An effective paid advertising campaign depends on your ability to get people to click on your ad. At the same time, you want to get the right people to click on your ad. You want visitors that are actually interested in what you’ve got to offer. What is paid to click about?

When pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements aren’t bringing in the sales leads that you expected, you don’t need to scrap your entire campaign. You just need to start tweaking your campaign to improve click through rates (CTR).

Here are 5 ways to increase paid click through rates.

Improve The Headline

Improve the Headline

The first place to start is with your headline. It’s the first thing that people see and it’s how you get them to click on your ad. This makes the headline the most important part of your PPC ad campaign.

The headline needs to be 25 characters or less. You have limited space. Use it wisely. Keep these tips in mind:

Include Keyword in Display URL

The focus keyword of your PPC ad should be used in your display URL. This is the visible URL that appears under your headline. You’re allowed to edit the display URL, even if it doesn’t match the destination URL.

You can include up to 35 characters in the display URL. This will include your domain name, along with space for your keyword. The ad will direct users to the URL that you specify.

Don't Put Price In The Ad

Don’t Include the Price in the Ad

When you include the price of a product or service in your headline or description, people are reminded that they’ll be spending money.

Instead of showing the price, you could display a discount or savings. For example, if you’ve got a product that regularly costs $50 and it’s on sale for $25, you could highlight the 50% off or the $25 discount.

Deliver a Specific Message

Before you go live with an ad, you should review it and ensure it delivers one specific message. Your ad can’t be ambiguous.

You should never try to promote more than one thing at a time. When a person views your ad, they should know exactly what they’re going to find when they click the link.

When you finish writing your ad, read it and ensure its direct and to the point. Don’t fill it with keywords. Write in a way that a person can easily understand.

Ad Extensions

Use Ad Extensions

Google introduced ad extensions several years ago, and they are available for free. They offer additional ways to entice people to click your ads. This includes site links. Site links allow you to include additional links in your ads.

Your ability to include extensions depend on your Ad Rank. The Ad Rank is determined based on the quality of your ad and your landing page.

In the end, improving your click through rate depends on a quality ad. You need to use a short headline that gets to the point quickly.

The body of the ad provides a line or two to elaborate on the message presented in the headline. You only have a few lines to make an impression and attract the right visitors.

As a final suggestion, you should take a look at what your competition is up to. View ads for relevant keywords and examine their landing pages.

Tweak your PPC campaign using these tips to boost click through rates. If you want more internet marketing suggestions, plus a way to generate conversion-ready prospects each month, click here.


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40 Replies to “What Is Paid Per Click About”

  1. Excellent information on paid to click here. Paid to click is always something I’m on the lookout for so this post is especially helpful. Sometimes it’s difficult to generate clicks never mind sales, so paid per click can be a nice starting point. I’m going to double-check all of my headlines and make sure they conform to your suggestions. Displaying discounts rather than prices is good advice to connect with readers on a subliminal level. I’ll also be looking further into ad extensions. Thanks for a very informative post!

  2. I was thinking to start a paid to click campaign but honestly, I don’t know how profitable it could be because of my traffic. I often heard that you need thousands and thousands of visits per month to be able to earn some nice money. How would you define that? I am also afraid of starting it because I will probably lose affiliate sales because of ad distractions.

    1. Hi Daniel the one thing you have to remember with this type of advertizing you should be getting their email address so even if you don’t make a sale you still have earned a potential customer for a possible sale in the future. Also if you don’t really trust something I wouldn’t do it.  

  3. Hi Eric,

    This is a really informative post, thanks for sharing. I have an affiliate website and used some Facebook advertising, but it doesn’t seen to be that effective. Therefore, I am interested in finding other ways of advertising, such as pay per click. Would you recommend this form of advertising for an affiliate website?

    1. Thanks Tom and most definately if your trying to sell something. You set your own budget pertaining to what your trying to achieve. Like anything else we do we continue to educate ourselves and put what we learn to use. 

  4. Great advice, I had to bookmark this page as well. There are things to consider when it comes to advertising and marketing. Great article, I never saw paid-per-click as effective, but the workaround is something I look forward to taking into consideration and trying. Thanks for the info, this was really helpful. 

  5. I haven’t personally used PPC advertising yet, but definitely plan on it! They seem like a really beneficial way to get more traffic and increase sales. I appreciate this article as someone who doesn’t have experience with this advertising, it is super beneficial information! Using a specific message definitely makes sense to give the viewer something to focus on, and it should be a quality click if they are interested in the topic!

  6. Why do I like PPC marketing?

    The Benefits of PPC Advertising Compared to “Classic Marketing” :

     – You only pay for an ad click and not ad serving.   
    – PPC advertising is much cheaper and more efficient than advertising in newspapers and other similar ways because
    it’s easy to target audience looking for exactly what you are offering.

    – You can track the number of clicks on your ads.

    – You can find ROI (return on investment).

     – Find out the demographic characteristics of your customers or simply test the interest for a new product or service.

    Have a nice day,


  7. Hi! This post has been very useful! When things are not coming out as we expected in our first campaigns we tend to think it’s necessary to scrap our entire campaign. I’m glad I started to research about it before I went over to the working table to start all over again. I’ll work on my headline, instead. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the great article Eric.  I’m new to the affiliate world and am just starting to explore the paid-to-click system.  Your article was very timely for me and brought to my attention items I need to include.  Including the keyword in the display URL was new to me in the studying I have been doing, so that was greatly appreciated.  And I was also not aware of the Ad Extensions.  So much for me to learn!  Thanks for getting me started on the right path.

    1. Thanks Mike that was just a little snippet yes continue to educate yourself on paid-per-click you can’t go wrong.

  9. While I don’t personally use paid to click ads on my site (not at the moment, anyway) I can definitely see how someone would have a lot of success with these once they have a site with a great following. I would imagine ads like these would work better on individual posts where you can be super specific with offers and ads, this way those who find your content are more likely to click on it, is this what you’re saying?

    Do you find it’s easier to make money with content using affiliate marketing or with pay-per-click advertising?

    1. Hi Aria no one can give one answer that will perfectly fit your business. There is so much involved. You have to test and figure what does your audience want. Normally with paid advertising you start generating leads within 30mins or less while content marketing can take 3 to 30 days. 

      Off the face of that you would think paid is better not neccesarliy, content marketing is still king and be around long after paid is done. So the opportunity to have better ROI will come through content. But how you promote will depend upon you.

  10. This is a very useful tips one need to put into consideration. There are many email ads that pop up on my device which I can’t help but to check the content out This is because the headlines brings suspense and it is mind catching. An improve headlines can improve ads sales. When I see a product with the actual price, I do have a rethink and ask myself if it worth the price. This is what many people do. If all these tips can be applied on our paid click click business, many traffic will find it easy to check out what the ads have to offer.

  11. I have just started looking into the possibility of using pay per click ads.  I appreciate the tips.  I really thought you made a great point when you said to make sure we are promoting only one thing at a time.  Sometimes I find myself trying too include a bunch of things in one promotion.    

    I also found your headline tips helpful.   Thanks!

    1. Hi Sondra yeah we have a tendency want to do a lots of things at once to get the most bang out of our buck, but that’s not always the best way to go. Glad you found the post helpful. Much success. Thanks 

  12. At first, I thought this is all about Neobux or other popular Paid To Click programs, but then after reading the article, I realized this is related to something like Google Adwords which is by the way called “Pay Per Click” .

    I remember when I was just starting out with a blog and have signed up for my Google Analytics account, I received a bonus package from Google saying they are offering me free credits I can use if I try advertising in their Pay Per Click advertising. Good thing, I learned about Wealthy Affiliate and their training on search engine optimization, I got a better and cheaper alternative. Instead of spending money in ads, my blog is garnering free traffic from Google which I think should be prioritized over spending money on ads especially if you’re a beginner in this space.

  13. Great insight Eric,

    I’ve heard a lot about PPC but I never really understood how it works, quite clever of you to promote an item without the price! I usually blast my product with the price shown everywhere and I have to admit, each time I blast them, my clicks drop down which is quite disappointing. Why do you think is that though, is it because people do not like seeing prices?

    1. Hi Riaz yeah no ones wants to be reminded they’re spending money but if they are getting a deal they focus more on the deal not so much on what their spending. Thanks

  14. Really good tip you shared here! I hadn’t thought about “not placing the price on ads” before. I used to think that if the ad looked cheap, then they wouldn’t mind clicking, However, you do make a good point here. When I buy on Shein 

    ; I don’t click if the price is over nine bucks. I usually wait for their marketing e mails which have great deals. 

  15. Paid Per Click ads is the next step I want to take in my business, and I wanted to make sure I get it right, as I have learnt that if not done well, it could go downhill and be a waste of money, hence my search on the net.

    This article has really been of great help, learning about how to Narrow my target audience is my greatest pick.

    I will definitely work with your great Ideas and see how it all turns out.

    Will keep you posted on my success hopefully.


  16. Great information! I have been working on building an affiliate website and have not used PPC ads yet. It was very understandable and just made sense to me. I really liked the section about ad extensions. Before reading this, I did not know what they entailed and how you could get them. But now I do! Thank you for sharing. I bookmarked the page, so I can refer to it when I go to make a PPC advertisement for my own affiliate website. Just a quick question, do you think this process works for all types of click-through ads or just ones focused on selling a product?

    1. Hi Trevor

      Glad my article was able to help. PPC is about advertising so if you’re trying to get eyes on it that’s one way of doing it. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  17. This is very helpful info on how to go about doing your own PPC campaign. I haven’t looked into it yet, but my friend was talking about this with me only an hour ago, so this is perfect timing for me to share this with her. You’ve included really relevant information here and it makes the idea of doing PPC a bit less daunting and clearer in how to approach it and what to consider for my own campaigns. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Kat

      Thank you for the share i hope it will be of help to your friend and to you in the future. Thanks for commenting.

      Much Success


  18. Eric,

    I have not tried PPC ads yet, but I am hoping to have room in my budget to do so soon.

    With PPC do you recommend a landing page, solo ad or a banner? I am absolutely not well-versed in that aspect of marketing. The last time I tried PPC was in the early 90s before the sophisticated algorithms now active even existed. I got some conversions from it, but there was not enough to keep the campaigns going.

    I hope to kickstart my page within the next 3-6 months and start seeing gains. I will be looking further into PPC and find room in my budget to make it happen.

    Thank you for this info!

    Gwendolyn J

  19. Honestly, I did a lot of PTC sites, such as Neobux, and other platforms. I wouldn’t do it anymore. First it is a waste of time, since you don’t earn too much, and maybe in the end you earn 5 bucks. And second, you give away things of your privacy. I understand that for some people 5 bucks is a lot, for me it is a waste. 

  20. Hi, Eric.
    Thanks for your valuable information on Paid to Click system.
    Your tips on making the headlines of the ad more clear and attractive, including keywords in URL, avoid pricing and using as extensions are of immense importance. The tip to explore the competitor’s ad before the release of our ad is quite reasonable.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  21. Hi Gwendolyn
    I did my PPC through solo ads with Bing. I’m more of a solo ads guy I don’t want to say that better because I’ve not truly given the others a shot.

    All the best


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