.

      Much Success


  14. Hi Eric, everything you said in this post is so true. You really have to be tough skinned to be a successful affiliater. With every business going online now, Affiliate marketing is definitely the place to be. I really like the point about evaluating our circle of influence. I am doing that right now I just want to be around Growth friends. 

  15. Hello, 

    Thank you for sharing an interesting and informative post. You are very right that to be a successful affiliate marketer we need to put a lot of time and hard work. Of course, to be constant is a big plus. Also, the right training is NO 1.

    Your post is inspiring and, I believe, more and more people will go to Affiliate Marketing.

    Thanks for the useful article.

  16. Hi 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about how can mom make money at home. In this article, you have shown us exactly the ways to make money as a stay at home mom. In our busy life it is a very good opportunity to earn money at home. You also have shared the 10 incredible ideas to make money at home. Among those I prefer affiliate marketing because it is a great platform for mom to make money at home. 

    Thanks again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family. 

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